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The Specialities of Phu Quoc Island – Don’t forget to enjoy

Travelling to Phu Quoc Island – Why not?

Located in Kien Giang province, Phu Quoc island is known as the most popular island of Vietnam. With beaches as clear as Sao Beach and Bai Dai, Phu Quoc island is truly a paradise for those who love the sea. Duong Dong Town is the most crowded residential area on Phu Quoc Island, especially the night market located near Dinh Cau.



In addition, Ham Ninh fishing village, Ganh Dau and An Thoi archipelago are also places to visit can not be ignored when Phu Quoc travel. Phu Quoc’s specialty is not only the fresh seafood but also the Phu Quoc pepper, which is planted along the Red River Road to North Island, Ganh Dau.


Phu Quoc wild rose myrtle wine


Referring to Phu Quoc specialties the first thing we must mention is Phu Quoc wild rose myrtle wine. In the Mekong River Delta, only Phu Quoc Island of Kien Giang Province has rose myrtle tree. There is so many forest of rose myrtle in Phu Quoc, anywhere, most in the Ham Ninh, Duong To, Cua Duong protective forest.



The rose myrtle used to make wine in Phu Quoc is mainly pink roses, which are produced in traditional fermented from wild rose myrtle and white sugar, alcohol can be added to increase the concentration.

Phu Quoc wild rose myrtle wine is considered a kind of medicine, made from the purple rose myrtle in traditional way, easy to digest, increase energy and like a medicine has many good effects, especially rose myrtle can treat aches and pains.


Phu Quoc fish sauce speciality


Phu Quoc fish sauce must be made from anchovies caught in the sea of ​​Phu Quoc island, other anchovies from other places are not good as anchovies in here. Because there is a very specific type of algae as a source of food for fish, so the anchovy meat is very delicious and aromatic. People make the fish sauce must select the source material very carefully. The fish used to make fish sauce must be spined anchovy or gray anchovy.



Phu Quoc fish sauce is the first product to achieve geographical indications of the Union of 28 countries in Europe. In particular, the most famous brand is Phu Quoc Khai Hoan fish sauce.


Pepper of Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc island is known as the “Kingdom of pepper” because of large area, centralise and have higher quality than other places. Phu Quoc pepper is famous because of it have plump shells, firm seeds, spicy and aromatic with names such as white pepper, red pepper and black pepper.


Dried Chilli Pepper Sugar

Dried Phu Quoc chillies are cut and cut into large pieces, with a diameter of 30cm – 50cm, the fillet will be covered with pepper (Phu Quoc pepper) and sugar, then sun dried. to dry both sides.

Dried Dumplings are often used for grilling and frying, when eaten with sweetness, spicy taste and tastes of Thieu fish. On the market there are many establishments to mix lychees with fish to reduce the price. Therefore, you should pay attention to buy dried lychee at the prestigious address


Mushroom Cultivation of Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc often grows on the hillside, along the streams, on the foliage on the Melaleuca forests. Melaleuca mushrooms grow only after the first rains, Melaleuca mushrooms grow very fast but also soon, in the autumn when the first rains down is also the time that Melaleuca mushroom racing in the Melaleuca forests. Melaleuca mushrooms began to grow gradually and pulled more than a month to the end of the season so every year only two mushroom picking in April and July lunar year.



Melaleuca fungus can support the treatment of fatigue, flu, headache and the effect of organ harvesting because of the oil melaleuca in it, the bitter taste of Melaleuca fungus has the effect of heat, detoxification, melaleuca mushrooms also. the use of alcohol.


Phu Quoc Coal Mine


Mo Quạ is one of the favorite foods of the gentlemen when traveling to Phu Quoc, which is soaked in Quoc fruit (picked in Phu Quoc forest) with alcohol of 39% or more.

Coarse Scent is russet, sweet and bitter. According to those who work in Phu Quoc island for a long time, this is a precious medicine to treat back pain.



Travelling to Phu Quoc is really wonderful experience in your life, visitors can enjoy happy moments when visit landscape in here, don’t forget buy some specialities for your friends and family. It’s not only a gift, but also a memory about Phu Quoc island – Viet Nam.


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