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13 Foreign Exchange Experience When Traveling in Vietnam

Vietnam is known to be one of the countries with very cheap travel prices, so many people have chosen Vietnam as their holiday destination. However, to make your transfer more perfect, Vietnam Immigration Services will provide foreign currency exchange experience when traveling in Vietnam. Let’s find out.

  1. Find out about bank charges for international transactions

When you buy goods, using credit cards will help you always get the most reasonable rates, a little higher when withdrawals from ATMs.By then, you will only have to pay very little bank charges. However, with international transactions, many banks or credit card companies charge an additional of 3%.Therefore, you should carefully choose the bank with the lowest transfer fee.

  1. Know the foreign currency conversion level

If you do not want to lose money unfairly, it is essential to know in advance about the level of foreign currency conversion in the country you are visiting. You can call the operator, inquire online or newspaper.

This will allow you to convert and estimate the total amount you will spend during your trip. Knowing how much you have to pay, you should make a reasonable calculation so make it suitable for your pocket.

  1. Using bank cards

When shopping, using a bank card will save you a one-time ATM fee. However, you should check the withdrawal rate when you want to withdraw money, the level applied for ATM from abroad is about $ 5.

  1. Plan ahead for revenue and expenditure

Carrying cash on your side is very inconvenient and dangerous for you, so planning for your expenses will help you to estimate the amount of money you should carry because in urgent circumstances you may incur a charge for the high exchange rate.

In exchange for money in small towns, it is more profitable to exchange money in big cities, and in some suburban countries there is no place to exchange money.

  1. Limiting the exchange of money at the trains stations and airports

Although the exchange of money in these locations is very convenient, but the fees you incur will also be higher, of course there are exceptions but not much.

Going straight to a reputable bank, or post office to exchange money are the best option when you need cash but can’t find an ATM. In many countries, the bank’s currency exchanges are located everywhere in the city.

Vietnamese currency

  1. Avoiding foreign exchange centers

Because they do not offer the same rates as banks and only change when you use their services. These centers consider it a liability and have a lower average exchange rate.

Therefore, you will not be able to exchange foreign currency equivalent to the amount you have. However, keep in mind that currency exchange centers in hotels, airports and train stations in your destinations often have better rates than outside centers.

  1. Using credit cards

Before you go, you must be sure about the fees charged when using your credit card. If you are a regular overseas visitor then it is a good idea to open a credit card account that is free of charge (or with a credit for each conversion).

  1. Be careful with ATM charges

In case your ATM card is used at overseas ATMs, you still have to pay for using a non-banking machine.

Therefore, you should select banks with many foreign partners to limit transaction fees.

  1. Call the bank

You need to call them to tell them where you are going and stay for how long. Only one call will save you a lot of time and avoid trouble when you are abroad.Besides, you always have to keep your bank phone numbers in case you need.

  1. US dollars is always available in the wallet

No matter what country you travel to, the carrying of US dollars will work. There are many countries that accept this currency for trading, but before you trade, you also need to know in advance about the level of foreign exchange.

  1. Pay attention to currency exchange fees

You will have to pay this fee when using foreign currency for trading abroad. So, if they ask, “Do you want to pay in USD or EURO?” Always refuse and choose to pay in local currency.

Vietnamese currency

  1. Using your computer when needed

Bringing a pocket calculator or using a computer on the phone is a great idea when spending a lot of money. Sometimes a bank or a trader makes mistakes, so counting yourself is what you should do.

  1. Do not exchange money in the night market

Money exchanges in the night market are very dangerous, you may become victims of pickpockets, robbery, or bad luck than exchanging counterfeit money.

These are the top 13 guides for travelers wishing to travel to Vietnam. Money is always a very important luggage when you travel to anywhere, so do not forget these guidelines, they will be very helpful for you. Save this article and do not forget to apply when you want to change money in Vietnam.


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