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Son Doong Cave – The Biggest Cave In The World

Have you ever heard about the Son Doong cave – the biggest cave in the world? Do you want to know about the 8 secrets of this cave? Do you want to travel to Vietnam and visit the great cave named Son Doong? There are 8 unbelievable fact about Son Doong cave. Let’s discover!

Son Doong Cave was discovered because of … the rain

Son Doong cave was discovered by a farmer named Khanh Ho in 1991. According to Khanh Ho, he was working in the forest as finding agarwood. In one time when he went to work, he met a heavy rain, afraid of flash flood, Khanh Ho decided to find a shelter. Incidentally, he had been staying in … right at Son Doong cave.

Son Doong Cave  is missing in … 15 years

At the time of discovering Son Doong Cave, Khanh Ho was unaware of the value of the cave. Shortly after that trip, he quit the job as looking for agarwood and back working in the field. For the next 15 years, the cave remains in the dark. Until 2006, when an expedition of the Royal Society arrived to search the new caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Mr. Khanh told them his story. It is the starting point of the journey to find the old cave.

Son Doong Cave is not shown on … Google Earth

However, the trip to find the old cave was not completely successful. All the things in Mr. Khanh’s memory is a large cave, the wind blowing for 24/24 hours.

Even with the help of state-of-the-art scientific equipment and Google Earth software, the expedition still cannot find the Son Doong cave. Until 2009, Mr. Khanh Ho officially found the old cave.

Son Doong Hang to be quite capable of becoming an aircraft parking lot

According to the geologists, Son Doong cave was formed by around 2-5 million years ago, when river water flowed across the limestone area buried along a fault line. The water eroded the rocks and created a giant tunnel like today.

The size of the Son Doong Cave is very large with a length of at least 5 km, equivalent to the capacity of about 68 Boeing 777 aircrafts.

Even this figure could be greater because, according to scientists, the most modern facilities today have not fully discovered the real length of the cave.

Son Doong Cave is called the “Great Wall of Vietnam”

In Son Doong cave, the experts discovered some locations are very large. A photo taken by photographer Carten Peter in May 2010 recorded a 91.44m wide cave and a nearly 243.84m in height – completely can put a 40-storey building in New York inside this cave. The National Geographic page even compares that cave stacked as high as 25 double-decker buses and remain comfortable.

The majestic and magnificent landscape of the Son Doong cave made it the world’s best known “The Great Wall of Viet Nam” (“Great Wall of Vietnam”), like “The Great Wall of China “Is the Great Wall of China.

Not only famous for its enormous size but Son Doong cave is also known by the diversity in the landscape of life.

In the Do Son Cave, the explorers discovered a primitive forest with rich vegetation, no trace of humans. Experts have even called the forest in this cave a “garden of Eden” to honor this gorgeous beauty.

Another special point of Son Doong cave, which is the stalactite system and “pearl” giant cave. Over the millions of years under the influence of external forces, Son Doong owns columns of stone as high as 70m.

In addition, the cave “pearl” (jade pearls wrapped in a sea-like pearl, the major component of calcite) is the world’s largest in Son Doong.

Normally, these “pearls” are only about 1cm in diameter, but in Son Doong they are as big as a baseball.

Son Doong Hang attracts the super-model to conquer

With its beauty, Son Doong cave attracted many tourists with 98% foreigners. Among them are three generations of conquerors, and even super models such as Jasmina Mala (Czech) and Prince Ahmed Hamdan (from Abu Dhabi) have also explored the caves. the largest in the world in Vietnam.

Son Doong Cave is one of the most popular landscape in Vietnam, but as you know Son Doong Cave is very dangerous to travel. If you want to travel to Son Doong cave, you must be good at trekking, swimming, climbing, swinging and have many other abilities. Beside that, the fee of tour Son Doong is very expensive, you have to pay 3.000 usd for a trip 6 days. Son Doong cave is really heaven on the earth, it’s dangerous but bitterly beautiful, you will never forget the memories in here.



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