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Cu Lan Village in Dalat – a famous tourist destination in Dalat

Cu Lan village in Dalat – this unique name village is one of the emerging tourist spots in Dalat. Come to Cu Lan village, visitors will feel the freedom, comfort and peace with the nature of the forest.

Travel to Cu Lan Village

Cu Lan is a new tourist site on the Dalat tourist map, which has been in operation for several years. Cu Lan is a small village of about 30 ha, located in the middle of the primary forest at the foot of Langbiang Mountain. It is about 20 km from Cu Hill and Ho Xuan Huong Lake, belongs to Suoi Can village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong. From the center of Dalat City, visitors can go towards to Dan Kia Lake – Gold Stream (Provincial Road 722) or the East Truong Son Road, across vast lakes, through endless and beautiful pine forests to Cu Lan Village.

Cu Lan Village in Dalat – Vietnam Immigration Services

Cu Lan – the name of the village is explained by the name of the species of Cu Lan trees, which grows alternate in the pine forest, wrapping and retaining the wild look of the scene here. In addition, the village of Cu Lan, Dalat is home of the most charming an animal named Cu Lan, many people call the animal has “the largest round eyes in the world.” Cu Lan is a gentle animal, mainly living at night and today is a rare animal in the Red Book. They are notorious, when they are dangerous they usually just curl up, covering their eyes with their hands.

Beautiful wilderness Cu Lan village between mountains and forests

The first question that emerged in the minds of any visitors who came here was “What do we have here?” By seeing only a high and sketchy board, which use to mark the name of the village: Cu Lan. It is quite unlike the tourist area with small roads. After traveling in the direction of the carriage to go down the area below, through more than a hundred steps and then continue through two more suspension bridges to reach the area of ​​Cu Lan, an attractive tourist spot in Dalat. Standing halfway down the road, visitors will be able to project their eyes around the area, at this point to see the fullness of the village.

Cu Lan Village in Dalat – Vietnam Immigration Services

From the top of the slope, visitors will see the small wooden houses with beautiful dry roofs nestled in the middle of wild nature. In the middle of the valley is a green lawn and a large lake. An enjoyable experience as you step through the corded bridge crossing the two sides of the stream, swinging under each step. Travelers seem to have lost their way into a peaceful and pure atmosphere of the Cu Lan tourist village.

At the end of the slope, the top is pine crown, the bottom is the flowers and far away is the village of Cu Lan hidden in the mist of the valley. If you like it keeps going, if you want to stop there are wooden chairs, wooden swing for guests sitting comfortably for watching the pine forest, looking at the lake here or curious to discover what the Cu Lan tree look like in the tour of Cu Lan village.

Cu Lan Village in Dalat – Vietnam Immigration Services

Many visitors enjoy the unique canoeing, lightly paddles on the lake, enjoy the gentle breeze, watching the trees hanging on the lake. After relaxing, you can stop at Chom Hom market to explore the folk culture of the highlands. Watching the paintings of famous painters in the gallery will make you feel more romantic. Where is the Cu Lan village in the harmonious picture of the scene and lovely of Da Lat?

Come to the Cu Lan village in Dalat, you will be able to drop into the wind and in the deep blue of the forest or fishing on the lake to relax after long working days. Everything will be deep in the visitors’ hearts!


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