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Water Puppetry – Amazing Show That You Must See In Vietnam

Water Puppetry is a kind of traditional folk stage art of Vietnam, appearing from the Ly dynasty, around the 11th century, early 12th century. Water puppetry theater is the festival stage, kept Many folk artistic creations, ancient people’s techniques and many spiritual and practical activities, material labor of Vietnamese rice farmers in the process of building and defending our country from thousands of years.

Water puppetry – the unique art of Vietnam

Water puppetry has a history of more than 10 centuries, this is the unique art of Vietnamese people. The outstanding feature of the art of water puppetry is the use of water as the stage for puppets to operate. Behind the stage there is a veil, around decorated flag, paper fan, elephant, parasol, votive objective gate (called puppet or water house).

water puppetry show in Vietnam 

The puppets play by the control of the people behind the veil, using poles and strings. Water puppetry performances cannot be missing the sound of drum and other auxiliary audio. Water plays an important role in water show, water is not only the background for the operation of the puppet, but also makes the puppet more beautiful. Water both hindered and assisted, in coordination with the puppet.

Water puppetry is just a simple, poor color, crumpled of wood sculptural motif, just enough for the viewer to see the general perception of people, things, etc.

Water has created phenomenal virtualization due to its liquid and reflective properties. The water puppet theater is always full colour of sky, clouds, trees, scenes … immeasurable conversion printed on the water as the background for the character “tangled” activities.

Water hidden in the heart of all the secrets of the puzzle. Viewers on the shore find the puppet suddenly appear, suddenly hidden, soft, gentle, winding the sound of drum and music.

water puppetry show in Vietnam

Hong Phong Water Puppetry Village

Experiencing the change of history, Hong Phong still retains a pristine and peaceful beauty. Thuy Dinh pond, the place where the water puppetry of Hong Phong puppetry has always attracted a lot of domestic and foreign tourists. Over 300 years of existence with many ups and downs, Hong Phong Puppetry has created famous names all over the country. And it is also an attractive destination for domestic and foreign visitors to Hai Duong.

water puppetry show in Vietnam

To attract the crowds of domestic and foreign visitors to visit, enjoy, the artisans Hong Phong puppetry has spent a lot of time and effort to create the formality for Puppets as well as regular creativity innovations. Meanwhile, the performance of water puppetry is very elaborate and must go through many stages of preparation should require artisans’ perseverance, patience and passion of the profession.

water puppetry show in Vietnam

There are dozens of stages to prepare such as: waterproofing, piling, wire, and create the image puppets suitable for each story. The stages are not complicated but require the ingenuity and aesthetics of artisans. The puppets, apricot, familiar animals such as: dragon, unicorn, turtle, phoenix and carp … of the Hong Phong tangle more dynamic than other places because they are made by the carpentry village – Cuc Bo.

 Vietnam Puppet Theater

Address: 361 Truong Chinh – Hanoi

Reservations or tickets for performances please contact:

Ticket Office: (84-4) 3853 4545

Performing time: 17:00 – 18:30 every day of the week

Ticket price: Type 1: 50.000VND / ticket

Type 2: 40,000 VND / ticket

Thang Long Puppet Theater

Address: 57b Dinh Tien Hoang – Hanoi

Theater performances on weekdays

Time: 15:30 – 17:00 – 18:30 – 20:00 – 21:15

Sunday morning 9.30 (Special discount 1/2 price of ticket for children)

Ticket price: Type 1: 60,000VND / ticket

Type 2: 40,000 VND / ticket

Hue Imperial Puppet Theater

Address: 49 Le Loi – Hue.

– Time of performance: The theater is open for all afternoon and evening (including Sundays and public holidays). Include 3 performances (water puppet show):

– Winter schedule: 15:30 – 18: 30 – 20:30

– Summer schedule: 15:30 – 19:30 – 21:00

– Length of show: 50 minutes


Foreigne – Adult: 50,000 VND

– Children: 30,000 VND

Vietnamese:- Adults: 40,000 VND

– Children: 20,000 VND

+ In  Ho Chi Minh City

+ Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater

Address: Ho Chi Minh City Labor Culture Palace, 55B Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh city.



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