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Top 4 famous Vietnamese Wines

Alcohol is an indispensable drink for any country, including Vietnam. Vietnamese rice wines are quite famous because they are very tasty and have a very special flavor. If you visit Vietnam, do not forget to enjoy the Vietnamese rice wines here, sure you will be very pleased. Vietnam Immigration Services will introduce you some of Vietnam’s most famous wines .

Mau Son rice wine – Lang Son

Mau Son rice wine is one of the famous rice wine of Vietnam, many people like it because it has a special taste. Mau Son wine made by the Dao ethnic minority people living on Mau Son peak (Loc Binh – Lang Son) distils at 800-1000m above sea level in traditional way, passed down from generation to generation. 

During the distilled essence process, addition to raw materials such as rice and spring water (taken from the streams in the mountain is higher than 1000m), the indispensable fermentation is the leaves of forest. “Leaves” yeast is made from more than 30 rare herbs such as: 30 roots tree, betel nut,etc, to heal wounds, rheumatism, back pain,etc.  After these herbs are washed, chopped and dried, bring them together, pounded and boiled. The first water used to knead powder, water in second time to soak rice (rice, not moldy).

A girl is cooking Mau Son Rice Wine - Vietnamese Wines - Vietnam Immigration Services

A girl is cooking Mau Son Rice Wine – Vietnamese Wines – Vietnam Immigration Services


Mau Son wine is delicious, clear as spring water, drink very soft, strong flavor, not too pungent nor too light, bring the characteristic taste, aroma of leaves and roots of medicinal plants in mountainous terrain. In Mau Son wine, not only the hearts and efforts of the people here, but also the majestic mountains of Mau Son mountain, the purity of the stream and the ecstasy of Mau Son forest.

Corn wine – Na hang Tuyen Quang

If you want to learn about Vietnamese wine, especially the wine of the people living in the mountainous district of Na Hang – a district in Tuyen Quang province.

To make Vietnamese wine, people often use agricultural products such as: corn, leaves, rice, etc.

To make wine, corn used to cook must be choose carefully as all seeds must be the same and round, then extracted then brewed with “leaves” yeast. This is a kind of yeast made from 20 kinds of medicinal plants (herbal medicine), such as can cuong, khuc khac, chilli, tang to, nhan tran, khau thuong, dua poong, licorice, cinnamon,etc… Especially, dua poong creates the characteristic aroma of Na Hang.

A girl is cooking Corn Na Hang Wine – Vietnamese Wines – Vietnam Immigration Services

Each medicinal plant is a medicinal or nutritious. Some of these we used their leaves, while other we take the roots, bark, and some of them we use both their leaves and roots. These medicinal plants are picked under dry weather, then chopped, pounded, mixed well; one portion mixed with water to squeeze, then knead with flour and knead the yeast (like large chicken eggs), then incubate about 24 hours (depending on temperature, humidity, air). When the yeast is white, then dried it until about 1/3 of the weight of the yeast. After the fermentation time is to the distillation process to produce specialty corn wine of Na Hang mountain.


Kim Son wine – Ninh Binh

This wine is one of the most famous Vietnamese wines. Kim Son wine is distilled from glutinous rice, medicinal herbs, natural water from wells, produced according to the secret of the people in Kim Son. Alcohol is usually high concentration, transparent, foam and big bubbles, the higher percentage of the wine. When drinking Kim Son wine, you will feel it is very fragrant and soothing. A characteristic of alcohol is the longer of it, the better of taste. Especially, Kim Son wine is very good for health when soaked with snakes, geckos, sea stars, blisters …

Kim Son wine is famous wine in Vietnam – Vietnamese Wines – Vietnam Immigration Services

Dalat wine – Lam Dong

You want to find which Vietnamese wine is present on some foreign market. Then sweet wine from Dalat is such a suitable product.

Wine is a light alcohol extracted from fresh fruits, which are popular such as grapes, plums, mulberry … Especially mulberry for making wine is not the same as mulberry that people often grow to feed silkworms. Instead of leafy, this type of berries for many fruits, dark black berries, twisted like tiny bunches of grapes. Strawberry making is only suitable for growing in cold climates. This is a very strange mulberry brought back from France to make wine.

Vietnamese wine is one of the great drinks that you should enjoy. However, you should remember that Vietnamese wine is quite strong and there are many kinds of it which you need to mix to reduce concentration before you can drink, except wine. You should ask your salesman or friend (Vietnamese) before trying to drink Vietnamese wines.



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