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Travelling to landscapes in Vietnam – Journey to the paradise on earth

Are you planning to travel to Vietnam? You want to enjoy the holidays in the beautiful, peaceful land at extremely cheap cost? If yes, you should choose one of the most excellent ideas for holiday destination – Vietnam – tropical country in Asia. This article will provide you the important information about some landscapes in Vietnam. Reading this article before travel to Vietnam, you will find out the great destination for your trip. Don’t miss it guys! 

Y Ty – Paradise of the Clouds

Y Ty is known as the paradise of clouds – one of the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam, a highland commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, located at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above water level. All year round covered in mist, this place is also known as the land of fog.

In Autumn, the weather becomes cool with light wind and sunlight as honey. It is also the time when the fields of golden terraces cover the hills as inviting tourists. Many young people can not resist but carry their backpack and immerse themselves in beautiful autumn in the Northwest.

On the way from Sapa to Y Ty, you will see many terraced fields scattered at the foot of the mountain, with different shapes and colors. Going to Y Ty, you can also catch the sea of ​​clouds suddenly overflowing in the field.

From Sapa to Y Ty, a distance of about 70 km, quite difficult to travel,full of obstacles and difficult of access but there are a lot of terraced fields for you to enjoy watching, including the famous attractions: Ta Giang Phinh, Muong Hum, , Den Sang and Sang Ma Sao. If you want to travel to landscapes in Vietnam, especial landscape in Northern Vietnam, you should learn more some abilities such are: driving motorbike, climbing, walking and trekking. 

Long Lanh Pass – Hidden road in the mist

Although there are many names, but visitors most often called the pass is Long Lanh Pass – neglected landscapes in Vietnam . Every moment of the day, the pass put on a different beauty. The most impressive is in the morning, when the sun rays cover the foggy road, shining on the foliage makes the space just as real, just like the dream.

Long Lanh pass runs through Lac Duong, a small district of Lam Dong province, more than 50km far from Dalat center. This pass can be considered as the newest and youngest path compared to other passages. It is about 30km long and there are also bends a lot, but due as a new road, the road is quite flat, sloping is not sharp, made Long Lanh Pass became quite easy to conquer for passengers from Nha Trang to Da Lat.

If go through the pass in the morning, visitors can touch the mist by your hand, your head touching clouds in the midway and at the top of the pass. And when passing through the afternoon, falling in the thin mist is the smoke of the afternoon bring you flavour of the mountains, rhyme and disappearing in the warm, gentle sunsets of the peaceful plateau.

If you want to visit landscapes in Vietnam like Long Lanh Pass, don’t forget that you have to visit here with your friend. If you want to travel to neglected landscapes in Vietnam alone, you should know that your idea is very dangerous.

Dam Mon – Heaven is forgotten

Location: Dam Mon is located in Van Phong bay, Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province, about 80km from Nha Trang city by the National Highway 1A to the north (45km from the sea).

Dam Mon Peninsula – top ten new landscapes in Vietnam – with a natural area of ​​128km2 is the tourist destination that the World Tourism Organization conducted survey and highly appreciated. All natural conditions are optimal for the development of ecotourism: climate, coast, mountains, landscapes, ecological environment, seaports, seafood supply. All of them are still pristine.

Currently, due to not being exploited much, Dam Mon is still a wild forest area with peaceful blue sea, dense green primary forest and sand stretches … With terrain and landscape resources Dam Mon is very suitable for travel or cheap travel to Nha Trang because the price of services here is still quite “soft”.

You can not ask for 3-star or higher hotels in Nha Trang, because the tourist service has not been exploited much. You can consult the hotel of Minexco Company with 12 rooms, comfortable completely can make you satisfied.

Traveling to Dam Mon – Nha Trang – one of the landscapes in Vietnam is forgotten,  you can enjoy yourself in the peaceful waters of the year surrounded by the surrounding islands, dive the coral reefs to explore and enjoy beautiful unique ecology underwater. If you travel in groups, you can organize camp fire or take part in interesting fishing activities.

Travelling to landscapes in Vietnam sounds amazing, but if you really want to visit landscapes in Vietnam alone, you have to learn a lot of things. Landscapes in Vietnam are really beautiful and neglected, you should be careful anytime. Don’t travel alone when you are not ready. Do you agree with us??!



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