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Information For Individuals Wishing To Enter Vietnam From Japan – Procedure For Applying Visa And Entering Vietnam During Covid-19 Period From Japan

This article summarizes the regulations, procedures and documents necessary to apply visa and enter Vietnam during Covid-19 period for Japanese or foreigners living or working in Japan. You can contact us directly via email  to get more information specific to your case.

 1/ Agreement between Vietnamese government and Japanese government

On June 19, 2020, Japan Government and Vietnam Government agreed to step by step loosen the restrictions on travel between two countries in the future (ensuring strict and full implementation of all regulations on COVID-19 prevention of each country). In addition, at the Japan-Vietnam conference held on October 19, 2020, senior leaders of the two countries agreed to start operating the Business Track mechanism and resuming regular two-way flights.

Therefore, we would like to guide on how to enter Vietnam for business purpose, mainly for businessmen, experts, high-tech workers and their families.

Recent pandemic situation:

The solution for new variant of Corona virus

On January 5, 2021, Vietnamese Prime Minister required flight suspension to Vietnam from countries and territories infected with a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus such as England, South Africa; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was assigned to coordinate with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport to specifically identify countries to apply this measure. At the present time, there are no special restrictions on entry from Japan, but you should check again because Vietnam Government may suddenly strengthen the control measures and entry due to COVID-19 infection in the world.

 ◆ If a person enters Vietnam for more than 15 days

This case is equivalent to the Japanese Residence Track mechanism.

Permanent residents, their families and people who come for working purpose can enter Vietnam after the sponsor company, where the person entering Vietnam works in, registers and make specific arrangements. However, it takes from 1.5 – 2 months to process, and the applicants need to stay at a quarantine facility (hotel) for 15 days.

Quarantine is a must when entering Vietnam now

◆ If a person enters Vietnam less than 15 days

Based on the recent meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam announced that it will start applying the priority travel mechanism from November 1, 2020.

“Priority travel mechanism” is a mechanism equivalent to Business Track of Japan. Currently, this mechanism is applied to those who are (1) people living in Japan, (2) entering Vietnam for less than 14 days, (3) for commercial purposes. The applicants will be required to stay at a quarantine facility (hotel) unless they are allowed to work outside with prior approval.

◆ Reconnect regular international commercial flight

According to the recent meeting, at present, Vietnam Government are studying the process of receiving passengers from abroad entering Vietnam in order to resume international commercial flights. It is expected that the regular international commercial flights will be resumed after the Vietnamese government authorities complete the preparations.

2/ Prerequisites for entry into Vietnam

(A) Measures against COVID-19 of Vietnam

Currently, in order to enter Vietnam, the foreigner needs to perform the following steps:

(1) Apply and get entry permit, visa approval letter, etc. from the authorities of Vietnam Government before entry (including the provincial People’s Committee and Immigration Department)

(2) PCR test and a certificate of PCR test result to confirm negative test before entry,

(3) Online medical declaration,

(4) 15 days quarantine after entry,

(5) During the quarantine period in item (4) above, the applicant will be tested twice as prescribed.

In addition, in the event that the PCR test result after entry is positive, the applicant will be quarantined until being cured at the hospital assigned by the authorities of Vietnam Government.

Furthermore, the applicants need to comply with infection prevention measures guided by competent authorities of Vietnam Government from time to time.

Applying entry permit and visa approval is required before departure date

(B) The importance of making decisions and gathering information of individuals and companies where the applicant works

In the context that the COVID-19 epidemic in the world continues to be complicated, going abroad still has many risks such as infection during travel, quarantine time may be prolonged than expected, staying at Vietnam hospital for a long time, etc. Therefore, when entering Vietnam, the individual and the enterprises (legal entities in Vietnam) where he / she works should be fully aware of these risks, make your own decisions and respond to situations.

In addition, the entry approval procedures of Vietnam Government are quite complicated. Procedures differ depending on the local province where the foreigner works, where he arrives and where he is quarantined. Depending on the evolution of the domestic and international infection situation, the procedures and regulations may change from time to time. The individuals planning to enter Vietnam please proactively confirm the latest information by contacting the local authorities.

(C) Subjects for entry into Vietnam

The Prime Minister’s Conclusion Notice No. 238 / TB-VPCP dated July 12, 2020 stated “continue to promptly allow diplomats, experts, investors, skilled workers, foreign pilpuls and students studying in Vietnam to enter Vietnam. Allow relatives (parents, spouses, children) of diplomats, investors and experts to enter Vietnam.”

Foreign investors, businessmen, skilled workers, experts, etc. who come for business purpose can apply visa and enter Vietnam under sponsor of a local company in Vietnam. Please note, Vietnam Government have not allowed tourists to enter Vietnam yet.

In addition, Vietnam Government are suspending the policy of unilateral visa exemption for Japanese citizens (as well as other citizens) from March 21, 2020. Accordingly, all foreigners need to have a valid visa before entering Vietnam now.

Vietnam government has opened business visa to develop the economic

3/ Procedures before entering Vietnam

(A) Arrangements for quarantine facilities (hotels) and flights

  1. For quarantine facility, please confirm the quarantine with local province and contact the desired quarantine facility. Experts and businessmen entering Vietnam can usually contact the hotel to book directly.
  2. Please contact airlines regarding scheduled flights from Japan to Vietnam (special flights, commercial flights, etc.)

(B) Submit application and be granted admission.

The enterprise where the immigrant works in Vietnam shall carry out the procedures to be granted an entry permit. Specific procedures may vary from province to province.

  • Approval by the People’s Committee of the province or city where the sponsor company is located in Vietnam,
  • Guidance on quarantine of the province and city administration where the quarantine facility is located,
  • Entry permit of Immigration Department

All applicants must apply visa approval before coming to Vietnam in Covid-19

(C) Confirm the type of insurance

After entry, if the PCR test is positive, the foreigner will be isolated and treated at the hospital designated by the authorities of Vietnam Government, necessary expenses will be borne by the foreigner. Therefore, it is recommended that the foreigners confirm their participation in insurance can cover the cost of COVID-19 treatment.

(D) PCR test before entry

Vietnam Government require that the person entering the country is obliged to have a PCR test (Real Time technique – PCR) and be issued a negative confirmation 3 to 5 days before entry.

(E) Medical clearance

Vietnam Government require that the person entering the country is obliged to make an online medical report within 24 hours prior to entry at

There are some cases meeting problem in filling the information in medical declaration form recently. Please note (1) select the correct destination airport, (2) enter your full name in alphabetical characters, (3) enter the correct passport number, flight number, seat number, destination, contact phone in case emergency, (4) do not make medical declaration online more than 24 hours prior to entry.

4/ Procedures after entry

(A) After arriving at the airport

1. Present and confirm the negative PCR test

  • Please prepare a negative certificate issued in Japan as the officer in charge will require presentation.
  • Please note that negative statements cannot be lost or revoked.

2. Present your entry permit and visa approval

Immigration staff will check the immigration documents, compare them with the passport and issue visa at the airport.

3. Get your baggage

Pick up your baggage from the conveyor belt, place it on the trolley, and wait around the conveyor belt until the airline staff gives instructions.

4. Customs

Immigrants have their own luggage (mainly by sea) or carry a lot of cash need to present “Customs Declaration”.

5. Move to quarantine facility

Wait for the guidance of the quarantine officer, move to the quarantine facility by special vehicle prepared by the quarantine facility in its own way.

The foreigners are required to wear full body protective clothing when moving.

There are some cases of spraying hand baggage disinfectant before moving to the quarantine facility.

6. Other content

Airport support services such as stroller for children and electric car have not been completed. There are cases where procedures at the airport last more than 1 hour.

Vietnam provides many hotels for quarantine now

(B) Isolation at hotel for 15 days

1. Isolation requirements

During a 15-day stay at the quarantine facility, the foreigner is not allowed to leave the room.

In addition, depending on the policy and situation, the quarantine establishment, the period of quarantine (including the extension of the quarantine period), how the quarantine is conducted, etc. subject to change.

2. PCR test

In principle, the PCR test was performed 2 times during 15-day quarantine at the hotel. However, the timing and number of PCR tests may vary depending on the area in which the quarantine facility is managed.

3. In case the test result is positive

When receiving positive PCR test results, the patient will be hospitalized and quarantined at a medical facility designated by Vietnam Government until the disease is recovered.

The language used at quarantine facilities is Vietnamese. Therefore, there should be assistance from the sponsor company (providing medical interpreter, paying hospital fees …).

4. When meeting a health problem

A person who is doing quarantine is checked temperature twice a day. In the case of high body temperature above 37.5 degrees, even if the PCR test result is negative, he will be transferred to the local hospital designated by the Provincial authority. Please note that there are cases where the foreigners cannot keep the good health after a long flight or due to fatigue during quarantine.

The language at the hospital is Vietnamese. The foreigner needs to actively seek medical interpretater and pay hospital fee, etc. with support of the sponsor company.

5. End of quarantine period

After the results of all PCR tests are negative and the 15-day quarantine period has ended, quarantine authorities will issue a “Certificate of Quarantine Completion”. Depending on the region, there are also cases where a “negative certificate” may be issued.

In addition, after completing the quarantine period, within the next 15 days, the foreigners must monitor his or her own health (body temperature test). There are Provinces and Cities that continue to request additional PCR tests or further isolation. Measures after the quarantine period differ depending on the Province or City where the foreigner lives and works.

Using visa application service to get Vietnam entry permit

5/ Package services for Vietnam visa application, entry and hotel quarantine

At present, the isolation regulations and procedures are quite complicated. Depending on the locality where the sponsor company is located, the process differs. If you are having difficulty in the process of applying visa to enter Vietnam, you can contact us via email for assistance. We provide a full package of services for immigration documents, visa at the airport, transportation to the hotel, hotel isolation, etc. at the same time we will give you the most detailed information about the procedure for your own case.

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