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Ta Van village – The poem of the North West Mountain

Come to Sapa for the first time, many people will choose Cat Cat village, Notre Dame Cathedral, May bridge, Silver waterfall or legendary Fansipan, etc, are the first destination in Sapa travel.
But if a place will keep your heart as you will come back again, it is likely that only simple rustic villages, which contain cultural identity of ethnic people here to be attractive enough. And one of those is Ta Van village – a beautiful and peaceful area of ​​the Sapa cloudy town.

How to travel to Ta Van in Sapa?

Ta Van village located in Ta Van commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, about 8km to 12km from Sapa town center depending on the route you choose. At this distance you have to go by motorbike or car. However, to be able to feel and see all the beauty of this land traveling by motorcycle would be more reasonable.
On the way to Ta Van village you will go through Lao Chai – a beautiful mountainous natural beauty and ancient rocky Sapa, which is very famous there. After leaving the two busiest streets in Sapa, Cau May street and Muong Hoa street, you just go along the Muong Hoa stream to reach Ta Van.

Ta Van Village in Sapa – Vietnam Immigration Services

Tickets for enter Ta Van in  Sapa

Traveler must by the entrance tickets for almost of Sapa’s tourist attractions, including Ta Van. Ticket price for enter Ta Van, Sapa in 2018 is 75,000 VND / adult.
However, the gate does not look very strict, in the bad weather or midday usually do not have ticket controllers, so you can visit here free, or many people enter it by taxi don’t need to buy tickets too

Homestay at Ta Van village

Come to Ta Van, perhaps one day is not enough, you have to stay here for few days and slowly integrate into the lives of the people here, so you can feel all the interesting things that Ta Van brings. There are many simple and rustic homestays mixed with the cottage of the people here.
The price of a night here is only ranged from 50,000 to 100,000 VND per person depending on the room and the different styles of homestay. You should choose the homestay in Ta Van Giay, where more than 100 homes of the Giay ethnic people. From here you can admire the Muong Hoa Stream, and the lives of the people here are as intact as hundreds of years ago.

Ta Van Village in Sapa – Vietnam Immigration Services

What is interesting in Ta Van, Sapa?

If you like the bustling, noisy city so Ta Van is not for you. Ta Van has only the rice paddies, which cannot see where the end points, the rustic cottage walls, the tiny streets are covered by grass bushes, etc. But when everything mix together, suddenly there is a strange attraction with the people who love traveling.
Ta Van village is inhabited of Mong people, Dao Do people and Giay people. Instead of the other tourist destinations, local people will go along with travel business and tourists. However, Ta Van is different, apart from the homestay businessmen, the lives of the people is still normal, belong with farming and mean to them, a traveler as a guest, come and then gone.

Ta Van Village in Sapa – Vietnam Immigration Services

Interesting experiences at Ta Van village

If you have the opportunity to stay here long, you will understand and love the fresh air, the gentle pace of the people here. The life of the Ta Van ethnic people is very simple, there are very mysterious cultural identity, that you may not have heard before.
Wandering on the narrow dirt roads next to the ripe rice paddies lay the layers of layers of sweet scent. Watching the children of the countryside is playing with mud, riding the buffalo to the field.
Come to Ta Van Giay village – the oldest village in Ta Van, located in the territory of Hoang Lien National Park. Here you will really be immersed in nature, listening to the sound of murmuring streams, the sound of wild birds scattered from far away, the leaves of forest rustling in the wind, … And more is to explore the traditional culture of e Giay ethnic people.

Ta Van Village in Sapa – Vietnam Immigration Services

Experiencing life in the cottage homes of Ta Van people, which nestled on the slopes of the hillside look like it is very slim and easy to be broken but existed for nearly a hundred years. Try drinking a few glasses of wine, chat with them to understand more about the daily life of the lovely people in here.



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