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5 Amazing Dishes – Must – Try In Ha Long Bay

Quang Ninh is not only famous because of  the Halong Bay, Bai Chay Bridge … but also famous because of the dishes are processed very well.Traveling is not just about sightseeing but it is also the opportunity to enjoy unique cuisine at that place. Here are the dishes you can not ignore when coming to Ha Long Bay. 

Noodles and seafood – Amazing Dish in Ha Long Bay

Noodles and seafood dishes are popular and attract many customers in Hanoi. However, when eating in Ha Long, you will definitely feel completely different when this is the paradise of fresh seafood. A bowl of rice noodles or vermicelli with seafood such as full of shrimp, mantis shrimp, squid, crab meat, fish balls, Bok choy (Water Dropwort). Vermicelli or rice noodle with seafood and fish served with vegetables are mixed in harmony between sweet and water with the cool taste of raw vegetables.

Dishes in Ha Long Bay – Vietnam Immigration Services

To Ha Long, you can easily find noodles, seafood pastry. Some famous places for fresh and delicious seafood vermicelli are: Hai Van restaurant on the Cong Ty Dong Bac road, Loong Toong market, Wyndham Halong restaurant …

Horseshoe crab – gift from the sea

In the past, people did not eat very much, but slowly it became a specialty. Not every sea has horseshoe crabs. Normally, fisherman are slaughtered by one pair of males and female because they thought that processing only one will be allergic and cold stomach.

Dishes in Ha Long Bay – Vietnam Immigration Services

horseshoe crab is processed into quite a lot of dishes like fried in sweet sour, horseshoe crab fried  … is very strange and delicious. However, if you have a “history” allergy, or cold stomach with seafood, do not eat or just eat less. The most famous horseshoe crab in Ha Long now is Mrs. Ty horseshoe crab in Lane 6 Cao Thang. In the afternoon, at the snack market of Ha Long 1 also has a row of sweet and sour horseshoe crab is… pretty delicious. Another famous address is Quang Yen, located on the road from Ha Long to Hanoi. Horseshoe crab is quite expensive, an average disk is about 150,000 VND.

Clam porridge – porridge for cold days

Clam porridge is a very popular snack, the porridge in Ha Long is porridge cooked with sea mussels so it will taste quite different from the mussels eat in Hanoi, it is the freshwater mussels living in the river. Grilled chicken with green onion, the smell of the ship chopped, dried onions and very fragrant, walking. The location of delicious rice porridge that you should visit is in Ha Long 1 Market.

Dishes in Ha Long Bay – Vietnam Immigration Services

From the street, the building bank Vietcombank into the first restaurant on the left. It also sells patiso (pillow cake) is also very delicious. In the market of Ha long 2 snacks also have a row of delicious porridge, which has been selling for quite a long time. The price of each bowl of porridge is about 15,000 – 20,000 VND.

Handmade pancakes

Cake rolls may be everywhere, but eat with the ink may be only here. The deliciousness of this dish depends very much on the fresh squid pieces, when biting into the sense of gravy, crunchy crunch of fresh squid. Next is the sauce, mixed with the sour taste of lemon and spicy chili pepper. The cake is the most delicious macaroni when it is finished hot and then sprinkle a little dry onions. Pancake rolls are considered pioneer in Ha Long is Ngan restaurant right next to Bach Dang theater. Prices fluctuate around 40,000 VND / rate.

Dishes in Ha Long Bay – Vietnam Immigration Services

Stir fried

Certainly to Ha Long you can not ignore the snail. Stir fried snack is popular with local people, the price of popular, only about 35,000 per disc depending on type. Eat sausage you should go to the sidewalk, will feel more comfortable and delicious with the processing of wildlife. Fried with soy sauce, lemongrass, tamarind, coconut … very delicious and easy addictive. In Ha Long there are many types of snails for you to choose, most commonly snails, snails, snails …

Dishes in Ha Long Bay – Vietnam Immigration Services

You can refer to the following locations: the old Quang Ninh Museum next door ( Nguyen Van Cu Street), in this alley there are two restaurants are very crowded and of equal quality, mainly sold to students should price relatively cheap. Van Lang pavement, this snail shop is delicious but the price is slightly higher than the common ground. Most of the inns in Ha Long serve boiled, fried and baked snails. In addition, if you want to eat oysters you can also enjoy at these addresses.

Vietnam Immigration Services believe that, the cuisine can make an unique traditional culture for the land. Amazing dishes in Ha Long Bay is not only the food, but also it can make you never forget about Ha Long Bay. You will  remember landscapes in Ha Long Bay, the people in Ha Long bay and the cuisine in here.



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