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Crazy House in Dalat – the most unique villa in Dalat

Crazy House is located at 3 Huynh Thuc Khang street, Dalat city, this house is located on a campus of nearly 1600 m2. If you travel to Dalat, Crazy House will be one of the most attractive destination. This article will provide you some information about Crazy House in Dalat. Don’t miss out, guys. 

crazy house in Dalat – Vietnam Immigration Services

An anecdote about Crazy House in Da Lat

“Hang Nga Villa” or “Monster House” has become one of the attractive places of Dalat during the past decade. The project was originally named “Hang Nga Villa”, which designed by a Vietnamese woman – Viet Nga Dang but was later renamed “Crazy House” or “Monster House” because of its name was originally used by some other places.

Crazy house in Da Lat. What makes it special?

The building was built in 1990, belongs to expressionism and natural organic trend as the works of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona. However, the interior is very modern. Visitors may feel like visiting Alice’s fairytale when looking at the convex windows, strange shapes or garden in the castle with a giant iron spider web at the entrance villa.

crazy house in Dalat – Vietnam Immigration Services

The Hang Nga Villa includes the Hoc Cay Hotel and the Mang Nhen Castle, which are two ancient tree trunks made of concrete, including the rooms named of animals such as Kangourou, Tiger, Bear, Pheasant, Monkey, etc and to reach the “cave”, visitors must go through a staircase around the tree.

Perhaps the most beautiful room is “gourd”. The “gourd” room is also the highest room of the Crazy house in Dalat and international guests very like this room. Because in this room you can burn wood in the belly of the gourd, keep warm all night to sleep without blankets. Rooms are well-appointed with all necessary amenities of a luxury hotel.

crazy house in Dalat – Vietnam Immigration Services

The special feature of this mansion is that from the ceiling to the door and the roof is custom-designed without rules, dropping its curvature, windows are cut in strange shapes and placed in the convexity of the hollows and oval wall. From the balcony or from the windows, you can admire the garden in the castle with a huge iron spider web at the entrance of the hotel. Small garden but it is where the convergence of flowers, birds and human to find peace of mind.

History and the meaning of the Crazy House

To get this “strange house”, architect Dang Viet Nga poured out a lot of enthusiasm. The structure of Hoc Cay Hotel is based on a soft lattice of steel mesh combined with concrete. Construction time and time of editing technical design drawings take place at the same time. After 18 years of existence, this place has been granted Lam Dong People’s Committee certification of ownership of works for architects Dang Viet Nga.

crazy house in Dalat – Vietnam Immigration Services

Architects Dang Viet Nga said that the project is a message to people come back to nature and love it rather than destroy it as the current exploitation in many parts of the world, including Vietnam. She loves Dalat, and because of its beautiful scenery, fresh climate as well as peace of Dalat people make her decided to stick with this land until the end of life.

Other interesting places to visit

Dieu Khac Tunnel

Dieu Khac Tunnel (1,200m long, 7m wide, 8m high) tells the history of Da Lat ancient and now, in sculptural language. Discover the Dragon (main gate), visitors will be attracted until to the dragon tail. The unique architecture, delicately carved on the walls, such as Railway Station, Bao Dai Palace, Pasteur Institute, Da Lat University, Palace Hotel, Con Ga Church, Linh Son Pagoda, Xuan Huong Lake, Da Lat Market … then to Lien Khuong Airport, Tuyen Lam Lake, Love Valley – are the famous tourist spots in Da Lat and cannot be ignored. This tunnel, is being registered National Record and World Record.

landscape in Dalat

Theater of wild sunflowers

On the Lam Vien Square in Dalat, outstanding works are strange and unique – it is Wild sunflower Theater. Inaugurated at the end of 2015 and is finishing the interior, Wild Sunflower Theater will be a venue for dramatic-musical-drama-screenings and major cultural events, serving the public and visitors of the cross. Da Quy is a wild flower, living very strongly, hugely blooming gold city and signaling the dry season to the land of Da Lat Flower.

landscape in Dalat

As you seen, Dalat is one of the best destination for those who want to discover interesting things in Vietnam, but don’t forget to set a perfect plan before you visit Dalat. Well, Dalat is waiting for you, you know it, right?


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