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Thien Cam Beach – Wild beautiful beach in Vietnam

Thien Cam Beach has long been known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam. This place brings a beautiful natural scenery, peaceful and not noisy. What makes the beauty of Thien Cam sea is that the green sea here all year round and never become muddy. The blue of the sea, the sky and the forest combined to make you really be bewitched. Sea waves here just medium, not as quiet as Ha Long and also not big as Cua Lo.


Unique features of Thien Cam sea

About 20 km from the center of Ha Tinh city, Thien Cam beach is popular with tourists because of its rare wild beauty. The beach is an arch of about 3 km long, surrounded by Thien Cam Mountain and Dau Voi Mountain.

Sandy beach stretches out to the sea, making the amusement space more spacious. You can enjoy the game on the sand or you can stretch out and watch the sea. Besides, the wide sandy terrace also makes the feeling more secure for visitors and suitable for all ages.

If you come here for sightseeing, the best time is sunset. It is difficult to describe the scene, but it is not overstate  when people say that watching the sunset in Thien Cam is the most beautiful moment. What better place to sit on the beach, taking some pieces of Cu Do with hot tea and watching the sun goes down the sea.

How to go to Thien Cam beach?

From Hanoi, visitors can go to Thien Cam beach in various forms:

By bus: This is the most convenient and economical way to travel to Thien Cam beach. There are some companies such as Van Minh, Cuong Cay (Nuoc Ngam bus station) and Hoang Long (Luong Yen bus station). The cars are approaching Thien Cam wharf for fares from 200-220k / person.

By trains: Depart at 10 pm in Hanoi and arrive at 6 am in Vinh. When you reach Vinh Station, you can choose to travel by taxi or rent a car to Thien Cam beach.

Private car: This way is suitable for family travel. You just need to straighten on National Road 1A towards the South. The distance from Hanoi to Ha Tinh is 341 km, when you come to Ha Tinh, there are 20 km more to Thien Cam beach.

From Ho Chi Minh City, you can move to Ha Tinh by plane, train or bus:

Airplane: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar and Vietjet Airlines have many flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh everyday, flight time is about 1 hour 50 minutes and fares range from $1.3 million per trip depending on the flight. After landing at Vinh airport and you can continue go by car or bus from Vinh to Ha Tinh.

Train: You select Saigon Railway station – Huong Pho Railway station (Ha Tinh) with fares ranging from $600,000 -1,500,000 VND depending on seat class. From Huong Pho Station, you can continue  travel by taxi or rent a car to Thien Cam Beach.

Passenger car: Currently Huy Hoang and Hoang Long car company has cars from  Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Tinh with ticket price from $600,000 VND / person departs from Mien Dong Coach station.

Places to visit and play in Thien Cam beach

Thien Cam beach

Come to Thien Cam beach, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sea and cool blue sea. Thien Cam beach is in the central province of Vietnam so the water is  clearer and cleaner than the beaches in the North. Thien Cam beach has three small beaches, the most beautiful is the main beach with 3 km long and the remaining two beaches with 10 km long each. The blue sea, clear as emerald, white sand stretches gentle with the rocks combined to make the wild and natural beauty of Thien Cam Beach.

Thien Cam Mountain

If you are looking for a location to enjoy the whole of this beautiful beach, head to Thien Cam Mountain, which is right next to the beach. At 108m above sea level, just standing at the top of the mountain then you can see and observe the entire sea of ​​Thien Cam and the surrounding islands.

Hon Boc Island – Hon En Island

Thien Cam has two main islands: Hon Boc Island and Hon En Island. Hon Boc with the giant elephant mountain and exotic rocks stretch out to the sea is more close to shore than the other. Far away is the island of Hon En, which looks like hand protect the fishermen from storms through many generations. To visit the two islands, you can contact directly with the tourist boat or hotel reception to book a boat tour with the price of $500,000- 600,000 VND / boat.

Other entertainment activities in Thien Cam beach 

Visitors can enjoy in other entertainment activities around the Thien Cam Beach such as: Riding electric bicycle around the resort & fishing village ($50,000 VND / round for 7-8 people), double bike ride ($30,000-40,000 / hour) , night squid fishing ($1,300,000-1,500,000 / group); or visiting other attractive places in Ha Tinh. 

Coming to Thiện Cảm, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful nature of it. Standing on the beach, looking far away is the mountain side encroaching to the sea and covered by the untouched blue of the trees. Small fishing boats of fishermen and a large horizon are far away.



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