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[Vietnam Visa 2021] How To Apply Vietnam Visa At Vietnam Consulate In Hong Kong During Pandemic Period?

Due to Covid-19, many countries closed the borders and do not allow to grant visa for Hong Kong citizens. How’s about Vietnam? Can Hong Kong passport holders can apply Vietnam visa during pandemic period? How to submit a visa application at Vietnam consulate in Hong Kong and what is the required documents to apply Vietnam visa during Covid-19?

1/ Can Hong Kong passport holders apply Vietnam visa at Vietnam consulate in Hong Kong during pandemic period 2021?

It’s very easy to apply Vietnam visa for Hong Kong passport holders in the past, but the procedure is now difficult. Vietnam already opened again visa application for Hong Kong citizens in 2020 but the requirements are still complicated.

In order to get Vietnam visa at Hong Kong consulate, Hong Kong passport holders or foreigners who are living in Hong Kong need to apply online the visa approval letter first. This visa approval letter will allow the visa applicants to obtain visa at the consulate in Hong Kong.

Currently, Vietnam government only grants visa for those who come to Vietnam for working purpose, such as experts, managers, high-tech workers, businessmen, etc. These people must be sponsored by a local Vietnamese company to prove their business trip.

2/ How to apply Vietnam visa at Vietnam consulate in Hong Kong in Covid-19?

At first, Hong Kong passport holders must contact a local Vietnam visa agent to apply for visa approval letter. The visa approval letter is the most important document to get entry permit to Vietnam in this period. Without this letter, Hong Kong citizens cannot get visa at Vietnam consulate in Hong Kong.

It is more difficult to get Vietnam visa approval letter for Hong Kong people in this period than before. The applicant must have a sponsored company in Vietnam. This company will guarantee for the applicant and prepare some required documents.

Hong Kong passport holders must contact visa agent in Vietnam to submit the visa application. This visa company will contact the sponsored company and prepare all related documents to submit at Vietnam immigration department.

After getting the visa approval letter, Hong Kong passport holders can bring passport + this visa approval letter + photos to Vietnam consulate in Hong Kong to submit visa. The consulate will receive the documents and issue visa within 3-5 working days.

Visa issued at Vietnam consulate in Hong Kong is loose-leaf visa. After getting the visa, the applicants only need to book quarantine services and take the virus test before departure date.

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