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The most beautiful streams in Vietnam

This is the list of most beautiful streams in Vietnam, if you want to travel to Vietnam, don’t forget this list. We are providing the information about top beautiful streams in Vietnam, and the location of them. Don’t miss this article.

Suoi Yen in water lily flower season

Located about 60km from Hanoi, Suoi Yen is in the Huong Son spectacular scenery vestige (The Huong Pagoda) of My Duc district. In here, tourists just spend money to rent ferry and able to enjoy the beautiful stream, romantic scenery full of charms every season of water lily blooming with the natural scene blurring this place.


Suoi Yen is about 4km long, on October is the best time, because at the time the water lily flower blossomed, full of red color on the surface of the stream, stretching strongly on the water covering the whole space and the scene is like a fanciful picture. Water of Suoi Yen is very clear, reflect the shape of the trees and also the water lily flowers are embraced in the gentle sunshine of autumn.

Every year, for the festival season, millions of Buddhists together with visitors come to The Huong pagoda festival. When the festival ends this place will be a suitable place to escape from the noisy urban atmosphere, drop into the quiet space of the sky.

Suoi Tranh – Kien Giang

Located in the northeast of Phu Quoc island, about 10 km from Duong Dong center, Suoi Tranh – Kien Giang is a tourist destination, which cannot be missed by visitors. This place is especially prominent with the green nature, the harmony of flowers, mountains, forests and streams, is a place to relax, camping, picnic.

Suoi Tranh flows along the interstitial rocks, so sometimes is slow but sometimes flowing is very fast, clear in the green colour of plants and flowers. From the foot of the stream, go up the trail about 300m, visitors will find a spacious space can stop for bathing on the stream – waterfall, immersed in clear water, cool or lying on the giant flat rocks, hearing the birds singing and murmuring streams will certainly be wonderful.

Suoi Mooc – Phong Nha, Ke Bang

Located near the scenic Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Suoi Mooc appears as a clear pearl, the natural landscape is extremely brilliant with the diverse ecosystem, will definitely bring you the unforgettable experience.

The spring water is cool with a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, surrounded by magnificent jungle scenery, below is a smoothly stream gently drifted at the foot of a small waterfall, clear water through the cracks of the stone, sometimes the stream yelled with white bubbles, on the reefs covered with green moss. Sometimes, the stream suddenly mysterious disappear into the interstitial rocks, only the sound of water froze up from the ground, and then again as it erupts from a rocky gap.

Come to this place, visitors will feel the peace, the freshest as the most tired of all life are gone, drop into nature to enjoy the interesting moment, you will think: : Suoi Mooc is really beautiful stream in Vietnam.


Hot springs in Luong village – Thanh Hoa

As you know, hot stream is very rare in Vietnam, and the hot stream in Luong village is one of the most beautiful streams in Vietnam. This is a hot spring on the slopes of hills mixed with sparsely populated areas in Luong village, Thanh Minh commune, Thach Thanh district (Thanh Hoa). This is a natural hot spring, with a temperature of about 36 degrees. The course of the hot underwater are located between rocky outcrops that extend into the wide opening of the stream creating a hot lake with natural beauty.

Luong village is quite far from the center of the commune and also difficult to reach this place so this place is less known but mainly serves the people in the village. Especially, on cold winter days, people will get water here for bathing and daily activities.

Suoi Tien – Phan Thiet

Not clear as the normal streams, Suoi Tien brings in their own impression by the beautiful orange-red stream. Actually, it is a small stream next to Hon Rom. The stream is not flowing swiftly but gently floats, high on the ankles, the deepest place is not higher than our knees, so visitors here often go barefoot to feel the special features that stream brings. With the soft white sand, this place will bring you the unexpected discovery.

The most beautiful area of ​​the stream about 300m starting point with orange rocks, clear water in the distance. The view of the stream from the hillside is beautiful as a colorful picture. Do you know that Suoi Tien is one of the most beautiful streams in Vietnam?


Suoi Mo – Bac Giang

Suoi Mo tourist resort is in Nghia Phuong commune, Luc Nam district, about 32km east of Bac Giang city or from Hanoi, you go straight over 80km along National Highway 31 and provincial road 293.

Suoi Mo is one of the most beautiful stream in Vietnam flowing in the valley of Huyen Dinh – Yen Tu streams, creating many small waterfalls with white foam, and many attractive “bath” nature. Beside the soft beauty, the charm of the clear stream is the wonderful symphony of the murmuring stream flowing into the rocks.


The most beautiful scene here is the stream with five steps mother daughter waterfall from the Thuong temple to the Trung Temple. Besides visiting the surrounding temples, the pristine forests along with the immense lake of ripples will surely leave you with unforgettable


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