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The necessities when going sea tourism

Vietnam has many beautiful and famous beaches. When visiting Vietnam do not forget to visit the most beautiful beaches of Vietnam such as Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba island, Nha Trang, Danang, Nam Du island, Diep Son island, Phu Quoc island, etc.

Vietnam Immigration Services will provide you with the list of essential items when traveling in Vietnam. Let’s find out.

Sunscreen – the best bodyguard for your skin

Even if you want to be a girl with brown skin, you should still use sunscreen when you go to sea. Do not forget, the sun in Vietnam is extremely intense and severe, so sunscreen is important for those who want to go to sea in Vietnam.

You should choose SPF 50 sunscreen. Before going to the beach, you need to apply sunscreen, in addition you can also use a hat to protect the face and prevent UV rays from the sun.

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Bikini – essential items when going to the beach

If you have a standard figure, this is a great opportunity to show off your slim figure. But if you are a little bit fat or thin, it does not matter. There are a lot of bikinis design to suit every shape to cover your defects.

In Vietnam the quality of the bikini is not high, the high-quality bikini is often purchased from abroad, and they are quite expensive. So, do not buy bikinis in Vietnam.

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After a long bath, if you go to shore suddenly or too late, you will be more likely to get a cold, so a towel will become one of the things that you needed to help you dry and avoid getting cold after many hours struggling in the sea.


Under the harsh sunshine of summer, carrying a pair of sunglasses as necessary items while traveling the sea will be a smart choice. Not only because it helps to keep your eyes out of ultraviolet light, it also prevents the aging of the skin under the eyes. Do not be afraid to invest in a quality sunglass.

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Plastic bags

Going to the beach, you will have to change clothes many times and will get a lot of wet. It is inconvenient to have plastic bags to pack your own wet clothes. So, bring plenty of plastic bags to use during your trip! No wonder plastic bags are so useful for travel like that, does not it?


To make it easy to move, play on the white sand or sea, so just temporarily forget the lovely high heels or sandals but instead of it, you can use “young and beautiful” thongs.

Floral Coating Travel Bags

This navy bag is made of plastic mesh and mesh fabric suitable for coastal conditions with plenty of sun, wind and sand. The bag will bring a gentle, graceful and feminine style to its owner.

Shorts and T-shirts

Among the necessities when traveling the sea that you prepare for the trip must not missing shorts, T-shirt or maxi dress. Say good bye to the office suits, by the way, you come to the sea with a pair of shorts that combine a large T-shirt or a top-tier or slim fit in a maxi dress to get yourself in the cool air of the sea.

Have you checked it out yet? Do not hurry that you missed out on the things you need to travel the sea If you are sure then let’s go! Wish you have a great sea trip and lots of fun!

Money – money and money

Well, Vietnamese use VND to pay all bills, you should learn how to use Vietnamese dong. First of all, you should learn the exchange rate, the best way is to round the number in your mind that: 1 USD ~ 22.000 vnđ. In Vietnam, there are denominations such are: 1.000 – 2.000 – 5.000 – 10.000 – 20.000 – 50.000 – 100.000 – 200.000 – 500.000 vnd. You should remember: 20.000 ~ 1 USD /50.000 ~ 2 USD/100.000 ~ 5 USD/  200.000 ~ 10 USD/  500.000 ~ 25 USD.

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The Letter K in the price tags : Well, if you visit to Vietnam and want to buy some gifts, you will see a lot of price tags with the letter K following the number, such as: 50k, 100k, 200k. Don’t worry, it’s just the way Vietnamese people simplify the amount, its mean: three zeroes correspond to the letter K.

For example: 50k ~ 50.000 vnđ/ 200k ~ 200.000vnđ/ 1000k ~ 1.000.000 vnđ ( 50 USD) and so on. Vietnamese dong is not too difficult to use, but you have to learn how to identify the types of money, especially learning how to distinguish money for the dead and government money.

In the next article, we will learn about money for the dead in Vietnam. We are sure that a interesting article for those who want to travel to Vietnam. See you next time, guys!!!!





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