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Traveling experience in Vietnam by motorbike for foreign tourists (P1)

When traveling in Vietnam, you can choose a variety of vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles or cars, etc.However, for those who like adventurous, so motorbikes will be a great suggestion, you can save costs, time and easily go to many places in Vietnam. This article will provide you with the necessary information before traveling by motorcycle.

Driver license

Foreigners or Vietnamese are residing abroad who wish to drive in Vietnam must have a driver license issued by Vietnam. If not, you must change your driver license from your country of residence to a driver license issued by Vietnam. This is a mandatory requirement for you to be able to drive safely on the road.

Conditions for changing driver license for foreigners

    • Foreigners who have been living, working or studying in Vietnam for 3 months or more
    • Foreign driver license has all the necessary elements: The duration of use, the vehicle class can control. No signs of erasing or tearing and no difference in identification.
    • Do not change temporary foreign driver license, international driving license.

travelling Vietnam by motorbike 

Application for changing driver license in Vietnam

To be able to travel to Vietnam on a motorcycle, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Application form for changing of driver license (form for foreigners)
  • The translation of the foreign driver license into Vietnamese must be certified by the notary public or the embassy in Vietnam of the translation quality.
  • A copy of the passport (passport number, name and photo of the applicant, duration of use and entry visa page). Identity card or citizen identification card, diplomatic identity card. Or the service issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam or copy of residence card, residence card, temporary residence card, permanent residence card. Verification of permanent residence in Vietnam for foreigners.

When you come to the Department of Transport, you need to show your passport and 3 x 4 passport sized photos. You just need to wait a few days then you can travel in Vietnam by motorcycle.

travelling Vietnam by motorbike

Experience of renting motorbikes in Vietnam

You should negotiate the price before renting a motorbikes in Vietnam, if the long-term rent will be better price. If you rent for 5 days or more, the price is very cheap, only about $90,000 VND / day.

– Before returning your car, you should contact the owners at least before 2 hours to let them know so the staffs can come to pick up on time.

– Check the vehicle before receiving the vehicle:

  • Check the vehicle carefully before receiving the vehicle such as tires, brakes, petrol, etc.
  • Turn on all lights, horn to see if they work properly.
  • Do a test run to check if the car is running smoothly, the chain is loose or not.

Find out the way when to rent a car to avoid undue risks.

  • Find the nearest petrol station to refuel.
  • Motorcycles should not be rented out of the city.
  • Please note that when traveling in Saigon you should pay attention to preserve property as well as motorcycle careful, especially in the evening.
  • If you are experiencing problems such as a broken car or tire, call the motorcycle rental agency immediately. Absolutely not allowed to repair the car to avoid the risk of unexpected.

travelling Vietnam by motorbike

Renting motorbikes in Vietnam for foreigners

You need to remember the following when you want to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam for foreigners:

You must prepare the following types of records:

  1. Driver license.
  2. Passport.
  3. Pay for the rental car under the contract, and you must pay before receiving the car.

Suitable vehicles to travel Vietnam by motorcycle:You can rent vehicles such as: Simson S51 1987 – Honda Win 100 – Minsk – Honda Future Neo 125 cc – Naked bike – yamaha exciter – motocross – yamaha FZ16 – Honda Wave 110 cc – Yamaha tricker 250 – Honda CRF 250 cc, etc.

Travelling Vietnam by motorbike is excellent idea for those who want to discover Vietnam, but you have to think about it carefully, because travel to Vietnam by motorbike is not easy for everyone. But if you can do it, you will get more things you need, you will experience wonderful moments in your life. Vietnamese Immigration Services believe that you can do it. Try more!

In part 2, we will introduce you to travel experiences in Vietnam by motorcycle. We hope that, with that experience, you can have a safe motorcycle travel in Vietnam. Good luck, guys!


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