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Dong Van Rocky Plateau – The Diamond On The Highland

Are you planning travel to Vietnam? Are you a fan of exploring life and landscapes on the plateau? If yes, you should go to Dong Van rocky plateau – one of the most popular plateaus in Vietnam. This article will provide useful information for those who want to visit Dong Van rocky plateau, especially stone fences. Discover now guys!


Dong Van Rocky Plateau – Have you ever been there?

Dong Van Rocky plateau is one of the most popular landscape in Vietnam, this rocky plateau in Vietnam is recognized as Global Geopark. Dong Van Rocky plateau is about 2356 km2 in area, surrounded by steep earthen moutains, 1000 – 1600 high, separated by deep valleys and fast streams.

Due to its peculiar soil content and rugged landscape, Dong Van Rock plateau has many nature wonders such are: Ma Ping Leng Pass, Quan Ba Twin hills, Nho Que river, the road named Happy, and many other wonderful landscape.

Unesco highly appreciates the cultural peculiarities of the 17 ethnic minorities with a total population of 250.000 living on Dong Van Rocky plateau, considering them very distinct.

Having been here since time immemorial, these groups possess much precious heritage, such as Dong Van old town, Vuong house, or Lung Cu flag pole.When you visit Dong Van, you will meet many children and women who wear colorful dresses. That’s a unique thing of Dong Van rocky plateau.



People in Dong Van rocky plateau have accumulated rage agricultural art such as cultivating plants and vegetables on rocky soil where nothing seems to be able to grow. The skill of farming in rock cavities is a national intangible heritage and currently presented for Unesco to be recognized as a World Heritage.

Another interesting feature of lifestyle on this rocky plateau is that people use rocks to build fences separating dwellings, paddies, cattle pens and grazing spaces of different households, clans and villages. Many tour guides said that:” The visitors, especial foreigners will be amazed to see rock fences, old and new, everywhere they go”


The rocky fences of the H’mong on the Dong Van Rocky Plateau – how can them do that?


The H’mong is an ethnic minority in Dong Van rocky plateau. The H’mong are one of the earliest ethnic group that have the custom of buiding rock fences, ant theirs are the most well – built.



Starting at the age of 6, H’mong boys follow their mother to carry rocks to an assigned place, preparing new fences. Before building a new fence, the host family hast to prepare a feast for the clan and neighbors and consecrate to the tutelary god. A good builder can quickly figure out the place and position for every rock.

Their method is the same as the way to build the pyramid in Egypt. Choosing the perfect rocks, putting the rocks together, no bonding material is used to build these fences. They may look simple and craggy, but in fact, it takes a lot of skill and dexterity to build them. H’mong rock fences come in all sizes and shapes such as circle, square, diamond, etc. Depending on what they enclose.



Many visitors were surprised when they when they see the rocky architecture on the Dong Van plateau, some of them believe that the rocky fences will not survive for a long time, but in fact there are many old rocky fences in Dong Van plateau.

The H’mong are very romantic and love flowers and trees, when the men is building new rocky fences, the women can plant vines and flowers around their house. Cherry blossom is one of the most popular tree is planted in here. In spring these plants blossom, mesmerizing visitors from other lands.


Travelling to Vietnam – Tips for those who want to visit Dong Van Rocky Plateau


Going to Dong Van Rocky Plateau by private car or motorbikes: Visitors can take the car or motorbike to go to Dong Van. If you want to take the time to travel from Ha Noi, you can use your own car or motorbike from Ha Noi to Ha Giang, taking the  4C highway to Dong Van.

Don’t forget to bring jacket or coats because Dong Van Rocky Plateau is very cold at the night. You can also bring rain coats, sport shoes when you want to stay here.



Children in Dong Van are really cute, but if you want to take a photograph with them, you will be asked pay money, you should give 10 -20 vnd for them, you can also share for them candies or cookies, they love it.

You should learn how to bargain while traveling to Vietnam, many Vietnam people usually sell any items for a higher price than the actual value of their products. Therefore, don’t forget bargain, guys.

In conclusion, Dong Van Rocky Plateau is really beautiful and peaceful, if you want to enjoy the fresh air every morning, or want to stay in a homestay in the small village, you should go to Dong Van. Have a nice trip! Please access our site to read more articles about travel to Vietnam.


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