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The Most Famous Tradditional Vietnamese Cakes

In the traditional Vietnamese culture, cakes have become very familiar to the everyday life of every Vietnamese person. And over time, the variety of cakes has become more diversified, both in form and taste, increasing the value and flavor that has been preserved for generations. Let’s take a look at these delicious traditional Vietnamese cakes

Stuffed sticky rice cake and Cylindric glutinous rice cake

Stuffed sticky rice cake is a specialty of the North and Cylindric glutinous rice cake is South specialties. With the green cake shell wrapped in pancakes wrapped in pork, green beans bearing the national flavor is made by the people of Vietnam on the occasion of Tet.

Round sticky rice cake

Round sticky rice cake is traditional Vietnamese cake that most Vietnamese people like. Just two pieces of thick white sticky cake plus a slice of homemade Vietnamese pork sausage will bring you a very good breakfast in good quality.

Vietnamese Hollow Donut

Yellow Vietnamese Hollow Donuts with sesame seeds is a delicious cake of many generations of Vietnamese people from the past. Vietnamese Hollow Donuts is very foam, so when you eat you will feel crispy, tough and delicious.

Pig ear cookie

Pig ear cookie made from wheat flour, shaped like a pig’s ear, that’s why people called pig ear cookie. Pig ear cookie made in Tet festival in many Vietnamese families.


Vietnamese pyramidal rice dumpling

Vietnamese pyramidal rice dumpling is in transparent layer, the delicious kernel is pork and jew’s ear fungus. Hot Vietnamese pyramidal rice dumpling served with a bit of chili sauce and few slices of cucumber are the best.

Rice cake made from rice flour and lime water

Rice cake made from rice flour and lime water is a traditional Vietnamese cake and especially popular in the North. Rice cake made from rice flour and lime water usually eat with soya sauce, some places use shrimp paste instead. This is a simple and familiar cake of the Vietnamese people.

Rice dumpling cake

Rice dumpling cake is a favorite dish for many young people. Rice dumpling cake is made of glutinous rice, shrimp meat served with herbs and delicious sauce. If you want to discover the cuisine in Vietnam, don’t miss out this traditional Vietnamese cake. 


Bloating Fern-shaped cake

Bloating Fern-shaped cake is a traditional Vietnamese cakes and it’s very delicious . With minced shrimp, spring anions are sprinkle on the top and served with sauce is very delicious.

Glutinous rice cake dyed black in a concoction of leaves, sweet round cakes baked with flour and sprinkled with sesame

A traditional Vietnamese pastry, this cake is sweet, delicious, good smell from pie filler brought by cake and soft and feel cool from the crust.

Stuffed sticky rice balls

A traditional dish has been preserved for so long, Stuffed sticky rice balls made with glutinous rice, tough and soft with two distinctive flavors and made in the Cold food festival. Do you want to try this traditional Vietnamese cake? 



Vietnamese savory crepe

Vietnamese savory crepe is the traditional Vietnamese cake with yellowed into a round shape and folded into a semicircle wrapped with shrimp, meat, bean sprouts inside is a very popular traditional Vietnamese food. Many vegetables can be eaten with delicious Vietnamese savory crepe such as herbs, lettuce, etc … and eaten with sweet and sour sauce.


Cake made of glutinous rice mixed with everlasting gnaphalium leaves

This cake is  a combination of glutinous rice, rice flour and everlasting gnaphalium leaves. Inside is green peas, pork mixed with pepper and all wrapped in  delicious white sticky rice.

Moon cakes

Moon cakes are kinds of cake made during the Chinese New Year. The crust of white soft cake made from white powder with syrup and citrus flower oil and also with green beans, lotus seed or mixed filling is very sweet and delicious.

Tapioca and mung bean cake

Tapioca and mung bean cake is a sweet traditional Vietnamese cake. The cake is made from very familiar materials, crispy of filtered powder, the nostalgic feeling of young coconuts, the fat of green beans, the mild aroma of pineapple leaves and cool feeling of white sugar.

Green rice flake cake – traditional Vietnamese cakes in Wedding 

Green rice flake cake is one of the most popular traditional Vietnamese cake in wedding of Vietnamese, this cake wrapped in  plastic, placed in a green square box. Produced in large numbers for the wedding and engagement of thousands of Vietnamese people, the milling and fried process in the VongVillage with the help of machinery and only packing by hands.

Every family in Vong Village has a large iron shelves, divided into several floors, each floor is enough to fit a bamboo mat to dry these cakes. When the Hanoi Green rice flake cake have done, put on glossy paper, then takes half an hour on the bamboo mat to dry, then put the cake into  square boxes.

Each cake to be from 3 -5 days, but eat the most delicious after the cake made a few hours. The green rice is scooping up the smell of fresh grains of nuts, a little of green beans, sweet sugar-coated fruit  so  no one would mind eat it by one or two bites of cake even though it is thin and soft.

In March, walking across any street of Hanoi, looking the slow cycle rickshaw on the street carrying ladies in Ao Dai with happy faces as flowers, bring the boxed of batel and areca, Green rice flake cake and Tapioca and mung bean cake so  you will know that a couple is going to marry.

These are the most famous traditional Vietnamese cakes, they are the interesting thing you must try while travelling to Vietnam, because it’s very delicious, cheap, and easy to eat. As you seen, the Vietnamese food is not too much oil as Chinese food, not too expensive as Japanese food, and it’s very good for health. Do you want to eat traditional Vienamese cake?



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