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The Best Waterfalls in Da Lat Vietnam

Dalat has many beautiful waterfalls, majestic for visitors to visit, experience. So, what are these waterfalls? Have you visited the waterfall in Dalat yet? Please check it with Vietnam Immigration Services, guys!

Camly Waterfall – a beautiful waterfall in Da Lat

This waterfall has been here for a long time, it is located in the central area, only about 3 km west of the center so it is also the interest and love of tourists, especially foreign tourists. Camly Falls in the 90s is particularly famous, it creates a lot of romantic feelings for many musicians, writers wrote many articles, poems, songs.

waterfall in Da Lat

The natural landscape around the Camly Falls is quite beautiful. There are many pine trees, many beautiful flower gardens. Above the waterfall there is a small bridge across it looks very nice and poetic.

waterfall in Da Lat

History of Camly Falls: Camly Falls has a history that began from a very sad story. Once upon a time, the ancient Cam Ly called Liang Sra. Near the falls there is a village of Lach people in Ma Trang Son Street, Yagut, Tran Binh Trong, Le Lai and Hoang Dieu today. The village patriarch is Yagut Hamon whose son is Dam M’Ly or Mon M’ly. The French colonial had punished Dam M’Ly very cruel.

waterfall in Da Lat

They tied Dam M’Ly on the edge of the forest, next to the ants and honeycomb until Dam M’Ly was surrender but he bites and suffers from hunger, soreness, pain, he did not tell them anything. He did not call for help, only to stare at the villains of evil. On sunny day, night dew made body of Dam M’Ly soft, then Dam M’Ly died. The old man loves his son, despite the guns of the enemy, coming to hug his body and crying like a tiger roaring, elephant roaring, and then die with his son. From there, the K’Ho people of the Da Lat area called Liang Sra by Liang Mon M’Ly.

Address: 76 Hoang Van Thu street

Datanla Waterfall – Waterfall in Da Lat for those who love peace

Datanla Waterfall is also quite beautiful and quite famous in Da Lat. This waterfall is located about 5 km from Da Lat with magnificent scenery for visitors to have the most wonderful experience. Da Lat Datanla water has a lot of water upstream stable, the waterfall falls from the rapids 20m high, the lower stream water forms a very clear water area called the fairy stream, the upper part makes a watery deep called the realm of death.

waterfall in Da Lat

Legend of Datanla Waterfall

Once upon a time, Datanla was a Waterfall that the Fairies often go to bath because the clear water is covered by many layers of leaves, so it is called Tien stream.

Because it is not known that the water, when discovered the waterfall ethnic minorities named it “Da Tam Nnha” meaning ” water is under”.

Later, when the French and the Kinh set foot on the plateau, they changed into Dátina and Datanla as now.

Datanla waterfall is located near the center of Dalat city and about 10km from the center, in ward 3, from the city center along the national road 20, down 300m then come to the Datanla waterfall.

waterfall in Da Lat

How to go to the Datanla waterfall 

  • Datanla waterfall is only 300m from National highway 20, which through the Prenn mountain pass and 5km south of the city center.
  • From the city center, you can go by motorbike, taxi, car … Take 3 April road then Pren Pass.
  • Or from the Dalat night market, you can pass Ong Dao bridge to Tran Quoc Toan and then run to Tung Mau Lake and then go straight to Prenn Pass. There are 3.5 meters to the tourist Datanla Waterfall

Waterfall in Da Lat

  • Ticket to the Datanla Waterfall tourist area is $30,000 VND / adult and $15,000 VND / child.
  • Tickets for sliding are $50,000 VND / adult and $30,000 VND / child /ticket.
  • One-way ticket is $35,000d / adult and $20,000d / child.

Dalat is cool all year round, with a pleasant climate for any season, but the best time is still the end of the rainy season from November to the end of March. It is very dangerous to go to the waterfall in the rainy season because the waterfall is very slippery, and the rain-fed system will not work when it rains.Datanla and Cam Ly are two beautiful waterfalls in Da Lat, if you visit Da Lat, do not forget to visit these two waterfalls. You should pay attention at the end of the rainy season (from November to March), this time the cost of tourism Da Lat will be cheaper in summer, you can also watch cherry blossom here. Do not hesitate any longer, let’s go!


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