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Top 7 most famous landscapes in Nghe An

Nghe An is a land rich in traditions of revolutionary hero, located in the central region of sunny and windy land. Come to Nghe An, you can visit 7 famous tourist destinations below!

Cua Lo beach, Cua Lo town

Cua Lo Beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches of North Central Vietnam. Compared to Sam Son beach (Thanh Hoa), Cua Lo of Nghe An is also a popular destination and a perfect choice. It located 14km from Vinh city, in Cua Lo town, Nghe An. With long sandy, green beach, services are exploited to serve tourists as much as they can.

Cua Lo Beach -famous landscape in Nghe An, Vietnam

Many restaurants, hotels, motels are emerging, the streets are completely built into tourist areas, with trams running, the sea also has a famous canoe hiring service … In the summer, Cua Lo beach is the main tourist attraction of Nghe An, especially guests from the northern provinces such as Ha Noi, Ninh Binh … This is also the venue for many outstanding events such as festival, kitesurfing festival … increasing the attractiveness for this beach.

Sen Village – Nam Dan District – Uncle Ho’s homeland

Today, Sen village where he and his family lived, where he was born and grew up with his mother is still there. Being licensed to become a tourist attraction, this place becomes the destination of many generations of Vietnamese people.

Sen village -famous landscape in Nghe An, Vietnam

Sen village in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province – Central part of sunny and wind land. From Vinh city, follow Highway 46 about 15km to Sen village, Uncle Ho’s hometown. These are Coc Cave, banian tree,  Sen Village’s Temple, Nguyen Sinh’s ancestral temple … and especially the cottage of Junior Doctor Nguyen Sinh Sac – Uncle Ho’s father, where is attached to childhood of Uncle Ho, is also starter Source for a patriotic spirit and the great thought of the a national hero. A wooden bungalow with five compartments, thatched roofing, small, rustic and simple under the green of the orchard and bamboo shade.

Come here, visiting the house under the sunshine of the Central, listening to the guide’s presentation. The sight of objects that he used to, listening to the immense, incredible touch!


Sunflower field – Nghia Dan district

Located in the West of Nghe An, 250 km from Hanoi, on 19/5 farm, Nghia Son commune, Nghia Dan district, Nghe An province. The flower garden has been planted by TH milk Food Join stock Company to make essential oil and cow’s food suddenly became famous in recent years. With an area of ​​over 100 hectares, the flower garden is full of yellow and green leaves and free open for tourism. In each flower season from October to December and January to February every year, this place attracts thousands of young people from all over the place come to take pictures and travel. Because of the beautiful scenery here, making the photos look like some Western country, not in Vietnam anymore!

sun flower field -famous landscape in Nghe An, Vietnam

Tham Om Cave- Quy Chau

Tham Om Cave in Chau Thuan commune, Quy Chau district, Nghe An province.

Tham Om is a beautiful cave that is very diverse in nature. The cave is located at a height of 15m, the store is oriented northeast, sediment clinging to the cave wall. In 1975, there was identified as an archaeological site and excavation. The result was three human teeth and several animal toothed fossils and a quartz stone tool. The relics are about 200,000 years old today. This indicates that Tham Om people was the first and earliest known in our country.

Tham On Cave -famous landscape in Nghe An, Vietnam

Coupled with Bua Cave in nearby Chau Tien, especially the Bua Cave Festival held after the full moon every January here, Tham Om creates an attractive tour, especially for the enthusiasts, archeology monuments.

Khe Kem Fall – Con Cuong

Approximately 25km away from Con Cuong town, Khe Kem Waterfall is considered to be one of the natural wonders of Pu Mat National Park. Because in the mountainous area, the waterfall has a height of about 500m, a slope of 800m, making the water pour from the top down, through three steps, white foam splashed beautifully. The top and the two sides of the waterfall is a vegetation with hundreds of flowers all year round. At the foot of the waterfall is a long stream of water with flat stones as large tables as a place for visitors. Also at the foot of the waterfall, the small lake with a shallow depth different, visitors can bathe here, creating a picture of beautiful nature.

Khe Kem Fall – famous landscape in Vietnam

Because in the mountains, the weather here is very pleasant, especially in the summer, always in a cool weather.

Visitors can visit the national park, enjoy the waterfall to enjoy the cool air and fresh environment of nature, drinking wine, eating Lam rice or watching the dance of the Thai ethnic group.



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