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The interested things about Binh Ba Island, Cam Ranh

Binh Ba Island – Cam Ranh, is one of the beautiful places are given to the people of nature here with many beaches but wildly dressed up a beauty of human heart. Come to Binh Ba Island  to come to the quiet in a strange way, you will have to shed off the worries, late life of bustling noise and busy atmosphere.

In here, you will be watching sunrise on Bai Chuong, out of sight to Tortoise Island, back to history with Cua Bien Nho and whispered with your lover in Bai Nom. If you are in Saigon, Hanoi, Da Nang somewhere that is so familiar with bustling, crowded scene, always play in the bustling tourist and professional, this is where you should be by experiencing the new feeling with a trip to Binh Ba Island in Cam Ranh.

Where is the Binh Ba Island? 

Located about 60km south of Nha Trang City, Binh Ba Island is in Cam Ranh City (Khanh Hoa Province) and has about 5,000 inhabitants. From Ba Ngoi Port, Cam Ranh, take a boat to the island for more than an hour or 20 minutes with the canoe. Sitting on the boat, you can enjoy the view of the bay. The nature of this place is almost pristine: white sand beaches, stretching smooth as never have people footprints.

When you come to Binh Ba Island , you will feel a different atmosphere of life, seemingly everything goes very slowly and lightly. In here you will be immersed in the blue sea at Bai Nom, watching the sunset at Bai Chuuong, far away from the eye to the Tortoise island and admire the important and very difficult access terrain for our country at Cua Bien Nho.


The reasons you should make a trip to Binh Ba island 

Easy access

About 15 km from Cam Ranh port, to the small and beautiful island, from Da Bac port takes about 1 hour on the sea. There are 2 boat trips from Cam Ranh to Binh Ba Island  : 10am and 4pm, from Binh Ba Island to Cam Ranh: 5am and 12:30 pm; But you can also rent a private boat if you travel and do not want to wait.

Blue ocean

Features of the pristine island, Binh Ba Island has many beautiful beaches with white sand and clear water with blue sky reflection. The sea has not been put into operation tourism so everything is pristine. Nature on the island brings a sense of peace, relaxation, extremely suitable for rest, avoid the rush of urban. Specially, people here are very conscious of protecting the living environment, all the beaches and wharves are very clean and you are rarely see the rubbish.

The beach is not crowded

Visitors to Binh Ba Island also just a few years until now, the number is not too much. On the island there are only about 700 households with 5,000 people. The crowded beaches are not here. You can enjoy a dip in the clear water, overlooking the vast sea sky.

View to watch the sun from beaches

The 3 famous beaches in Binh Ba Island are Bai Chuong, Bai Nom and Bai Nha Cu. Each beach has its own characteristics for visitors to explore depending on their preferences. If Bai Chuong is a beautiful spot for sunrise, so lie in a tent to enjoy the sunset in Bai Nom is also a good choice. Bai Nha Cu is loved by the water is quite deep and the scenery around romantic. Bai Nha Cu is also well known for scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing.

Cheap seafood prices

After dawn, you can follow the directions to the early market and choose fresh seafood and make the food here. The Bigfin reef Squid here are thick and sweet, there are so much sea-chestnus in here too, blood cockles, fish of all kinds of sweet meat … are processed into many dishes such as grilled, steamed and making salad.

Satisfaction when eating lobsters

Binh Ba Island specialties, as well as certain dishes to eat when coming here. With hundreds of rafts of lobsters throughout the island, as well as the main transport of living of many households, lobster prices in Binh Ba are considered “original price”, with many ways of processing of fisherman, to keep the delicious, sweat and worth the price of lobster. Guests here are lovers of grilled lobster.

Dinner on the beach

Have you ever been floating on the beach and savoring a delectable dinner with some wine or a favorite drink? It is possible in Binh Ba Island. Guests will be wearing a life jacket, lying on the cool beach and enjoy dinner made from the seafood which caught by themselves. What is more poetic than that!

Travelling to Binh Ba Island, you will have a excellent moments with the interesting things in here, but don’t forget the tips for foreigners tourists when you travel to Vietnam, especially beaches in Vietnam. Have a good trip, guys!


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