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Bau Trang – Oasis on the desert

Bau Trang lies between the vast sand dunes, like a picture of smooth white sand. Visitors will not be surprised when climbing the high sand hill but caught a lake of sparkling silver under the brilliant sun, the pink lotus leaves flickering, behind the green leaves create a natural and poetic landscape.

Where is Bau Trang?

About 65 km northeast of Phan Thiet, Bau Trang located in Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district. Visitors can come to Bau Trang by two different ways: From Hon Rom – drive by Jeep, visitors drive on the route to Mui Ne, pass the Mui Ne market, Hong Hill then go along the beach. The car runs about an hour from Mui Ne to Bau Trang, or from Phan Thiet city along the National Highway 1A to Luong Son, there is an intersection, turn right for about 18km across the hills, up and down, then go through the cliffs, the green coconut forest on the sandy white sand dunes.

( Bau Trang – Oasis on the desert in Vietnam)

If going from inner Phan Thiet city, go to Mui Ne, straight to Hon Rom, this road will extend to Bau Sen. From Mui Ne to Bau Sen about 20km, the distance is equivalent to the road from Luong Son to Bau Sen. The road running parallel to the blue sea, very beauty and romantic.

Fairy tales in Bau Trang

Surrounding Bau Trang contains a lot of rumors of stranger stories and mysterious. Visitors can hear stories such as:

A few dozen years ago, people have caught many giant crocodiles at the lake. It is also said that at the bottom of the lake is thick strange seaweed can suddenly wrap people’s legs, if someone diving. Then the story of the tens of meters long serpent like monster has stolen many of the ill-signings sold to the gods, making everyone feel groan when looking at the green lake but very deep.

( Bau Trang – Oasis on the desert in Vietnam)

Some people have said that the time of decades ago, a group of expedition dived for 70 meters long but did not found the bottom. Also heard that there have been many drowning in these two pools, each of which is described as very strange story, make people feel bloodcurdling.

Bau Trang – a gift of nature

Bau Trang formed from a long time ago, this place is a large lake, later people make a sand road, so we can cross the lake. This large lake is divided into two parts: the big lake and the smaller one. Because “Bau” in the local language means “lake” so from long time ago, the local people called the small lake is Bau Ong and the big one is Bau Ba. Bau Ba is larger than Bau Ong and contains more water.

( Bau Trang – Oasis on the desert in Vietnam)

Bau Ba has an area of ​​70ha, the widest

is 500m, the average depth is 5m, the deepest of Bau Ba is 19m in the rainy season, as far as the shore, the water gradually depleted. In the middle of the white sands, Bau Ba is also known as Bau Trang and is now commonly referred to as Bau Sen because it is surrounded by lakes in the lotus pond. Organism in Bau Sen is very rich, there are many kinds of freshwater fish: climbing perch, snakehead, catfish, carp, etc.

( Bau Trang – Oasis on the desert in Vietnam)

The lake is surrounded by white sands with the sun and the wind is the natural gift that makes the landscape of the lake strange wonderful. From the sand hill looking down into a calm lake with the light pink lotus mirror, far away from the dark sand hill up and down so visitors be full of admiration. Bau Trang is wild and rustic. But because of the wild and rustic features with the white sand, the waves of the sea as the magic to attract people who love the beauty of the place to find inspiration for art.

Fun activities in Bau Trang

Come to Bau Trang, you can rent a boat of fishermen near the area to explore, roam, fishing will be very interesting. Water in Bau Trang is clear all year round so it has cooled the hot air of the sand dunes immense create a lyrical natural scenery that anyone coming to this region want to visit.

( Bau Trang – Oasis on the desert in Vietnam)

In the Bau Trang tourist area, guests can rent a car to conquer the sand dunes. Here is a line of colorful motorcycles, you just need to speak with the owner of the only restaurant here can be accelerated on the sand, felt the heat of sand, of the sun light heat your face, feeling the inclination of the car while hugging the winding of the sand. Feeling the beauty of this place when the car stops on a sandy soaring.

After an exciting adventure with a motorbike, a small boat floating on a vast lake offers a different experience.

When tired, but you don’t want to go far away from this scene, the small hut or hammock between the positive side of the forest in the side to help you follow another dream of beauty, peace of the blue sea and white sand.


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