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Great Experience in South Western Vietnam

The South West has become a great destination for those who love waterwaysOne day on the canoe, listening to the Southern amateur music, experience slaps ditch fish  as farmers … would certainly be an unforgettable experience in the journey to explore the Western Vietnam

Boat trips explore water

With the terrain is mainly canals, surrounded by water, the Western Vietnam is an ideal place for tourists to visit the local life.

The cool breeze along the boat on the nose will bring you unforgettable impression. Sail through the creek and river to help you feel the whole of the West is very simple and peaceful.

Beside boating, taking pictures, you do not ignore the birds singing and the sound of fish scramble. If you are lucky enough to walk along the shoreline, you will have the opportunity to pick up your own delicious fruit by yourself and enjoying these delicious fruits of the West.

Muddy ditch ditches and catching fish

It would not be fun to go to the Western Vietnam without having to dug up the ditches and catching fish. This is considered a typical river culture that few places have. At present, this activity is exploited as a tourist service of this place.

After burying yourself in the mud, you are sure to enjoy a full meal of fatty fish, which is you can catch it by yourself.

Visiting the orchard in Western Vietnam 

The lush year-round gardens are a specialty of the southwestern provinces. Depending on the season and the time when the orchards have different fruits. To the Western Vietnam this season you can visit the famous fruit garden to enjoy such as My Khanh (Can Tho), An Binh Island (Vinh Long), Cai Mon (Ben Tre), Cai Be ( Tien Giang),etc.

Listen to the Southern amateur music

In the middle of the vast river and the rich garden, the lives of the people in the southwestern region are still difficult, but from that life, folk songs, Cai Luong and Tan Co Giao Duyen have become the indispensable spiritual “food” of these people.

This is a typical folk art form. The lyrics of  Vong Co, Cai Luong on the basis of rustic monochord has long been penetrating the soul of many generations. There are sometimes, when you are walking around this land of love, you can hear somewhere to be tormented by this type of music. But you will have a more special feeling when enjoying the songs on a full moon night or when sailing on the river.

Experiencing the foot bridge

In order to facilitate the movement in many canals like the Western Vietnam, people themselves invent the bridge with bamboo or wooden body with handrails. Foot bridge is associated with agricultural activities of farmers such as rice, fruit, farm produce, farming and ranching.

Foot bridge is a very specific feature of the Western River. Therefore, many visitors when they arrived in the Western Vietnam was eager to try feeling on the bridge.

Floating market in Western Vietnam

Referring to the Western Vietnam, people immediately think of the floating market with the dense mix of fishing boats hovering fruit. To the Western  Vietnam , if you have not been sitting on the floating boat and enjoy the floating market, it is not considered that you’ve not came to this land yet.

Visitors can easily meet the small boat to buy special fruits of the region. These canoes mainly serve tourists and prices are also calculated according to travel services. However, cant not denying the warm, hospitable people here always express with gentle smile and rustic pleasant everything you meet them.

Some of the famous floating markets of the West are: Cai Be floating market (located in the Tien River delta between Tien Giang, Vinh Long and Ben Tre), Phung Hiep floating market (Hau Giang), Chau Doc floating market (An Giang), Cai Rang floating market (Can Tho), Phong Dien floating market (Can Tho).

Visit the bird sanctuary

Talk to the West bird sanctuary, it must mention the first Tram Chim National Park. Every year, when the water is high, Tram Chim wears new colorful clothes with dances of nature.

In addition, there are about 30 large and small bird sanctuaries in Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Tra Vinh, Dong Thap, Can Tho, An Giang, Ca Mau and Kien Giang. In Kien Giang, Ca Mau has more than 10 bird gardens. There are hundreds of hectares of bird gardens, such as the U Minh Thuong forest, Vinh Thuan district (Kien Giang) orNgoc Hien bird sanctuary (Ca Mau).

Various cuisine in Western Vietnam

Speaking of the Western Vietnam , it is impossible not to mention the dishes with fresh raw materials, rustic, simple processing but bring the taste and taste can not be anywhere.

Grilled snakehead fish, sesame rice ,Vietnamese fermented fish hotpot, Vietnamese fermented fish noodle soup, etc, are all specialties that when Southwest tourism you must definitely enjoy. Although these dishes are extremely popular, but only in the West, with rich natural ingredients and human hands to create the most delicious dishes.



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