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Discovering City on Clouds in Sapa Vietnam

Sapa is a very popular place and attract many visitors each year. Sapa is a land which the mother of nature in favor of many beautiful scenery with great beauty that anyone who once came here feel do not want to leave. “Touching the clouds, setting foot on the mountain and see the gateway heaven …” or “experience the ladder to heaven.” That is the true feeling, the most wonderful Fansipan Legend in Sapa, which is called “the city on the clouds”

Where is the city on the clouds?

The city located on the sky, surrounded by clouds and fog, looks like a giant nature hanging garden, hidden in time and beautifully magical strange.

Fansipan Legend located in the southwest of Sapa town, is a tourist resort complex with many items such as teleferic, entertainment areas, 5 stars resorts.

Sapa Fansipan Legend – city on the clouds

The place is called “city on the clouds” because here you easily get a panoramic view of the Mt Hoang Lien Son and Muong Hoa valley from above. At the same time, this place is full of clouds all year round, accompanied by fog, thick snow so many people named the place is “city on the clouds.”

Sapa Fansipan Legend – city on the clouds

The most beautiful ridge in the city is probably from the station of the cable car at an altitude of 3000 meters. From here climbing 600 more steps to Fansipan. Every step you take you will see the white clouds floating at your feet, and each step will feel like you are stepping into heaven.

From a height of 3,000 m … you will see the scene around the real life. Cable car tickets for an adult are 600,000 VND, fare for children is from 1 to 1.3 m high tall is 400,000 VND. Children under 1 meter will be free. Cable ticket is round-trip for both directions. Each cabin can seat 30 – 35 people.

Sapa Fansipan Legend – city on the clouds

Architectural works at Fansipan Legend Sapa

World’s longest cable

The cable car at Fansipan Legend has two world records – the world’s longest cable system (6292.5m) and the highest in the world (1410m). Traveling by cable car to the peak Fansipan you will admire the majestic mountains of Sapa forest and Muong Hoa valley extremely beautiful.

Sapa Fansipan Legend – city on the clouds

The station with unique architecture and very impressive

Under the design hands of the world-renowned architect Bill Bensley, the departure hall is designed in the style of Colonial XIX century with thick walls, arched windows close to the roof and decorated exquisitely as a whole castle.

Arrival hall is designed in modern architecture, impressive but still bearing the Northwest high impression. The station area is one of the places chosen by the visitor as the background of the most beautiful scene.

Cafe restaurant on the clouds

Located at the most beautiful location at the departure of cable car station, Coffee Port Fansipan has wide view towards Hoang Lien Son and Muong Hoa Valley. What is more wonderful when sitting by the window, enjoying the hot cup of hot coffee, watching the sea and clouds are drifting under your feet, breathe the fresh and cool air. You will feel like you are lost in this paradise.

Sapa Fansipan Legend – city on the clouds

Experience mountain climbing

When you set foot on the arrival hall at the cable car station, you will have to continue the journey on the “roof of Indochina” by walking all 600 stone stairs. For the people, whose health are not good or slowly adjusted with surrounding area, catching train to the mountain is a perfect idea. The feeling of sitting on the train through the clouds will be very interesting.

An immense Indochinese rooftop

At the end of the journey you will really feel happy and delighted when you conquered the roof of Indochina at an altitude of 3143 m. Standing on the top of the highest mountain, under the Fansipan milestone and admiring majestic mountains and forests, slipping in the clouds, will definitely be an unforgettable experience in life.Do not forget to keep this memorable moment at the Fansipan landmark along with the National Flags.

Great Northwest cuisine

On the way back from the trip, you are sure to get tired, you can now stop rest and choose a restaurant at the cable car station to enjoy the delicious specialties of the Northwest. The restaurant here serves a variety of ethnic dishes such as Sticky rice (cooked) in bamboo, blackgrouse, Wild boar, Tao Meo Wine, salmon …. extremely attractive and delicious.

Sapa Fansipan Legend – city on the clouds

If you want to discover this city on the clouds, you must travel to Vietnam and go to Sapa Town from Ha Noi. Sapa is not only famous landscape in Vietnam, but only a heaven on our earth. You will be amazed when you come there, trust me!!!!





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