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Travel Destinations in Vietnam – Safe – Cheap and Interesting For Those Who Being Alone

Many people like to travel alone in Vietnam, which is an exciting and wonderful experience for anyone. However, you need to thoroughly explore the destinations in Vietnam for the who love travel alone. VIS will provide safe and enjoyable places for those who love to explore new lands.

Hoi An – The destination for lovers of peace

Hội An is a place with many unique and impressive to discover, Hội An is a very friendly city. It is the comment not only from Vietnamese tourists but also from foreign tourists traveling to Vietnam. Come to Hội An, go to where you also caught a friendly and warm smileTraveling alone in Hoi An, you can step on the old streets and chatting with the locals and take pictures of the moment of peace.

travelling alone in Vietnam

Dalat – Experience romantic atmosphere

Great destinations for travelling in Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss Da Lat flower city – the city called Paris of Vietnam. The climate of the plateau throughout the year has become a plus advantage to help Da Lat score points from the tourist. In addition, the diverse landscape and flower garden with all kinds of colors blooming all year round makes visitors cannot forget this place.


travelling alone in Vietnam

Cu Nhat village at the foot of the mountain of LangBiAng with a peaceful scene of the motif of a fairy tale, Tuyen Lam lake, pine forest, flower garden near Ho Xuan Huong … are great choices for travelers, who like romantic. If you would like to have art photos, please visiting the Dalat Teachers Training College, Thang Long High School, … because architecture inherited the luxury in ancient French design. Interestingly, Dalat with relatively steep terrain, there is almost no traffic light.


Mekong Delta – Heaven of the fruits

Western is associated with the river system and canals and straight fields of the Mekong Delta, a destination for those who want to find the peace of a countryside and the simplicity of the people live here. Western Travel is a journey to the riverside garden, ecological environment and experience the unique wet rice culture …

travelling alone in Vietnam

The West is also a place for you to try new things with local people such as learning to sail, picking Common sesban, picking up water lily, preparing Western food, or experiencing a sale on the flooding market with family that you live together.

Buon Ma Thuot – Kingdom of coffee bean

With the cold air like Da Lat, it seems that the unspoiled Ban Me Thuot Mountain Street has a strange attraction. Referring to Buon Ma Thuot, you cannot forget to mention the majestic Draysap waterfall, a Buon Don village always welcome visitors in the smell of “drunk” coffee, or just enjoy the specialties Lam Rice- Grilled Chicken while listening to the flowing water of Serepok; the wind howling, the joyous laugh of the footsteps swinging the suspension bridge.

travelling alone in Vietnam

A special thing only in Buon Don – riding the elephant to cross the national forest YokDon, or boating Doc Moc on Dak Min. The carpentry, the eyes of ethnic people.

Just go to Buon Don and enjoy a cup of mountain coffee or drink stem wine, hear the sound of gongs and eating the roast pork + sticky rice cooked from glutinous rice of the Ede ethnic enough to make you never forget this trip.

tips for those who want to travel to Vietnam alone

  1. Always focus on your wallet and luggages
  2. Keep the Embassy’s telephone number in your mind.
  3. Learn to pay Vietnamese money before you travel to Vietnam.
  4. Don’t wear sexy outfits while travel to Vietnam alone.
  5. Don’t forget suncream, glasses, and anti insect cream.
  6. Never  forget police station’s telephone number in Vietnam ( 113)
  7. Don’t lose your passport

In conclusion, travel to Vietnam while being alone is great idea for every one. In fact, Vietnam is quite safe, and Vietnamese is really friendly, but if you want to travel alone in Vietnam, you have to pay more attention about everything. Vietnamese Immigration Services believe that, you will have perfect journey if you save this article.



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