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Fansipan – Legend of Indochina

Mount Fansipan in the Hoang Lien Mountains is the highest mountain in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, where the sacred gas of heaven and the sky is called “the roof of Indochina” with a height of 3,143 m. Fansipan Mount is always the desire of those who love nature and discover new things.

Conquering Fansipan is not merely a tourism activity, it also helps you realize that you are stronger and more confident than you have ever imagined.

Fansipan – The roof of Indochina

Fansipan is known as the the roof of Indochina with a height of 3,143 m. Visiting the highest mountain in our country, you will be blended into the sky and experience the feeling of going on rare clouds.

Fansipan is located in Northwest Vietnam, coordinates of 22 ° 17’52 “N, 103 ° 47’11” E. Fansipan is influenced by the northern climate, is tropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The spring season starts from February until the end of April, the best season of the year. Summer from April to September, this season, the temperature of the day is quite hot and rainy.

The hottest month is usually in June. May to August is the most rainy month of the year. Autumn only in September and October. Autumn in the North is very beautiful, blue sky and cool air. Winter is usually in November to February next year, in this season the climate is cold and dry.

Important information for those who want to climb Mount Fansipan

The more you claim up, the more colder weather and weak air will make many want to give up. Sleeping in the forest, between the cold 10 degrees so not much people can complete. Mountain climbing has often occurs unexpected rain forest, making you have enough skills and spirit combined and calmly handle the problems arising along the road.

Therefore, conquering Fansipan is also the experience to help the boys overcome themselves, recognize the spirit of men did not have the opportunity to show. Even if you have not reached the top of the Fansipan , just stand on high overlooking the eye, you will see the forest scene as the water painting, the trail winding around the hill, each ray of sunshine through the sky. You will feel the splendor of the sky. 

Due to the weather characteristics of the North, climbing is most suitable from the end of September to the end of April next year. The best time of year is October and November. This time of the year in the north does not have rain and the mountain heat is not too cold so it makes it easier and safer to conquer Fansipan. At any time, the mountains are cold, the higher the colder and the different between day and night is 6-10 degrees.

The coldest temperature in September, October, may reach 4-3oC at night. And in December, January, February and March, the temperature can drop to 0oC or less and there is snow. The weather on the Fan changes hourly and you really need good luck to get the blue skies on top of the mountain. Sometimes it is sunny in the middle of the mountain but on the top there is cloud cover. However, if you are lucky enough to have good weather, you will have unforgettable moments.

What do you need when climbing Mount Fansipan

Rock climbing shoes: high collar, waterproof, rubber sole is not too hard, has many spines and has good friction.

Raincoat: The best type of jacket is a jacket that is both warm and waterproof, and some sportswear manufacturers and outfits such as TheNorthface, Eastpak, Columbia, etc have this type of jacket. Note that there must be waterproof pants if you use this jacket against rain. If there is no raincoat set on, then can cover raincoat cover to cover the backpack. However, using this raincoat is difficult to move.

Backpack: The best is waterproof balo or accompanying raincoat. Capacity depends on the length of the journey and the amount of belonging stuffs. 

First aid kit: basic type for personal use of small size. Medicines and medical supplies required include: fever-reducing medications, diarrhea medications, insect repellents, antiseptic, medicated oil, ego, medical cotton, medical scissors , medical adhesive tape, sterile gauze, stretch tape (for sprained cases)Note: All medications and medical supplies should be placed in plastic bags inside the bag to prevent water from entering.

Flashlight: Buy a small flashlight and be water resistant. The big one will make your luggage more heavy. You should bring at least 1 pair of battery for each day.

Multi-Function equipment/ Knives: A small tweezer or versatile tool kit will be essential when you are hiking and camping overnight. However, do not carry too big and heavy stuff.

Clothing: As the weather on Fansipan is always cold, it is necessary to have a warm jacket and preferably a waterproof one. On the market there is a jacket with Gotex technology against water and very warm but still breathable. Here are suggestions for the amount of clothes you carry depending on the number of days you climb:

+ 2 days: 1 jacket, 1 shirt with fleece or wool, 2 trousers (preferably which using gotex technology), 2 sleeveless or long sleeves 2 underwears.

3-4 DAYS: 1 jacket, 1 long sleeve shirt with fleece or wool, 3 trousers (preferably which using gotex technology), 3 short sleeves or long sleeves and3 panties.

These are essential tools for Mount Fansipan climbing , in addition there are some other items. Although there are not really important but very necessary, find out these items in the next article.





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