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Luggage Preparation for Traveling in Vietnam

Getting luggage is not easy, so many people travel every year but do not know how to prepare luggage. Baggage preparation is very important, so many travel bloggers share their experience before traveling. This article will provide you with useful experiences to prepare your luggage before traveling to Vietnam. Do not miss out

Size and volume

If you travel by plane, you will have two types of luggage that must be carry on luggage and checked-in baggage. For each type of baggage there are separate rules that you need to know. For example, the maximum weight for carry on baggage is 7kg, does not contain prohibited items (sharp items, weapons, explosives …).

Luggage Preparation for Traveling in Vietnam

Previously, carry on luggage should not contain liquids. However, in the near future, domestic flights will allow you to carry liquids in your luggage, so you can leave personal toiletries like bath gel, cleanser, shampoo in carry on luggage instead of checked-in baggage. For specific terms, you can refer to the announcements of airlines.

When you traveling by railway or road (car, motorbike), the small luggage is also very necessary. Moving with large luggages is very difficult, you only need to bring the necessary items to save space in luggages, the use of some products such as dirty clothes bags, vacuum bags for clothing also helps you pretty much in saving luggages’ space.

Making a list for necessary items

Getting luggage will be extremely difficult when you do not know what to bring and what to leave at home. Many people carry too much unnecessary stuffs while traveling, while others carry too few items and do not have enough items to use. Do not let you fall into one of these two cases. And the most effective way is to plan and make a list first, plan what to use for the first day, second day … until the last day.

Luggage Preparation for Traveling in Vietnam

Preparing bathroom accessories and clothes, shoes

The preparation of clothing is very important, it depends on the type of travel you choose, backpacking or adventurous travel or enjoyable travel. It also depends on your destination, the weather where you are going. Traveling along the tour can bring a variety of costumes and clothing, accessories fashion as long as not exceed the volume of luggages. However, for backpacking or adventurous travel, for  clothes and shoes, only carry what is needed to minimize baggage. The weather at your destination also needs to be taken care of in order to bring you the right clothes to help you stay healthy throughout the journey.

Luggage Preparation for Traveling in Vietnam

For personal items such as shower gel, facial cleanser, lotion, sunscreen, make up, only bring what you really need. For man, items such as shower gel and shampoo are simple and do not have much, you can carry 2 in 1 shampoo (conditioner), moisturizer and sunscreen, but with women are both issue. Women should not carry the bottle but should use cosmetic extraction kit to carry enough (go for 3 days but should bring sufficient amount for 5 days).

Technology restrictions

For personal items such as shower gel, facial cleanser, sunscreen lotion, sunscreen, make up what you really need. With men’s beard, items such as shower gel, shampoo are simple and do not have much, you can carry shampoo cum conditioner, moisturizer and sunscreen, but with women are both issue. Women should not carry the bottle but should use cosmetic extraction kit to carry enough (take 3 days should bring sufficient amount for 5 days).


The above are some important experiences when preparing for luggage when traveling in Vietnam. For more useful articles when traveling to Vietnam, do not forget to visit the website of Vietnam Immigration Services. We always provide useful information to you.



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