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Vietnam’s Most Beautiful Salt Fields – Amazing destination for those who love photography

Nature has given to Vietnam “golden” jungle and “silver” ocean, with a large part of the country’s land bordered by the sea. Since then, the traditional salt-making villages have also ceaselessly developed, passed from one generation to the next, and so far, it has not been lost. Let’s see these beautiful salt field.

  1. Ca Na Salt Field – Ninh Thuan

Ca Na salt field is located in Thuan Nam district, in the border of between Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan, about 30km south of Phan Rang city. It is considered as the largest salt storage in the country with the salt field up to 1,000 hectares spread along the coast. It gives a sense of peace to the plain, rustic farmer, who is engrossed in labor on the salt fields. Due to the favorable weather conditions, not only the salt industry developed, but other tourist and service sectors are also very active.

salt field in Vietnam

  1. The salt field of Phuong Cuu- Ninh Thuan

Phuong Cuu located in Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province, about 15km from Phan Rang city. This is one of the largest salt fields in Central Vietnam. Under the harsh heat of the Central, white grains of white salt were made by hard-working peasants. Early in the morning, people had to bring salt water into the salt fields, amidst the sunshine of the central part, the farmers continued to grow into small salt mounds to dry. And when the sun came down, they buried the salt on their backs, bringing them back to the salt-making facilities. Their working days are very hard.

salt field in Vietnam

  1. Hai Hau Salt field – Nam Dinh

Hai Hau is a coastal district in Nam Dinh Province. It has a long tradition of salt making. One day labor of salt making people started very early. The first step is to soak the sand, sand is soaked with sea water on the prepared fields, then they put salty water from the sea and sprinkle salt on the top. Wait until noon, when the sunshine of the sun crystallized each grain of salt on the sand, people began to scratch in small white heaps. By the afternoon, the bare feet bring the salt packs to the gather places and finish a day of work.

salt field in Vietnam

  1. The salt field in Diem Dien – peaceful palace

Thai Binh is a fertile land of the Red River Delta, where it is not only known for the largest rice bowls in the country, but also for the long time, people in here have strong attachment to the salt making. Diem Dien located in Thai Thuy district, Thai Binh province. Salt season lasts from April to July, this time the wind combined with the intense sun to create the salt particles, to be strong and strong. Besides come to Diem Dien to watch the high heaps of salt in sunset, visitors can also enjoy tour the mangroves of Thuy Truong and An Co temple and enjoy special dishes such as jellyfish and fish.

salt field in Vietnam

5.Salt field in Sa Huynh – Quang Ngai

Saline field of Duc Tho district, Quang Ngai, is invested to build 6 dikes covering of 5 km. People always work hard from March to August, creating a large output of salt in the central region. Recently, they have changed the way salt is made, do not making salt on the ground anymore, but instead lining or cement, salt quality and prices are constantly improving.

salt field in Vietnam

6. Hon Khoi (Khanh Hoa)

Not only exploit the potential of sea tourism but Khanh Hoa also make the most of benefit from the resources of the sea. The salt-making villages are formed and developed non-stop. The Hon Khoi white salt field erupts in the Khanh Hoa province, beautifully sparkling in Van Phong Bay. The salt makers here are mostly women. They are fully equipped as rubber gloves, boots to avoid contact with too high concentrations of salt. Come to Khanh Hoa, you should visit here to have a better experience for the journeys.

salt field in Vietnam

7.Ba Tri (Ben Tre)

The way to make salt in Ba Tri, Ben Tre province is more unique than salt fields in other places. Here, the salt field is deep within the embankment, people use the soil to make the surface of the field. After 2-3 days of outdoor drying, the new salt is collected to the store for cleaning. From a distance, it is no different than the beautiful rice fields, shimmering, shadow printed on the sky.

salt field in Vietnam

Are salt fields so attractive? If you have opportunities to visit these provinces, please visit them. You will get a lot of  great photos.


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