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Vinh Hy Bay – Ultimate Idea For Short Holiday In Vietnam

If you only have a short vacation and you want to go to a beautiful, friendly and cheap country then Vietnam is one of the great suggestions for you.

The beaches in Ha Long Bay,  Nha Trang, My Khe – Da Nang are familiar with international tourists. Why not choose a pristine beach, and not too much people know about it? In this article, we would like to introduce you to one of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches in Vinh Hy Bay. Do not miss it!

Where is  Vinh Hy Bay?

Vinh Hy Bay is a small bay in Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam.

Located in northeast of Ninh Thuan province, 42 km from Phan Rang city, the bay has 3 sides: East – West – North and is surrounded by mountains and beach in the south. In the west, Mount Nui Chua is 1040m high and the Lo su stream flows all year  to the bay.

In the Vinh Hy Bay there are many species of seafood live: grouper, red snapper, mackerel, tuna, lobster, crab, squid, … All year, in the bay, the sea wave is quite and boats are safe  when storm.

The Amanoi Resort is famous because of its luxurious and elegant, the clear blue waters and rich natural flora and fauna, and is also a popular spot for photographers working here. Rai Cave.

How to get to Vinh Hy Bay?

To go to Vinh Hy Bay, you can go by bus. You can start from Hon Khoi, Ninh Hoa go to Nha Trang – Phan Rang and from Phan Rang, take a  bus to Vinh Hy Bay. Phan Rang – Vinh Hy bus runs continuously for 1 hour and you do not have to enter the city because of the bus stop on the outer road.

However, if you travel from Saigon, you can choose a bus or train to Phan Rang. Then from Phan Rang you should rent a motorbike straight to Vinh Hy Bay is much more convenient for moving between the fun spots when reaching the bay, and especially, on the way to there you can see one side is extend endlessly mountain while on the other side is beautiful and spacious sea, then you can see salt fields and the green grape fields.

Exciting places to visit in Vinh Hy Bay

Rai cave

Rai cave is about 5-6km away from the hotel and the night way is very dark, if you intend to be like me, you should survey the road from the previous day because from the highway to Rai cave is difficult to go, you need to leave your motorbike and climb over a short slope, and follow the big rocks in the sea to arrive. Called a cave but it is actually a rock overlooking the sea, watching the sunrise or sunset here are very beautiful.

Take a glass bottom boat and watching the coral: To join this tour you should reserve the boat right at the bay. The coral viewing area about 3km from the bay, when the ship will shut down so visitors can admire the splendid beauty of colorful coral forest also the small fish hovering under the coral.

– In addition to watching the coral, you can rent fishing boats out the bay, or join mountain climbing tours in Ba Dien beach, then Da Danh beach to watch the rocky waves into different shapes and colors.

– After bathing and finishing the coral reef tour, you can visit the seafood cages right at the bay to enjoy the fresh seafood selection. Then, the owner will cook on the spot for you to enjoy. The price is cheap and the food is fresh.

The Amazing things to do in Vinh Hy Bay

Fishing at Vinh Hy Bay, fishing squid at Ninh Chu Beach. Enjoy the sunset at Ninh Chu Beach.

– Nam Cuong Sand Hill. Should go in late afternoon, especially the day with the moon.

– Coming to Mui Dinh and standing in the lighthouse watching the moon, the sky and the beach will make you feel great here.

– Coming to Phuoc Binh National Forest Reserve, Da Nhim Hydroelectric Plant to hears thrilling events when building this power plant.

In addition to the beauty of blue sea, huge limestone blocks, or brilliant coral reefs, Vinh Hy Bay is especially memorable with its rich sea snail parties.

Crossing the bow with bend of the road with salt fields spread, green grass fields, the roof of the fishermen’s house on the white sand, Vinh Hy Bay appears beautiful with the undulating boats on the blue water. The blue of the sea, the blue of the sky as well as the huge lime blocks scattered. The cool sea breeze as the sunshine, the heat of the fire, making the air on the boat to the bay softer.



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