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Travel destinations for couples in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the great destinations for couples. If you and your lover want to explore a beautiful and wild country with cheap rates, Vietnam will be a great choice for you.

VIS will provide you with information about travel destinations for couples in HCMC – Vietnam. The advantages of these resorts are: beautiful, attractive and relatively cheap cost. Do not skip this article.

Tanyoli – a paradise for those who love adventure

The excursion, sport and entertainment resort located in Mui Dinh, Phuoc Dinh commune, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province. From the center of Saigon, following the National Highway 1A to Ca Na junction and turn right along the coastal road about 20km, about 30km from the center of Phan Rang – Thap Cham city. A holiday in Tanyoli is also a journey to discover nature and yourself, you will have an unforgettable experience with your lover.


destination for couples in Vietnam

Coming to Tanyoli you will be immersed in the immense space of the sky, the sea, the mountains and the sand desert. Sunrise on the sea, sunset over mountain peaks, birds are singing, watching stars and moon on the sand hill or together next to the fire, … Just a part of the experience that you and your lover will have. You will enjoy specialty food such as desert sheep, lobster, octopus, … Challenge yourself through the experience of strong sports games.

destination for couples in Vietnam

Buu Long tourist area

Buu Long is considered one of the beautiful eco-tourism in Dong Nai. Buu Long – Long An Lake tourist area in Buu Long ward, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai province, 6km from the city center, 25km from the center of Saigon. Because of short distance it becomes the place for entertainment and relaxation of many young people in Saigon at the weekend.

It can be said Long An Lake of Buu Long is a miniature painting of Ha Long. Numerous rocky cliffs on the blue waters give the lake its attractive beauty in a beautiful natural setting: high mountains, large lakes, harmonious with the architectural art bearing the religious mark of many times.

destination for couples in Vietnam

Get out of the bustle of life, you can relax in the green lake, enjoy the fresh air or sit on swan boat ride around Long An Lake outside the scene of charming water. In addition to the beautiful scenery water, two of you can choose the recreational activities such as pedaling, rowing, fishing, swinging rope to get into the water waves. This is really a beautiful place to build memories for love.

destination for couples in Vietnam

From the center of Saigon you can go from Kha Van Can straight to Linh Xuan over bridge and follow the National Highway 1K to Bien Hoa city. From Hoa An bridge, you go to the intersection, then turn to Huynh Van Nghe Street, the tourist area about 2.4km away.

Giang Dien Waterfall Tourist Area

Coming to Giang Dien Waterfall eco-tourism area, you can feel completely in nature: It is a feeling of being immersed in the cool water of the stream at the foot of the falls, moments of calm romantic dream of step by step along the banks of the Buong River. You can experience the moment of dropping the soul of wild nature in the clouds on the hillside and the joy of wilderness here. Indeed, Giang Dien Waterfall is the ideal destination for couples who love each other.

destination for couple in Vietnam

Giang Dien Waterfall is about 50 km from downtown Saigon and about 15 km from Bien Hoa City, located in Giang Dien Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province. Not as great as the waterfall in the Central Highlands, but due to the terrain is wide, open, the cascade stretches many rocks on the top creating more flow, white foam and very beautiful. There are many wildflowers and butterflies along the stream.

In here, couples can rent bicycles to explore the beautiful natural scene, take pictures together on the natural background in a poetic and romantic scenery. Or pitching tent next to the the waterfall or join the waterfall with blue water.

From the center of Saigon, you can easily come to Giang Dien ecological tourist resort via National Highway 1A or Highway 51.

Thach An Island

Thanh An commune belongs to Can Gio district, is a small island commune of Ho Chi Minh City, more than 70km from the city center. Coming here you will enjoy the airy space with untouched landscape, away from noisy place in the city. This place has not yet developed so everything is still wild, like no boundaries between the sea and sky. You can take pictures in large and virtual space together. The small roofs are close together, doors don’t need to close. The beautiful baby lanes, all will lead to the sea dyke, sporadic. There are two stores selling oysters porridge and seafood for tourists. Especially, the blue sea divides the vast land and sky, is a great destination for young people love photography. If you want to spend the night on the island, then only $50,000 for a night in home stay.

destination for couple in Vietnam


Coming to Thanh An, you can take a stroll on the salt fields and watching romantic view beautiful sunrise on the beach. Walking on the rattan grass or enjoy the taste of oysters porridge and seafood here.

To get to the island from Ho Chi Minh City by motorbike, you can follow Huynh Tan Phat street via Binh Khanh ferry and then go straight to Can Thanh wharf to buy tickets to Thanh An island.

Travel is a great thing for couples, if one day you feel your relationship is gradually becoming familiar, plan to travel to Vietnam with him / her. Certainly, the tourism in Vietnam will give you a great experience.


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