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Experience the thrilling games in Da Lat – Do you want to play it?

Traveling to Da Lat is a great idea for those who love romance, flower farms and even adventure games. You want to conquer yourself and take the time to discover a new version of Da Lat, the thrilling games in Da Lat are a great suggestion for you.

Game named High Rope Course- The most impressive thriller game in Da Lat 

High Rope Course is the name of an extremely impressive game at Dalat Datanla Resort. The game is divided into six levels, in the direction of difficult to enhance the challenge and suitable for each player.

There are 80 challenges that correspond to six levels, including walking in the air, climbing in the air and flying in the air, of which 60 challenges are for adults. Each round of play is individually designed to increase the difficulty level. After each round, players can choose to stop or continue to conquer themselves in the next round challenges.
The harder of the challenge, the greater of the distance between the player and the ground. The different levels in each challenge are truly enjoyable experiences for visitors.

This is one of the most attractive games when traveling to Da Lat. After you have checked in the resort, you must be equipped with standard equipment. Then, listen carefully to the process and practice with the professional trainers before starting the game.

High Rope Course game is not for who have a weak heart, and for fear of high altitude! This adventure will help you train your physical and mental strength, giving you an exciting adventure experience and a sense of confidence when conquering yourself.

Datanla waterfall slides – adventure game with water

In addition to the Zipline over Datanla waterfall, you have the opportunity to experience a game that is no less risky to do the same slide. This game really challenges the bravery of the young men!

The sliding car has 48 double cars (maximum seating for 2 people), with a maximum speed of about 40 km per hour. Each vehicle has a handbrake for visitors to adjust the speed as you like. The slopes are built winding, creating a feeling of delight when exploring the jungle to Datanla waterfall. Guests should pay attention when sitting in the car, should not stretch out or hand out when moving fast.

Address: Datanla Waterfall, located at Prenn Pass, Highway 20, Ward 3
Cost: round trip adult $60,000 VND / trip, children: $40,000 VND / trip, adult one-way ticket: $40,000 / trip.

Kayaking – Do you want to try this adventure game?

This is a new type of game on the Bala River, for those who are in good health. You will be equipped with life jackets, helmets and guided kayaking, how to cross the waterfall or overcoming whirlpool.

When participating in these adventures, you must follow the guide, and there will be a boat ride ahead of the players’ boats for guiding. The whole trip is three hours, through 11 waterfalls on the river, experience the feeling of adventure and excitement when crossing the difficult parts.

Ticket price: $800,000 VND / person.

Mountain biking – Thrilling games in Da Lat for those who want to practice as an athletes

This is a form of exploring places in the north of Da Lat city at another angle, you will be surprised by the mysterious beauty of this land. You will feel the cool breeze in the beautiful nature.

During the trip, you will experience many interesting things, which are: experience the highest mountain view, pine forest view, flower garden, coffee garden or Valley of Romantic Love. Moreover, you also learn about the culture, customs, habits and join the game with the people here. Certainly it will be unforgettable memories at the end of cycling trip terrain challenges.

Ultimate tips for those who want to enjoy thrilling games in Da Lat 

  1. Always follow the struction of thrilling games in Da Lat
  2. People with heart disease and pregnant woman are not allowed to participate
  3. Do not play these games while being sick.
  4. Paying more attention about weather while you playing thrilling games in Da Lat

Thrilling games in Da Lat  always bring unforgettable emotions to the players. It is interesting that the price of adventure games in Vietnam is quite cheap, you can experience without expensive costs. Don’t be hesitant anymore, let come to Da Lat to play these thrilling games!!!


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