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November 2, 2018
Vietnam E-visa

Vietnam Electronic Visa (E-Visa) is Officially Extended for Polish up to 2021

The Vietnam Government just approved to continue the E-visa program up to 2021 for 46 countries, included Poland.

Vietnam Electronic Visa (e-Visa) is an official document granted by the Immigration of Vietnam which permits the holder to enter into and travel within Vietnam. It is an alternative entry visa issued at the embassies of Vietnam and visa on arrival. The e-Visa is a single-entry visa, and the maximum duration of stay in Vietnam is 30 days, which cannot be extended and converted to other types of visa.

In January 2017, the Government of Vietnam introduced this online Visa system (e-Visa) for 40 countries. It is used for promoting tourism of Vietnam, as the travelers no longer had to visit the embassy to get their visa. In December 2017, Vietnam has expanded the e-Visa program by adding 6 countries. In addition, the e-Visa is enlarged to use for both tourist purpose and business purpose.

In October 2018, after a successful period of experimenting this policy, the Government of Vietnam decided to continue e-Visa program up to January 2021. And depend on how successful it is, this program can be lasted longer later.

At the present, citizens from 46 countries can apply for a tourist e-Visa or a business e-Visa depending on which purpose they visit Vietnam. Travelers who use the E-visa program can apply and make payment online, then receive the e-Visa via email before travelling to Vietnam.


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Documents requirement to obtain an e-Visa for Poland passport holders

To apply an e-visa, you need to prepare:

1/ Passport photo

  • Requirement: You may take a photo OR scan the personal information page of your passport, as a standard requirement in your e-Visa application. The image must be of adequate quality, such that your passport information could be read clearly and legibly.
  • Dimensions: Minimum permissible dimensions are 800 x 600 pixels (height x width). Maximum permissible dimensions are 1200 x 800 pixels (height x width).
  • Color: Color photos are accepted, as are black & white photos (please note: black & white photo must be clear and of good quality).
  • File Format: Must be submitted using JPEG, PNG, or BMP format (i.e. files ending with Jpeg, Png, Bmp extensions);
  • File Size: Each file must be under 5MB

2/ Digital photo

  • Requirement: show a full face, front view and open eyes, plain white or off-white background, no sunglasses or hats.
  • Dimensions: Minimum permissible dimensions are 600 x 400 pixels (height x width). Maximum permissible dimensions are 1200 x 800 pixels (height x width).
  • Color: Color photos are accepted, as are black & white photos (please note: black & white photo must be clear and of good quality),
  • File Format: Must be submitted using JPEG, PNG, or BMP format (i.e. files ending with Jpeg, Png, Bmp extensions)
  • File Size: Each file must be under 1MB

3/ Email address:

All procedures are online, so you need an email address to receive the E-visa when it is approved. Please carefully type the correct email when applying e-Visa online.

How long to get the E-Visa

It takes 2 working days to get the e-visa, counting from the date you apply. It can be done faster (within 1 working day) by paying extra fee.

How much to obtain an E-Visa for Polish

Please check the price for e-visa here

How to apply an E-Visa for Polish

Click on this link to apply. We only charge for successful application. 100% risk-free.

– Enter details about your visa request and personal information.

– Upload your photo and passport copy (Scanned the page of passport which contain your personal information).

– Review your details.

– Pay for your online visa application.

– Receive a confirmation email of your visa order.

– Receive an email containing your e-Visa and instruction how to use it

(For instruction on how to apply for an e-Visa Vietnam through our website, click here.)

Please note:

– e-Visa holders just go straight to the passport control to check & get stamp for entry 30 days, no need to pay any extra money or go to the visa issuing office to get visa. Other types of visa must go to the visa issuing office to get visa before going to the passport control.

– In case you want multiple entry-visa or stay more than 30 days, please choose other type of visa, such as Visa on arrival.

– e-Visa is accepted to enter through landports, seaports and airports. However, there are some ports you cannot get in if using the e-Visa. See full of ports to enter Vietnam if using e-Visa here.


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