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The most wonderful hot springs in Vietnam

Hot springs not only bring a sense of relaxation, but also provide many health benefits. In our country hot springs are also available in many places. In mineral-rich waters that are good for treating some diseases, tourist resorts are built to meet the needs of visitors.

If you are intending to dip in the hot spring, you should save yourself the hot springs locations below. These are all built into a resort and you will definitely enjoy your holiday when visiting these hot springs in Vietnam.

Kim Boi Hot Spring – beautiful hot spring in Vietnam

Located about 70 km from Ha Noi, Kim Boi Hot Spring is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to visit. With a water temperature of 34 – 36oC suitable for bathing, soaking to treat some diseases. The 7 hectares mineral spring is built into a large resort with full services and facilities.

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If you are planning for a healthy family holiday, Kim Boi Hot Spring is a place you should not miss. To get to this place, southern tourists can book airfare to Hanoi and then travel from the capital to Kim Boi Hot Springs by car.

Binh Chau hot spring – Attractive and peaceful hot spring in Vietnam

If in the North you can go to Kim Boi hot spring, in the South people are very familiar with Binh Chau hot spring located in the province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Binh Chau Hot Spring is fascinated by the pristine beauty surrounded by the blue vast of the forest. This is considered as the largest hot spring in Vietnam. The stream flows into several smaller lakes of varying sizes and depths, with temperatures ranging from 40-84 ° C.

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Binh Chau Hot Spring is built into a high-class resort with many quality services. Visitors can enjoy quiet space, soak in the mineral rich stream for nourishing.

Thap Ba hot mineral springs – One of the most wonderful hot spring in Vietnam

Located in the most beautiful beach city in our country, Thap Ba Hot Spring Resort has long become an unforgettable destination for travelers who have bought air tickets to Nha Trang. Visitors can enjoy a variety of services at affordable prices. The hot springs are taken from the Vinh Khang mine which is 100 m deep. In addition to hot mineral water with many nutrients for body care, guests can choose mud bath service to get a smooth skin.

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Thanh Tan Hot Spring – The Hot Spring For King

Come to Hue, visitors not only immersed in the golden age of the King of God with gold and ivory, but also admire and experience the beauty of nature has given this land. Hue owns a famous hot spring in the central region, which is Thanh Tan hot spring.

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Set amidst green mountains, Thanh Tan hot spring is invested to build a quiet resort. The source of water in the stream at a temperature of about 68oC has been built by Thanh Tan Mineral Water Company to be a tourist area of ​​nearly 50 hectares to meet the need for bathing, healing and treatment by bathing in mineral spring.

Bang mineral springs (Quang Binh) – the fabulous hot spring in Vietnam

Bang hot spring in Kim Thuy Commune, Le Thuy District, Quang Binh. There are 3 directions to come here. One is from Dong Hoi city to the southwest of 60km; Two from Truong Son road turn to the west about 20km and the third direction is from the center of Le Thuy district, upstream of Kien Giang river about 10 km.

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Bang mineral springs are an open-air stream stretching through pristine and unspoiled woodland. If you want to explore the mysterious waterfalls, you can drop to the watershead, exploring the fountains with a temperature of about 105 ºC. If you want to soak in the warm stream, walk down the stream about 300m will encounter a surface beach made up of blocking and leading two streams of hot Ban streams and cold \Ban Stream. The temperature of this tank varies from 40-45ºC, suitable for bathing, healing and relaxation.

After relaxing, you can visit historical cultural relics such as the Memorial Hall of General Vo Nguyen Giap, tomb and cathedral of Nguyen Huu Canh, 559 Truong Son Army headquarters , Long Dai heroic ferry …





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