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Top 4 most pristine and beautiful islands in Vietnam

Vietnam has many beautiful islands where tourists can swim, dive or take a walk on the sand. If you do not want to go to the islands too famous, you can travel to the neglected islands in Vietnam. Although not many people know, but these islands still have native inhabitants, you can still visit and experience these wonderful moments. There are 4 most pristine and beautiful islands in Vietnam. Do you want to travel to amazing islands in Vietnam?

Nam Du Island – One of the most beautiful island in Vietnam

The famous Nam Du island has the beach name Bai Men in Hon Lon, is a place to check-in which cannot be ignored by the young people. Bai Men – dreamed of white sand and smooth, clear water even in the rainy season, along with the coconut in straight lines to create a scene that is wild and magnificent.

Nam Du island has small peaceful angles, many interesting places to enjoy the scenery and pictures “virtual life”, including Hon Lon, Hon Mau, Hon Dau, Hon Son, Bai Ngu, Bai Da Den …

The time in June is the ideal time to travel to Nam Du island, the blue and clear sea. Visitors can go to Nam Du with family or group of friends, especially those in Ho Chi Minh City, going to Nam Du island is easy, you can catch high quality buses to Rach Gia, then from here go to the island by ship (about 2 hours).

Diep Son Island

Diep Son island is known as “Maldives of Vietnam” by many tourists. So, there is enough to prove the beauty of the paradise of this tourist destination. It seems that all scenes in Diep Son island are beautiful, don’t have any “dead corner”. Visitors can spoil yourself the “live virtual” beautiful photos in the sky.

Approximately 500 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Diep Son island located in the coastal region of Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa Province. Beside the beauty of paradise, green in the spotless, Diep Son island also scored points for visitors by the unique road on the sea surface. For visitors in Hanoi, Diep Son Island is the ideal choice to avoid the heat of hot summer in the North.

Diep Son island is an island complex consisting of 3 small islands, including the Lying Buddha Island, also known as the Duoc Island. The name of the Buddha Island is reconiged because of remote view of this small island with the image of Buddha statue is full of majesty. Diep Son Island is the most suitable for those who love to explore, fascinated original natural beauty, pristine. Tourism on Diep Son Island is not as vibrant as some of the famous sites, in contrast to the gentle, peaceful and rustic.

Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island, a small island in Bai Tu Long Bay, one of five island communes of Van Hai Island, Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province. A tourist destination is no stranger to the devotees, the island is not large area but owns many long coast, along the white sandy beach. The atmosphere on the island is extremely peaceful and unspoiled, a few years back, Quan Lan island is more bustle because more tourists come to the island, but still retain the beauty of the natural.

Around Quan Lan island there are many beautiful beaches with a few kilometers long coastline, surrounded by mountain ranges shaped like a bow forming a wall to prevent waves from the sea. Some famous beaches in Quan Lan island that visitors cannot ignore such as Minh Chau beach, Viet My beach, Son Hao beach. In addition, tourists can visit some other tourist attractions on the island such as Eo Gio, Quan Lan temple.

Quan Lan island owns many “virtual live” check-in places. In addition to the blue sea, white sand, on the island there is a gentle river, white sand, beautiful scene is seem like in North Europe. It is true that the river is not actually a river but a wastewater area, but the two sides combine in harmony with white sand and dense grasslands, creating a beautiful landscape. This site is located near the cement making area, sandy (about 100-150 m away) on Quan Lan Island.

Binh Ba Island – The Kingdom of Lobsters

The best time to come to Binh Ba Island is from March to September. To travel to Binh Ba Island, first come to Cam Ranh, then from Cam Ranh to Ba Ngoi port. There will be a boat going straight to Binh Ba Island. Accommodation services on the island are also quite convenient with guest house and the homestay of the fishermen on the island.

There are many beaches on Binh Ba Island, of which three are easily accessible and famous for tourists such as Bai Nom, Bai Chuong and Bai Nha Cu. What is not to be missed when traveling to Binh Ba island is to take a boat to the beach and scuba diving to see the coral. The price of the ship to package all the yards is 1-1.2 million VND/ trip. Therefore, if you go by a group, it will help you to save money.

We believe that, travel to neglected islands in Vietnam is good idea for those who love adventures and quietness. Travelling to islands in Vietnam is really easy and cheap, the female visitors can go to the all most islands in Vietnam because the security here is relatively safe, but don’t forget that: always pay attention. Have a good trip, guys!


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