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[Updated 2021] How To Apply Vietnam Visa? Ways To Get Evisa, Invitation Letter, Visa Online, Visa At The Embassy

People who are seeking for a trip to Vietnam always want to know whether they need visa or not. If yes, what is the best ways to get Vietnam visa? Which type of visa are suitable for their case. In fact, Vietnam visa is divided into many types, and each case will have a visa type which match the requirements. In this post, we will clearly explain the different ways to apply Vietnam visa and how to use that visa to your Vietnam trip.

  1. Vietnam visa exemption policy

The first thing you need to check is whether you are free for visa to enter Vietnam or not. If you are exempt from visa, how long you can stay in Vietnam?

If you learn the Vietnam visa exemption policy, it will lead you into many policies. Depending on your nationality, where do you enter into and how long you want to stay, you can get the visa free or not.

Check to know if you need visa or not

We summarized all cases of exemption through this link, you can click here to find out whether you are free visa or not.

Visa requirement for Japan citizens


In short, there is 24 countries can enter Vietnam without visa. You also can see this table:


Free Visa Country Note
90 days Chile
30 days Cambodia
21 days Philippines
14 days Brunei
15 days* Belarus A gap of at least 30 days between two visa-free visits is required
South Korea
United Kingdom


  1. Countries can apply Vietnam electronic visa

If your free visa is not enough for your whole trip, or you are not allowed to enter without visa, you can apply for an electronic visa. This type of visa is 1-month single entry visa.

Until now, there is only 80 countries and 2 territories are eligible for Evisa. If you are in the list below, you can apply Evisa online:

1. Andorra 21. Denmark 41. Macedonia 61. Portugal
2. Argentina 22. Estonia 42. Malta 62. Qatar
3. Armenia 23. Fiji 43. Marshall Islands 63. Romania
4. Australia 24. Finland 44. Mexico 64. Russia
5. Austria 25. France 45. Micronesia 65. Samoa
6. Azerbaijan 26. Georgia 46. Moldova 66. San Marino
7. Belarus 27. Germany 47. Monaco 67. Serbia
8. Belgium 28. Greece 48. Mongolia 68. Slovakia
9. Bosnia and Herzegovina 29. Hungary 49. Montenegro 69. Slovenia
10. Brazil 30. Iceland 50. Myanmar 70. Solomon Islands
11. Brunei 31. India 51. Nauru 71. Spain
12. Bulgaria 32. Ireland 52. Netherlands 72. Sweden
13. Canada 33. Italy 53. New Zealand 73. Switzerland
14. Chile 34. Japan 54. Norway 74. Timor-Leste
15. China * 35. Kazakhstan 55. Palau 75. UAE
16. Colombia 36. Korea (South) 56. Panama 76. United Kingdom
17. Croatia 37. Latvia 57. Papua New Guinea 77. United States of America
18. Cuba 38. Liechtenstein 58. Peru 78. Uruguay
19. Cyprus 39. Lithuania 59. Philippines 79. Vanuatu
20. Czech Republic 40. Luxembourg 60. Poland 80. Venezuela
* Including Hong Kong SAR & Macau SAR passport holders; Not apply to Chinese e-passport holders (passport number begin with “E”)


If you are in this list, you just need to prepare passport copy and digital photo, which are clear enough to see your personal information, to apply online. It takes 2 working days to get Evisa after you submit the application form.  Evisa is valid maximum 30 days, and can enter only one time.

With Evisa, you can enter Vietnam through airports, sea ports and land borders. However, you must choose exactly the entry place and exit place when you make the application. Therefore, don’t apply if you have not fixed the plan yet.

After processing time, Evisa will be sent to you through email by PDF file. You just need to print it out, and take it (with passport) to do immigration procedure when coming to Vietnam.

Vietnam Evisa

Evisa is totally applied online, and it takes about 3 minutes to complete the application form. So whenever you want to apply evisa, just click on this link and fill out the visa form, and then upload documents (mentioned above).

  1. How to get Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese embassy?

The most traditional and most reliable way to get visa is definitely through the embassy or consulate in your current living country. The disadvantage of this method is surely the speed of time processing, sometimes taking a 4 – 5 working days while others take a week or more. Another hassle is the requirements. The embassy is very strict in visa process, so they may requires more complicated documents. While the advantages are that you can get visa before coming to Vietnam safely and no scam will happen.

Before coming to the embassy, you should check carefully:

  • Check the nearest embassy or consulate (click here to check)
  • Contact to know clearly the procedure and required documents
  • Check the length of processing
  • Check the fee in total and compare with other ways
  1. How to get Vietnam visa online?

The visa online is now chosen by many applicants. The good thing is that you don’t need to leave your passport to any one else. You also no need to prepare any documents for application. Both tourist and business visa are processed online with non-documents requirement. Going through the online application platform is much cheaper than applying at the embassy as well.

If you are US citizens, visa online allows you to stay in Vietnam up to 1 year. While other nationalities can get maximum 3-month visa with single or multiple entry. You can follow the guidance below to apply an online visa:

  • Click here to start your visa application
  • Choose your nationality and then fill out all necessary information
  • Choose express service if you want to process your visa faster
  • Check the visa information and then make payment
  • Receive the email confirmation and wait for the result

Vietnam visa can be applied online every time with internet connection


Your visa will be processed within 2 working days. After processing time, you will receive visa approval letter through email and then you print it out. In case you need visa urgently, you can request to expedite your visa, which will help you get visa within 1 working hour.

In short, there are many ways to get Vietnam visa. Depending on your specific case, you can apply visa at the embassy or consulate, request an electronic visa or apply a visa online to get approval letter. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us through email:


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