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Top 5 cafes are the most favored by international tourists

Vietnamese coffee is one of the strongest in the world. Vietnamese often drink coffee only in the morning. They do not drink coffee at night because coffee causes them to lose sleep. If you come to Vietnam, do not forget to try coffee in Vietnam and enjoy some special coffee such as egg coffee. This article gives you 5 cafes that are most favored by international travelers

  1. Pho Co Café (Old Town Café)

Previously, Pho Co café (Old Town Café) shop was a small souvenir shop. The access road is a narrow walkway just enough to fit a motorbike. Guests are most likely to be sitting on the balcony, overlooking the bustling street scene.

The shop is very simple with plastic chairs and aluminum tables. Interestingly, the short distance from the road to the coffee table is a journey through three different worlds.

cafe shop in Ha Noi

A world of Hanoi streets with busy space, bustling people; a world of tenderness and taste when looking at how the owner of the restaurant take care his cat and finally, the world with the old features, the traditional characteristics of the family of Hanoi in particular and the family of Vietnam in general when you see the owner family’s altar.

When coming to this cafe and watching the street scene, you will feel extremely comfortable and pleasant to incredible.

Address: Hang Gai Street

  1. Giang cafe

Initially located on Hang Gai, later on the shop is divided into two branches in Nguyen Huu Huan and Yen Phu. Giang is the culinary address famous for both local people and foreigners when coming to Hanoi. This shop associated with the reputation of egg coffee by Mr Nguyen Van Giang creative as a bartender for the Metropole hotel in 1946. At both the restaurant has a small space but still very crowded. At the shop on Nguyen Huu Huan St, there are two floors with many green bonsai trees, and in Yen Phu street is easily recognizable.

cafe shop in Ha Noi

  1. Dinh cafe

Dinh Cafe by Mrs. Bich (daughter of Mr. Nguyen Van Giang) opened to sell coffee. Located on the second floor of an old house in front of Dinh Tien Hoang street, Bich coffee shop is also named Dinh. Space is old, narrow but is a place to remember old memory of many people. The menu is very simple, including coffee, cocoa, lemonade, arrow root, etc in the summer. Visitors to the shop are may be locals, or foreign visitors, from students to middle-aged people. The most popular place is the balcony overlooking the Hoan Kiem Lake and the street of Dinh Tien Hoang busy people.

cafe shop in Ha Noi

  1. Ha Noi Social Club

Located in a quiet alley of the Hoi Vu Street, Hanoi Social Club has 3 floors, so guests have more choices of seating. Not only serve drinks but also sweet and savory food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is an address that you should come by many foreigners tell each other when coming to Hanoi, with the gentle atmosphere and the live music performances of both Vietnamese and Western guests are held weekly.

cafe shop in Ha Noi

  1. Manzi

Manzi is an artful space combining bar and coffee business. This shop located in an old French villa on Phan Huy Ich street, located near the West Lake and the Old Town. The first floor is an ideal place for guests to work for hours, the narrow second floor is suitable for private meeting or reading. Besides enjoying drinks, watching works of art from paintings, sculptures to photographs, the shop also held book seminars, exchanges with artists and music performances. Guests will not be bored because the menu is always updated.

cafe shop in Ha Noi

Vietnamese coffee – Strong and special

When asked what you like best in Vietnam, Paulina Fosberg from Australia exclaimed excitement: it was coffee. “The taste of Vietnamese coffee is fragrant, I have never been able to enjoy the special taste of coffee,” Paulina shared. She said before, she used to drink instant coffee, which is very weak and tasteless, unlike in Vietnam. Coffee is the most grown in Buon Me Thuot – Daklak, Vietnam. Vietnamese people often roasted coffee then grinded with grinder. The general characteristics of Vietnamese coffee is very strong, many people drink can be “drunk”. You can use it as gifts for your friends and family.














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