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Hunting the clouds in Vietnam – Unique experience for tourist

Hunting the clouds in Vietnam is one of the most enjoyable experiences when traveling to Vietnam. If you want to take gorgeous photos, want to have the best moments of your life, the cloud-hunting journey will allow you to enjoy them.

How to hunt the clouds on the famous high mountains in Vietnam? When can you hunt for clouds? Where are the clouds usually? Vietnam Immigration Services will share with you these information through this article.

Hunting the clouds in Vietnam – The most unique experience in your whole life – Vietnamese Immigration Services

What is the hunting clouds in Vietnam?

Hunting the clouds in Vietnam is a journey to the cloudy region that appears near the ground. Clouds that we want to hunt in the simplest and most common way are the accumulation of water under pressure and certain temperatures will form clouds. Usually at low temperatures below 22 degrees Celsius and not below 3 degrees Celsius. If it is too low it will form ice on the ground also forms snow if it falls from the sky.

Hunting the clouds in Vietnam – The most unique experience in your whole life – Vietnamese Immigration Services

Where are you going to hunt for clouds?

In Vietnam is a sub-tropical climate, in winter, especially in the mountainous areas in the north and areas with relatively low temperature such as Da Lat, Highland with high humidity. With mountainous terrain surrounded by valleys, rivers, streams and dense forests will be a place of accumulation of water vapor, experiencing low temperatures during the night and in autumn and winter will form dense fog. If we are in this area, it is the traditional way of fog. If we climb a certain height above this layer of fog, the fog we just crossed it is Cloud. That is the cloud that we want to hunt.

Hunting the clouds in Vietnam – The most unique experience in your whole life – Vietnamese Immigration Services

In Vietnam, the mountains and forests in the north have dense jungle mountains, rivers and streams (it means there is water to evaporate to create fog) and there are valleys in the high mountains will be the perfect places for hunting clouds. There are many famous places such as Da Lat in Central Highlands , Y Ty, Sin Ho, Ka Lang, Moc Chau, Ta Xua, Dien Bien, Sa Pa, O Quy Ho Pass, Khau Pha Pass, etc,  and mountain peaks, or near the mountain peaks such as Phu Ta Leng, Ta Xua, Fan, Salt Mountain, Bach Moc Luong Tu, etc, but many people in the world have been admired and hunted successfully or they are lucky to meet in special situations.

What are the conditions to hunt for clouds?

Firstly, need to see the weather to predict during the journey there is high possibility cloudy in these areas or not. Clouds usually occur when there are new phenomena: drizzly, low temperature at night and high in daytime, sunny days should have beautiful clouds. Before you go hunting for a cloud, you need to know the weather and pay attention about humidity in the area you want to hunt for clouds.

Hunting the clouds in Vietnam – The most unique experience in your whole life – Vietnamese Immigration Services

Second: It is necessary to understand the direction and the terrain in order to know the sunrise direction, the direction of the way, the angle of view or taking pictures, the terrain and other supporting elements. This can be found from Google Map and Google Earth. Of course, it is only a basic reference for us. Actual arrival and depending on the improvisation, but if we are good in preparation, it will make you do not lose time and lightning the wonderful moments.

Third: For photographers, the preparation of cameras, lenses, and filters is also important for hunting beautiful clouds.

Places to hunt clouds in Vietnam

Fanxipan is a familiar hunting place, this is also the dream destination that many people want to conquer. Mount Fanxipan is located at an altitude of 3,143 meters, this is the highest peak in Indochina. Stand on the top of the highest mountain watching the white clouds striking beneath is a great moment.

Hunting the clouds in Vietnam – The most unique experience in your whole life – Vietnamese Immigration Services

Mountain Salt: Mount Salt is located at an altitude of 3,000 meters belongs to the Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain. This is a beautiful hunting place in the North West, the road to conquer the mountain still some unspoiled, mountain Salt will be an indispensable destination for trekking and hunting clouds.

Y Ty: Y Ty Commune of Bat Xat district – This is a popular hunting spot of for people. The white clouds floating like cotton slowly under the feet will be interesting things that not everyone can resist. The best time to hunt clouds is from August to March next year.


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