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Vung Tau – Famous Beach In Southern Vietnam

Vung Tau has long been considered as an attractive tourist destination, because of its natural beauty. Wherever you are in Vung Tau, tourists will be attracted by the scenery of this place.

Vung Tau – Vietnam – Vietnam Immigration Services

Things to know before coming to Vung Tau

Only about 3 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City center, with 20km of coastline,Vung Tau is one of the favorite destinations of the south. Standing out from the mainland like a strip of land, from here, you can look at the South China Sea at both sunrise and sunset time. Beside the values ​​of natural landscape, Vung Tau is also a land of long tradition.
Coming to Vung Tau you will feel peaceful, comfortable with spacious and airyroads. Under is the blue sea, upper is the mountains with small and restful pagodas,etc. All of it make a Vung Tau with full of power, a Vung Tau city not
only gentle but also have a lot of famous places for travelling.Climate Ba Ria – Vung Tau is in tropical monsoon climate, one year divided into two distinct seasons:

The rainy season starts from May to October, this time with southwest monsoon; the dry season begins from November to April of the following year, this time with the northeast monsoon. The average annual temperature is 27 ° C, the lowest is about 24.8 ° C, the highest is about 28.6 ° C.

Suitable time for Vung Tau tourist
In Vung Tau all year round is the tourist season because the temperature is not too cold or too hot. You just need to follow the weather forecast to avoid storm or typhoon. In addition, on weekends and holidays, Vung Tau attracts a lot of tourists, prices of services are rising.


Vung Tau beach city is away from Ho Chi Minh City only 125km, is a great place for your short trip. Currently there are 3 types of transportation: self-drive, passenger car or hydrofoil.
Option 1: You follow Highway 1, passing Dong Nai bridge will meet a traffic roundabout (Vung Tau crossroad), from here you turn right along Highway 51. Go further about 100km arrive to Vung Tau City.

Option 2: From Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose the route from Cat Lai ferry (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) to Nhon Trach (Dong Nai). This section will lead to
Highway 51 of the gateway to Nhon Trach Industrial Park. This road is about 20km.In addition, for those self-driving private cars can choose the way down Vung Tau through the highway Long Thanh – Dong Nai, will help shorten the distance to Vung Tau only about 2 -2.5 hours.
Note: Travel time to Vung Tau by motorcycle: 3 – 3.5 hours.

Famous beaches in Vung Tau

Bai Sau Beach 
Bai Sau of Vung Tau is famous for its beautiful coastline and have not much big waves, with many hotels and restaurants. Therefore, most tourists when traveling in Vũng Tàu are interested in Bài Sau. In Bài Sau, there is also a famous Thủy Văn street, similar to Tran Phu street in Nha Trang, with many hotels from cheap to luxury quality on this road.

Vung Tau – Vietnam – Vietnam Immigration Services

Bai Truoc Beach 
The center of the city of Vũng Tàu is in Bại Trước, which is home of many high- rise buildings and crowded shopping centers. Visitors often choose the beach at Bai Sau because of pollution of Bai Truoc due to population density and visitors crowded. However, Bai Truoc will be the ideal place for you to watch the sunset or walking.
Long Hai
About 110km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City (equivalent to 2 – 2.5 hours by motorbike), Long Hải Beach is a popular destination for tourists. Long Hai has beautiful beaches with clear blue water, golden sand stretches and resorts near the sea. Specially, Long Hai Sea has many fresh seafood with very cheap price. Binh Chau Hot Stream is located on the Long Hai tourist route, which is also an interesting stop for tourists.

Vung Tau – Vietnam – Vietnam Immigration Services

Coc Lake – Ho Tram Beach 
These two beaches located in Xuyên Mộc district, which is an attractive tourist destination due to its primitive nature. The water here is blue in the year round, the white sand beach is wide, the slope gentle and beautiful poetry because of the rocks in the beach to create waves of white foam waves.

In conclusion, Vung Tau is the best choice for those who want to discovery the most beautiful beaches in southern Vietnam. Thanks to Mother Natural, Vung Tau has many highlight landscapes to catch out of our eyes at the first time. Vietnam Immigration Services believe that visitor will be amazed when they see landscapes in Vung Tau. Why don’t add this fancy beach to your wish list destinations?  See you later in Vung Tau – Vietnam, guys!




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