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The Special Dishes In Sapa Vietnam

Not only famous by natural mountain scenery, cool air, Sapa tourism also attracts visitors by the unique food, bringing the flavor of the Northwest forest. Let discover together by the delicious dishes in Sapa tourism marked in the heart of tourists. Travelling to Vietnam and enjoy special dishes – you don’t want to miss it, do you? 


Rice in bamboo tube – simple dish in Sapa Vietnam


Rice in bamboo tube is a typical dish of ethnic minority people in the Northwest of Vietnam, the main ingredient is sticky rice cooked in bamboo tube. When cooked, just split the outer shell of fired bamboo, leaving a thin layer of bamboo flip flops when eating rice. Rice in bamboo tube is popular and loved by the impressive taste of sticky rice, mineral water and gentle scent of bamboo. Travelling to Vietnam, you should go to Sapa and don’t forget taste this special dish.


Seven colours sticky rice – the beautiful dish in Sapa Vietnam 


The seven colors sticky rice is the traditional food of the Nung ethnic group in Muong Khuong, Lao Cai. Seven colors of sticky rice: pink, red, magenta, light blue, light green, green, and yellow are made from many kinds of natural forest leaves, bring distinctive flavors of the mountain forest. The people here think that eating the seven colours sticky rice in Tet holiday will bring more luck.


Lon cap nach” – “carry under arm” pig

While travelling to Vietnam, there are many special dish to try, and Lon cap nach is one of the most wonderful dishes. You can easily catch pictures of locals carrying pigs or even under their arms for sale at marketplaces, named “carry under arm” pig originating from that.



This is a special type of pig in this area, piggish are allowed to grow freely, and after one year, people will sell it when the weight of the pigs are approximate 20kg. The “carry under arm” pig is very famous and are used by luxury restaurants to make many delicious dishes.


Bacon – the most popular 


A popular dish of ethnic minorities in Sa Pa. Smoked meat is made from shoulder and lean meat of pigs, buffalos, cows and horses. To make bacon, people must take away fat and tendons, cut into 2-3 cm square pieces, then marinate with “mac khen” leaves, crystal salt, chili and banana forest seeds crushed.



Finally, it is hung up the wood stove, the heat and the kitchen smoke not only preserve the meat is not rot, but also bring a very specific taste on each piece of meat. Smoked meat fried with “cai meo” vegetable will be very special taste, enough to cling the visitors’ hearts.


Silkie chicken


A special type of chicken of Mong ethnic group with skin, meat and bone in black colour. Chicken meat is firm, delicious, crispy skin gives the visitors interesting impression. A lot of research have shown that black chickens not only increase the sexual ability but also as valuable medicine in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. The most famous dish made from Sa Pa’s black chicken is roast chicken with honey. Aromatic roast chicken dish eaten with mint leaves, salt, lemon and pepper, will certainly satisfy even the most fastidious.



Silkie chicken is very small, approximate of 1.2kg / chicken has black skin, people will feel horrible in the first time they saw it. The silkie chicken can be made into many dishes, but the most delicious is roast chicken with honey. The roast chicken is hot and eat with peppermint leaves and lemon and pepper mixed with salt is always standard. Any tourists who come here have not eaten this dish it seems like their trip to Sapa certainly cannot be called perfect.


“Thang Co”- the dish is made by special meat


When you are travelling to Vietnam, you should go to Sapa and try to eat Thang Co “Thang Co” is a specialty of Mong ethnic group, usually have in villages and markets of the Mong ethnic group. Sa Pa ““Thang Co” is made mainly from horses. A pot of “Thang Co” has meat, heart, liver, intestine, horse blood and 12 spices: cardamom, cinnamon, citronella, ginger and many other traditional spices, the ““Thang Co” tree is the 12th spice. When eating, people will draw water to the pot of hot pot and put the horse meat cut in.



“Thang Co” is often eaten with “cai meo” vegetables, kohlrabi, cabbage, ….. Visitors should drink wine made from corn when eating “Thang Co”. The food and wine mixed together will create a pleasant and unforgettable feeling.


Sapa peach


The heavy fruit gardens around the town are always attractive to visitors in the lowland when visiting Sapa Vietnam . Sapa peach is sure to be a gift of the land of Northwest for friends and relatives.Also, if you visit a restaurant here, do not forget to order the apple pies eating with Sapa honey!





In the cold weather, you certainly do not forget to enjoy delicious barbecue and varied such as pork skewers, lean pork roast, quail, rolled beef with “cai meo” vegetable…”Cai meo” vegetable is a special vegetables here, the strange bitter vegetables on the tip of the tongue will make visitors enjoy.


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