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Interesting experiences at Mu Cang Chai

Travelling to Vietnam is one of the best idea for those who want to spend their holidays in Asian. Travelling to Vietnam is not only cheap, but also interesting with many unique experiences in here. Vietnam Immigration Services will provide some interesting experiences at Mu Cang Chai – a beautiful district in Northern Vietnam.

Walking on the field of Buckwheat flower

In Si Ma Cai district (Lao Cai), encouraged and facilitated by the leaders of Mu Cang Chai district and Cao Pha commune, Mr.Sung Sanh Vang, Sung A Vu and Giang A Cua bravely brought 30 kg of Buckwheat seeds on trial planting here.

The result was unexpected, the flower of Buckwheat not only germinated, well developed, suitable for local climatic conditions but also hatched in the right season of rice.

bucketwheat flower in Mu Cang Chai – Vietnam Immigration Services

“This flower is very easy to grow, suitable for local climate. It took just over a month that the field of flowers hatched. Buckwheat flowers need long time to hatched (in about 3 weeks), good drought tolerance should easily grow in Mu Cang Chai. However, the flowers are most beautiful at the end of the transition from white to pinkish and reddish. The flowers are triangular, harvested to make bread and brewed wine. ” said by Mr.Sung Sanh Vang

Visitors come to Mu Cang Chai is very crowded to see the beauty of this flower since the new buds then blooming. Mr. Le Trung Kien – member of Mu Cang Chai Photographic Club said: “As a photograph addicted, I have many beautiful photos of Mu Cang Chai. This year, in addition to the beauty of terraced fields in the season of golden rice, again I fascinated with the Buckwheat flower field spread across the Khau Pha Pass.

bucketwheat flower in Mu Cang Chai – Vietnam Immigration Services

From the Buckwheat field, you can admire the beauty of the terraced fields, are blended with clouds, mountains and natural scenery with primeval forest scenes at Khau Pha pass. In the near future, the members of the club will participate in the photo exhibition “Mu Cang Chai – rhythmic of “rice wave”, which will introduce the best pictures of Buckwheat flowers here, to attract more and more visitors come to this land “- Kien breeze.

Mr.Nguyen Quang Thanh, a lecturer at Hanoi Medical University, said: “I used to look at the beauty of Buckwheat flowers in many places. Although the Buckwheat flower fields at the Khau Pha pass is not as large as the Dong Van Plateau (Ha Giang) or in Si Ma Cai (Lao Cai), it is surrounded by wild mountains; white and pink flowers blended with the yellow of rice, green grass creates a multicolor picture. Not only me but many young people are fascinated by the beauty of this flower.

bucketwheat flower in Mu Cang Chai – Vietnam Immigration Services

Comrade Giang A Da – Vice Chairman of Cao Phiep People’s Council said that from the Buckwheat flower fields of Mr.Vang’s family, Mr. Lu’s, in five communes will propose to expand the area of ​​this flower along Khau Pha pass. For visitors to visit and participate in paragliding program “Flying on the golden season” will be watching a colorful picture between the Northwest forest mountains.

Buckwheat flowers have brought new attraction for Mu Cang Chai. The district will study and expand more areas of Buckwheat flowers in favorable locations, creating new tourist highlights, contributing to attracting tourists to this land every golden rice seasons.

Camping at Khau Pha Pass

On the pass there are many large and vacant lots for you to camp here, usually if you like picnic and photograph will prefer this option because the next morning will be able to get up early to hunt for pictures of the valley of Tu Le from the pass (7h – 9h is the time for beautiful and clear sky, then often cloudy)

camping in Khau Pha Pass – Vietnam Immigration Services

Visiting  Tu Le commune and Lim Mong village

Tu Le is a valley in Van Chan district, Yen Bai province, Tu Le is one of the favorite destinations of many tourists, who love nature.

Tu Le in the middle of fall, yellow rice field fence as a wave of mountains. The harvest is excited, the smell of rice follows the wind on the roof … Tu Le can be compared to a beautiful mountain girl.

visiting Tu Le village – Vietnam Immigration Services

Lin Mong village of Cao Pa commune, Mu Cang Chai District-Yen Bai has been hidden in clouds for ages. In the past, the people often moved to each other due to the difficulty of the road, and because of that, it was also the place where the end w and Lim Mong was one of them, full of inviting invitations and challenging.

Lung Mong is the village of Mong ethnic people. The road go to Lim Mong is turn upside down, if you put signs on this road, the sloping of all these signs will be more than 10 degrees. The dirt road, dusty in the dry sun, on a rainy day would be a daunting challenge for the drivers. The tight turns just as steep as the car as you want to drift down to the foot of the slope but when you pass it, you will find it really worthwhile to find ways to roll up here.


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