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Conquering Fansipan – the necessary supplies

In the previous article, we learned about the most important items when you want to conquer Fansipan. In this article we will learn about other items, although not important, is also a good choice for you to conquer Fansipan easily. Do not miss it!

Things you should consider when climbing Fansipan

Trekking pole: help you go faster and more balanced. Trekking pole usually made of alloy which can be extend and shortening. Inside the sticks there are springs to increase flexibility and force when climbing.

Gloves: In addition to gloves keep warm when the weather is cold, you will probably need thinner gloves and rubber particles on the surface of your fingers to increase grip when climbing through tree roots or smooth moss.

Dry bags are made of waterproof material. Dry bags can be used to store electronics such as cameras, cell phones, … or personal identification.

Camera: Depending on whether you are a photographer or just a photo shoot for memories. The camera needs to be hygroscopic in the camera bag to minimize the effects of high humidity on the lens and the circuit.

Mobile Phones: It will be necessary to call for emergency relief if anything goes wrong. Viettel is a mobile network which have the strongest waves on the mountains.

Other items to bring:

Binoculars, compasses, functional food or food that gives instant energy to the body, walkie talkie (1 pair or more depending on the number of people), medicines or water filter machine, military shovel (foldable), picnic bucket (foldable) and sun cream.


What to prepare before climbing Mount Fansipan

Prepare for the weather

Due to the high terrain so the temperature is usually low and there is rain or fog. This makes climbing more difficult than ever because the rain makes the road slippery, difficult to move and fog obscures vision. Tourists should take a look at the weather forecast of the North West region to choose the best time. Selection of the best time for climbing Fansipan  from October this year to April next lunar year.

Prepare for health

Compared to the normal mountain peaks, Fansipan has a higher altitude. Therefore, in order to fully conquer Fansipan Mountain, climbers must prepare for good health. Exercise for at least 3 – 5 days in advance such as walking, running, yoga … especially healthy legs.

Need to provide enough nutrition, vitamin C, get enough sleep and limit the amount of alcohol before climbing. People with heart disease,  pregnancy should not climb.

climbing skills 

When you climb up the slope is often very tired so you have to keep the airflow, so take a temporary rest 5-10 minutes after you find yourself breathing too much. However, do not take long to avoid lazy and frustrated. If you can not go anymore, you should go back to your original place.

Always stick with the trekking pole, when climbing can stick to the root, branches along the road, stomping on the stone but have to carefully consider whether the stick is really durable and safe or not.

When climbing steeply, climb the Z-shape, when downhill to slow, go quickly to be easily tripped and bend the knees, keep the backpack stable. It is possible to turn the person facing the cliff, using both hands to climb down if the mountain is quite standing.

If you get lost, then you need to follow these rules:

You have to be calm.

In this case, if you panic you will be in danger.

Please use the “STOP” rule:

S: sit-down

 T: Think

O: Observe – watching around

P: Prepare for survival by gathering materials.

Next using the compass to determine the direction. You can climb trees to look for houses, fields or smoke, and at night, look for fire or electric light. More importantly, when you are short of water and looking for a source of water first, look in the cracked sections of the rock

Therefore, when get lost, we need to actively find water. Try to find along the crack of the stone, take the cloth fog and suck. You have to stay away from the deep valleys. There is water but this is where there are many insects, dwarf mammals are very dangerous.

Some other notes for those who want to discover Fansipan

In the process of climbing, you should not litter into the environment, especially in the tourist environment. At the stops there is a bin, you can put rubbish in. In addition, do not arbitrarily carved on the tree or cut trees, fire camp most often in the dry season.

In addition, in early 2016, the Fansipan cable car was put into operation to enable tourists to fully experience the majesty of Fansipan. If the climb takes two days, now conquering the roof of Indochina only takes 20 minutes. You can opt for cable car or exploration experience.

Climbing Fansipan is a difficult journey, and extremely dangerous, if you do not have one the best health and skills. Choose the other options to get to the top Fansipan. Please think before you decide to conquer Fansipan.


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