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Which Kind Of Visa To Enter Vietnam Through Phu Bai International Airport (Hue) And How To Get It?

Hue is the old capital of Vietnam with many beautiful landscapes. Tourists coming to Hue love to see romantic view of Huong river, Nha Nhac cung dinh Hue, the Imperial palace and some historic sight seeings. However, tourists usually wonder what type of visa they need to prepare for entering Vietnam through Hue and how to get it. Please read the below information to know more about it.

Phu Bai airport (Hue city) is a small airport and not many international flights arrive here. Phu Bai airport does not accept visa on arrival, so tourist cannot get visa when landing. However, tourists can enter through Phu Bai airport with Evisa. If tourists have a direct flight arriving in Hue, they can apply an Evisa in advance. Moreover, entering Da Nang international airport and then coming to Hue is another option. People coming to Vietnam with both Visa on arrival and evisa can use Da Nang airport to check in.

Visa on arrival is a type of visa which applicants get when landing at the airport. They need to prepare an approval letter in advance, and use this letter to get visa on arrival. This letter is applied online and can be done within 2 working days, so it’s very easy to do. After getting the approval letter, the applicants print it out and show it for boarding the airplane. When arriving, the applicants come to visa on arrival counter, submit this letter + original passport + application form, pay stamp fee and get visa on arrival.

Evisa is recently launched. This kind of visa is only applicable for 80 countries and 2 territories, so not all countries can apply it. Evisa is electronic visa and it is applied online. After submitting the documents online, the applicants will receive the evisa 2 working days later. They need to print it out and show it at passport control counter to enter Vietnam.

In summary, tourists can enter Vietnam through Phu Bai airport (Hue city) with Evisa. Another option is Visa on arrival at Da Nang international airport which is located in Da Nang city (100 km far from Hue city). Please take a look at the below table to understand more about the differences between Evisa and visa on arrival:


  Visa On Arrival E-Visa
Eligibility All Countries Only 80 countries & 2 territories
Entry Ports 6 International airports 8 international airports + 16 land borders + 9 sea ports
Purpose of Visit Tourist & Business Tourist & Business
Number of Entry Single entry and Multiple entries Single entry
Length of Stays 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year 30 days maximum
Extension Ability Can be extended without leaving Vietnam Can not be extended (must leave Vietnam and re-enter with a new visa)
Processing Time 2 working days 2 working days
Documents No documents required Passport Photo & Digital Photo
Fee Service Fee (From 6 USD) + stamp fee on arrival
(Depend on nationality and type of visa)
Service fee only (From 35 USD)
(Depend on type of visa)
How to Apply Apply online Apply online
Procedure – Apply online to get the Visa Approval Letter first
– Receive this letter via email
– Print Visa Approval Letter for boarding airplane
– At the airport on arrival date, coming to “visa landing counter” to submit original passport + visa approval letter + application form
– Pay stamp fee to get visa stamp
– Show this visa stamp at immigration check and enter Vietnam
– Apply online to get E-Visa
– Receive E-Visa via email
– Print E-Visa for boarding airplane
– Show E-Visa at immigration check and enter Vietnam
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