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The Most Wonderful Lavender Fields In Da Lat

Travelling to Da Lat is great idea for those who love romantic landscapes and peaceful life. There are too many options while travelling to Da Lat. You can go to the milk farm in Dalat to see the dairy cows, you can enjoy the specialist of Dalat in many organic food store, or tasting milk coffee in beautiful coffee shop. If you really love lavender and always wish to come to lavender field like in France, the lavender fields in Da Lat is a great choice for you. Let discover the story of lavender and the most wonderful lavender fields in Da Lat

The Story of lavender 

Once upon a time, in a small and peaceful village in Provence, France, there are two children often play in the lavender field at the foot of the hill. They like to come here every afternoon, to lie on the flower field, flee their soul with wind and cloud, to watch the sky, clouds and purple flowers swaying in the light breeze. In here, both made a promise when they grow up to be married. She cut off a sprig of lavender, split in two and put them in two small jars and each of them keep one.

One day, the unfortunate thing happened. An accident caused him to fall unconscious on the bed. His parents had to take him abroad for medical treatment. If the story ends there, there is nothing more to say.

Fifteen years later, the boy now has become a famous singer. He returned to his old village to retrieve the memory of childhood have been lost after the accident.

Since the boy left, the girl has never left the village full of childhood memories. She opened a flower farm at the foot of the hill, where the lavender field was fragrant. Every day, she stood in front of the lavender field, looking the purple flowers swaying in the wind and hoping someday he would return.

One afternoon, he walked up to the foothills of the lavender field. The two met again, but unfortunately, they could not recognize each other.

They talk to each other, become friends again. They tell each other stories. The man told that the purpose of his return is to find the memory. He handed her the small bottle inside with the lavender which he had kept for so long. The girl immediately realized that it was the old boy, whom she had been waiting for 15 years.

Every day she took him to the places where the two had previously been, telling him the memories of the past. After a while, the old memory came back. They love each other and believe that they will live happily together. But their fate was separated again. The girl was suffering from a serious disease. Before passing away, the girl gave the boy a small glass vial and said to the boy, “Please keep this bottle, when you see it as you can see, so we will be together forever.” …

Lavender fields in Dalat

The first lavender field can be mentioned within the campus of the Valley of Love (05 -07 Mai Anh Dao, Dalat). To visit this beautiful flower field, you must buy a tour ticket for 100,000 VND for adult and 80,000 VND for children.

In addition to being able to admire the beauty of lavender, you can also enjoy the entire valley landscape by electric bicycle, excursion and explore the natural beauty with Pedalo.

The field of lavender is named Van Thanh

The second lavender field is in the Van Thanh flower village (west of Đà Lạt city), which is cared by Mr. Tiến Thành Let’s family Mr. Thanh spent nearly six years studying flower growing because of climate and soil in Dalat, are very difficult to grow and look after the lavender. However, as his expection, the lavender flowers have bloomed beautifully here.

The lavender field – Tuyen Lam Lake

If the lavender was successfully planted in the Van Thanh flower village, there are already some lavender blooming purple near the Tuyen Lam lake, have been take care carefully.

This new lavender field was planted in Lavender Dalat resort area, located in Tuyen Lam lake area (about 7km from Da Lat center).To see this flower, you ride on Trieu Viet Vuong st, direction of Tuyen Lam Lake then turn right. When you see the sea leading to the Đat Set Tunnel Resort, then continue go straight until you see the sign “Lavender Dalat”, you will see the fragrant lavender field.

In conclusion, the lavender fields in Dalat are really beautiful landscapes for visitors. Travelling to Da Lat, enjoy the fresh air in here, you will never forget these feeling.


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