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Buffalo meat upstair kitchen – A gift of Western North Vietnamese cuisine

The Northern Highlands of Vietnam is an ideal destination for nature lovers and wants to explore the lives of ethnic minority people. North West Vietnam is a great place for those who want to conquer the wilderness, one of the most special things in northwestern Vietnam is food. This article will introduce you to a specialty of North West Vietnam, which named Buffalo meat upstair kitchen.

What is the Buffalo meat upstair kitchen?

Handled from ancient times, the Buffalo meat upstair kitchen has been present for over 1,000 years. No one, even the village elders, did not know who created that type of meat. Only know the original purpose is to make this dish to preserve meat, used on rainy days, flood days or bring along when eating, or going to the forest.

Buffalo meat upstair kitchen in Vietnam

Not only have high nutritional value, but the Buffalo meat upstair kitchen is very delicious. For sure that if you smelled once, you will always remember the smell of Northwest Buffalo meat upstair kitchen on each piece of meat when smoked for a long time, again the more specific smell of “mac khen”, “hat doi” (Spices can only seen on the mountains of the Northwest).

Put the meat into your mouth, feel the North West flavor spread in the mouth, the aroma of wild buffalo meat, feel the spicy of “mac khen” on your tongue, the warm taste of ginger, garlic and other spices. After eating, the sweetness of the meat still lingers in the throat that you do not have to sound that “That is too delicious.”

Buffalo meat upstair kitchen in Vietnam


How to make Buffalo meat upstair kitchen?

Preparing materials:The raw materials for making the Buffalo meat upstair kitchen must be fresh and clean. Buffalo meat is taken from the best of the healthy buffaloes of the Northwest Mountains. Marinated spices are taken from the vast forests of the Northwest.

Cutting Thai Buffalo meat upstair kitchen to cook must also be standard. When preparing meat, the chef must cut off fat. Meat should be cut into rectangles, about 5-7 cm. Must be experienced people to cut the meat so it is not too thin, nor too thick to smoke can soaked into the meat.

Buffalo meat upstair kitchen in Vietnam

The secret of this “delicious” specialties:

The secret of the spice mix is ​​also kept private, only from the generations as the most valuable property of the ancestors left.

Things that seem simple as firewood to made Buffalo meat upstair kitchen can not be selected randomly, must be a large stick, from longan trees to made the aromatic characteristic.

Finally, the long smoking process lasted for months. The meat fades, dries out, and then smokes. After long processing will created the Buffalo meat upstair kitchen like this.

How to eat Buffalo meat upstair kitchen?

Before eating Buffalo meat upstair kitchen, you should make it hot by using microwave or steamed without water to make the meat is soft, then pounded, tearing small pieces along the grain, then eating with “cham cheo” (a type of sauce or chili sauce).

Many meats are made in the style of meat upstair the kitchen, but perhaps dry buffalo is the most special dish. Mountain buffaloes are very strong. They eat a lot, move a lot so very muscular and tough meat. The buffalo, which can not be preserved, is used to prepare dishes for use in a short time. Changing the style of enjoyment and presentation of the dish will help visitors to enjoy many aspects of this delicious highland.

Buffalo meat upstair kitchen in Vietnam

If Thai people enjoy their specialties instead of salty foods, especially on rainy days, floods or food shortage … now, this dish can become grilled or eaten with hot pot. However, the unique taste of the baked buffalo meat is only intact when taken directly from the kitchen, still smells of smoke with the taste of spicy chili, the passion of the cup.

Indigenous people use dry buffalo for daily meals or long walks. In the rainy season, this food is promoted by ensuring nutrition for ethnic people while villages are isolated from the outside. Unwilling to eat, the landlord will have to frown with the spicy taste of salt and the taste of dry so only can be bitter. The best is eating dry buffalo and drink corn wine. You will not feel salty and spicy anymore, only the harmonious taste of cuisine specific Ha Giang stone area.



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