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5 Beautiful and free camping in Danang

Da Nang is a city for those who love to travel and explore. The tourist spots in Da Nang can meet all the most hardest guests’ demands. For those young people interested in exploring, camping combined overnight is an economical and interesting choice.

Gieng Troi

Gieng Troi is now a familiar name for young people who love trekking in Da Nang. Located in the middle of the mountainous forest of Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Gieng Heaven still preserve the rare wild.

On the way to Gieng Troi, you have to cross the sloping hills around 10km from the hill near the car park of the Ba Na resort, slightly rugged with glacial rolls on red soil, within 3km is very difficult to go. Therefore, some young people love trekking often choose to walk instead of riding motorcycles to Gieng Troi.

You have to cross the steep slopes, walk on the thick forest leaves, pebbles and coobbles lurking along the way, the trail will lead you to a green lake that is always full midway between mountains. The feature of Gieng Troi is a large waterfall 25m high range all year round white water from the top . No noisy noise of the streets, no shadow of a restaurant, services here, only people and nature.

Here, you can tighten banana forest tree to make boats to swim between the blue water, cool or can catch snails, hunting crabs. If you go to the mountains and camp overnight, you should follow a large group and bring enough food as well as water, in addition to other insect repellent to ensure your safety.

Ghenh Bang

Ghenh Bang is located on Son Tra peninsula, about 20km from the center of Da Nang city. Ghenh Bang is not a wild place, because after walking the asphalt road, car and walk within 1 km, you can also find the simple shack selling drinks, fishing rods, bait powder, self-made diving glasses … but only to a minimum, because of not too much guests and people in here are not able to invest much.

This place is a favorite place for people of Da Nang because they do not have to travel too far and enjoy the wilderness of this area.. Peaceful Ghen Bang with a coastline of 2km is surrounded by countless large rocks of many shapes, also embracing rocky reefs is a lush and green tree all year round.

Diving here is even more fun because there are not as much support as other service companies, you can only dive with a homemade diving glasses, but must be able to swim well to avoid the worst case. Diving in Ghenh Bang, you do not have to spend large sums of money and still admire the colorful aquarium world, be spoiled with nature in peace. If camping overnight in Ghenh Bang, you can bring tents, food and other necessities for a memorable camping trip.


Van village

Every time mention Da Nang, people often think of a dynamic tourist city with many famous destinations such as Ba Na, Ngu Hanh Son, Son Tra Peninsula, My Khe beach, etc, but this dynamic city also has attractive places which is not many people known. One of these is Van Village, a small village at the foot of the Hai Van Pass, located in the south of the Nam Chon Bay and enclosed by Mui Isabelle. Van village is a small village separated from everyday life, once inhabited by patients in the 80’s. A village with many ups and downs, many changes but now peacefully with the sea waves, life is still quiet and peaceful.

Since it is a village separated from Da Nang City, it is only possible to go by boat from the pier or take the road from the middle of Hai Van Pass, passing a railway track about 3km.

In the days when big boats can not be moved, the road is the only way to get down to the village, it is really difficult. But it also helps Van’s today still retain the peace and pristine.

On the weekends there are many delegations visited Van village to organize camping and playing. The village of Van is really peaceful where hard to find, no dust, smoke, fresh air and cool, beautiful scenery between mountain and sea. If a walk on the beach of Van will feel relieved, abandon all sorrow and the city is busy crowded out. Truly Van village is a great place for those who want to find a peaceful place.

Da Nang has many beautiful locate for camping, if you really want to travel to Da Nang, you should go camping at these locates in this article. Vietnam Immigration Service believe that, it will be one of the most wonderful things in your . Have a good trip, buddies


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