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Visiting  Ban Gioc waterfall – the fourth largest waterfall in the world

Although far away from Hanoi, the attraction of the Ban Gioc waterfall has cleared away all obstacles to bring visitors to admire the beauty of this waterfall. Vietnam Immigration Service believe that: Ban Gioc waterfall will be excellent idea for those who want to travel to wild landscape in Vietnam. Let’s discover Ban Gioc waterfall through this article guys. 

Ban Gioc Waterfall is a perfect destination in the North of Vietnam

Ban Gioc Waterfall is located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, about 90 km from Cao Bang and 400 km from Hanoi. On the way to Ban Gioc waterfall, from far away, tourists can heard the waterfall is screaming. From the height of more than 30 m large blocks of water flow down through many steps of limestone. There is a large stream of rock covered with trees that splits water into three streams, like three white silk strips.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is the fourth largest waterfall, which on a border between countries (After the Iguazu Falls between Brazil – Argentina, Victoria Falls between Zambia – Zimbabwe and Niagara Falls between Canada and the United States. ). However, according to Xinhua, Ban Gioc waterfall is the second largest transnational waterfall in the world. Ban Gioc Waterfall is the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia.

Because of remote and undeveloped tourist services have made the Ban Gioc waterfall not yet a destination for many visitors, but the wild beauty is the attraction of this majestic waterfall. Those who have been to Ban Gioc waterfall can not deny that this is an invaluable gift that nature has bestowed on Cao Bang province and Vietnam in general.

Ban Gioc waterfall at any time of the year also makes you happy because it is beautiful all the time. The rainy season in the Ban Gioc waterfall is from June to September. This is the time when the water falls, billowing white foam, threatening but also extremely majestic. October to May is the dry season, the water is warmer, more peaceful and the roads are easier to travel.

The water in Ban Gioc falls down day and night, making flat rocks blaze into the vast white dust that blurs a large area. On sunny days, the steam also creates a sparkling rainbow fanciful. At the foot of Ban Gioc waterfall is a large river, flat like a mirror. On the banks are the grass and the green forest.

In each season, Ban Gioc waterfall has its own beauty. In the dry season (from October to May of the following year), the waterfall flows quietly, slowly, while in the rainy season (from June to September), the waterfall makes white foam, flowing majestic echoing the mountains and forests. This is also the time when Ban Gioc falls are considered the most beautiful in the year

At the present, in Ban Gioc waterfall, there are many services for guesthouses and restaurants for tourists to travel there. In particular, the price of a vacation home is usually quite cheap, ranging from 200-300 thousand VND per night. Here, you can also enjoy the specialties of Cao Bang such as arrowroot vermicelli, chestnuts, chinese sausages and grilled fish

How to get to Ban Gioc waterfall?

Ban Gioc Waterfall is about 370 km from Hanoi, the journey is not short but also is not too long, allowing you to choose from a variety of transportation options. Using cars, if you go early in the morning, you can come in the afternoon. However, it is still interesting to go by motorbike to stop at many other scenic spots along the way.

If you travel by motorbike or car, tourists will run on one of two roads: one is National Highway 3 (Hanoi – Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan – Cao Bang) and second one is national highways 1A (Hanoi – Lang Son) and then take Highway 4A (Lang Son – Cao Bang). From Cao Bang city, you will have to continue to go nearly 90km to the northeast through Trung Khanh Province to Ban Gioc waterfall.

– If you travel by car, visitors can find the car line Hanoi – Cao Bang at My Dinh bus station of some reputable car companies such as Mai Luy, Thanh Ly, Hien Loi with the ticket price between VND 170,000 – VND 200,000 / person / trip.

From Cao Bang bus station, tourists get on Cao Bang – Trung Khanh- Ban Gioc waterfall, operated by Thanh Luan car company or two bus services 03 (Cao Bang – Quang Uyen) and 07 (Quang Uyen – Trung Khanh).  Both buses stop at the last stop,which is the front gate of Ban Gioc tourist area. Guests need to pay attention to arrange the time to visit so you do not miss the last bus back to the city center (15h30 for passenger car and 16h50 for bus). The cost for this trip is about 70,000 VND / person / trip.

If moving by personal transports (motorbikes, cars), you should be taken to ensure safety: brakes, tires, chains … Bring the necessary documents. You should carry some tools commonly used in case of vehicles broken because the road from Cao Bang to Ban Gioc is quite difficult.

– Ticket to get in Ban Gioc waterfall is 20,000 VND / adult and 10,000 VND / child. In addition, if you want to take a boat to visit the waterfall, it will cost 50,000 VND / pers. 

In conclusion, Ban Gioc waterfall is really fancy landscape in northern Vietnam. While travelling to Vietnam, don’t forget to visit this wonderfull waterfall. Vietnam Immigration Service hopes that you will love this waterfall and love Vietnam – tropical country. Let go guys!


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