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Fruit orchard in Vietnam – an interesting tourist destination for foreign visitors

Fruit orchards in Vietnam are always interesting destinations for visitors, especially those who want to explore the nature of Vietnam. Fruit orchards in Vietnam are usually located in southern Vietnam, especially Mekong delta, and some provinces such as Ninh Thuan and Can Tho. If you want to find an interesting and cheap travel address, do not forget to add this article in your bucket list.

My Khanh Fruit Orchard – Can Tho

One of the most famous fruit orchards in Vietnam is My Khanh Fruit Garden in Can Tho. When traveling in Vietnam, you should visit this place to enjoy the delicious fruits. From Can Tho city, you follow the National Highway 1 toward Soc Trang, near the Cai Rang Bridge turn right about 6km and arrive at My Khanh tourist garden – a famous garden in the South. More than 20 kinds of trees are planted along the path such as: plum, mango, rambutan, jackfruit, strawberry, durian … always fresh, fruitful, with unique flavor will bring to visitors feeling peaceful and relaxing. Especially, there are many attractive folk games such as: pig racing, dog racing, monkey circus, crocodile fishing … for tourists.

Fruit Orchard in Vietnam – Vietnam Immigration Services

Fruit orchard Cu Lao An Binh – Vinh Long

If you want to visit the west when traveling in Vietnam, Vinh Long will be a great place for you. The garden in Binh Hoa Phuoc is one of the famous specialties in An Binh island. Come here, visitors will be overwhelmed by the garden of rambutan, which is ripe red berries on the branch and heavy weight canopy. You can visit this garden in the harvest season from late May to July. In addition, when you come to An Binh Island you can also go to the large fruit gardens to directly participate in “fish catching “in traditional costume, processing and enjoy the” trophy “has just earned in the garden. You will enjoy the fruit orchards in Vietnam when traveling in Vietnam.

Fruit Orchard in Vietnam – Vietnam Immigration Services

Fruit orchard in Vinh Kim – Tien Giang

Traveling in Vietnam, cannot missed the change to visit fruit gardens in Vietnam, the orchard at Vinh Kim Tien Giang is a great suggestion.When coming to Vinh Kim, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy many other delicious fruits such as durian, rambutan, pomelo, etc.

Fruit Orchard in Vietnam – Vietnam Immigration Services

The fruits at these farms are very good and cheap, visitors only need to buy tickets at relatively cheap rates, about: $5 -7 USD. You can eat in the orchards, but if brought out, you will have to buy. Travel to Vietnam, especially in the West of Vietnam will help you can enjoy a variety of different fruits such as rambutan, longan, durian, mangosteen. These fruits are delicious and popular, but in European and American countries, they are rare and expensive. Currently, Vietnam has not exported these fruits yet, so when traveling to Vietnam do not forget to taste it.

Cai Mon Fruit Garden, Ben Tre

The fruit garden of Cai Mon in Ben Tre province is the second largest fruit basket in the South and is recognized by the Vietnam Book of Records as the largest producer of fruit in our country. Cai Mon orchards are surrounded by four waterways of the Co Chien and Ham Luong streams, so the climate is temperate, the trees are luxuriant and fresh. Come to the garden of Cai Mon, cannot forget to refer Cai Mon durian, Hai Hoa green grapefruit, Chin Hoa durian … all of them are delicious specialties in this area.

Fruit Orchard in Vietnam – Vietnam Immigration Services

Cai Be Fruit Garden, Tien Giang

Referring to Tien Giang gardens, cannot fail to mention Cai Be orchard. Located about 70 km from Saigon, Cai Be Garden is located along the northern bank of the Tien River, in Cai Be district. Cai Be is not only the largest fruit bowl in the Mekong Delta, but also a stopover for many visitors because of the famous fruits such as mango, grapefruit, longan, apple, mandarin, jackfruit, plum, etc.

Fruit Orchard in Vietnam – Vietnam Immigration Services

Coming to Cai Be gardens, besides visiting sumptuous and fruitful fruit gardens, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the specialties of the fruits are grown here. Compared with the garden in the west, Cai Be garden is classified as “the most famous”, the fruit has four seasons, so that visitors to Cai Be, although in every season is full of ripped delicious fruits.

Traveling to Vietnam is a great opportunity to enjoy the fruits only in the orchard in Vietnam. Vietnam Immigration ServiceĀ  believes that you will never forget the great feeling when visiting these fruit orchards during your trip to Vietnam.


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