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Enjoying The Most Beautiful Landscapes In Ha Giang Province

From Hà Giang city, follow National Highway 4C, pass the Bắc Sum Pass. Bác Sum Pass is the first pass you will be conquered when you come to Hà Giang. Bác Sum Pass has many yellow daisy flowers sprinkled on the side of the road. About 45 km to the town of Tam Sơn, Quận Ba ​​district, where the mountain landscape Quảng Bá.

Yen Minh pine forest

Drive through Can Bien commune, go through Quang Ba mountain about 40 km, through the narrow streets will go to Yen Minh pine forest, was dubbed the second Dalat of Vietnam. In here, the green pine trees, grow up between mountains hills whisper in the wind will scare the traveler through here

Pho Bang – Yen Minh

Pho Bang is the place has ancient houses with unique architecture. The fields on the side of the road at the Pho Bang are full of buckwheat. On the way to Pho Bang, you will pass through the valley of roses and a large field of buckwheat along the road. From Pho Bang will go to Lung Cam, where have a beautiful and peaceful valley, Sung La

Sung La Valley

Sung La is known as one of Ha Giang’s famous tourist spots with blooming flower gardens. The Sung La valley is known as the flower in the middle of the plateau, Sung La attracts tourists by the rustic beauty, the quiet of the small houses, the green corn fields, and by the beautiful field of buckwheat.


The scenery of Sung La is the beauty of the mountain region. In the Sung La valley, there is a village named Lung Cam, where life is still in traditional way, such as: use dossers to get vegetable, carrying children on the back, etc.


Lung Cam is home of more than 60 households, mainly is Lo Lo, Mong and Han ethnic groups. Lo Lo ethnic group is a rustic, old-fashioned place. It is also known for having set the scene for the movie “Pao’s Story” in a house nearly 100 years old. The house has gone through so many ups and downs of time so the past has been remodeled.

However, the hundred-year-old house of Lo Lo village still retains the rustic simplicity of life of the people here. To the Lo Lo village, go to “Pao’s house” will cross a road stretching buckwheat. In January and Feb  every year around Pao’s house are flowers of plum and blossoms, etc. Entrance to Pao’s house also has a beautiful valley of roses. Next is the Vuong’s Palace in Sung La.

The Vuong’s Palace

The Vuong’s Palace is located on the top of a small hill, where the entrance has rows of giant samu trees. Go to inside is the Vuong’s Palace of Meo King, one of the richest families in the region, selling opium in the past. The architecture is unique, influenced by three architectures: China, Mong ethnic group and France. This residence was recognized by the State as National Monument in 1993. In 2004, the family decided to devote the palace to the State for conservation.

Standing on the palace overlooking the solitary valley below you will see how big it is. If you come here on Sa Phin market right near the Palace of Vuong, meeting on the day of snake and pig, don’t forget to visit it. From The Vuong’s Palace to Dong Van is 14km. Ticket to visit the The Vuong’s palace is 20,000 VND each.

Lung Cu flag pole

From the Vuong’s Palace, you go back to the junction and go across Pho La and Ma Le to the Lung Cu flag pole, where you will find the first spet on the S map. Right on the road from Ma Le to Lung Cu. You will see a large buckwheat field on the hillside. This is the place where most buckwheat are planted to the present.

Lung Cu is at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level, Lung Cu is the only place where Lo Lo people live. Standing on Lung Cu flagpole, looking at the flag of the Fatherland flying in the wind, your national pride and love for this country is overflowing.  Standing on the Lung Cu flagpole watching the sunset, then back to Dong Van town to stay overnight. People often tell each other that, go to Ha Giang without sleep Dong Van is not called that’s a perfect trip to Ha Giang.

Dong Van ancient town

The ancient town lies in the middle of the valley enclosed by rocky mountain surrounding it. The old town has only 40 rooftops nestled under rocky mountain. In the evening, the old town is very quiet. If you come to the old town on the 14th, 15th, 16th of the lunar month, you will see an old town very different from others with red lanterns, besides there are some activities such as displaying brocade of various ethnic groups, selling traditional food of ethnic groups are extremely fun.

In the early morning, the old town painting is a mix of two-tone colours: the bright yellow of the sun and the gray of the old houses. From above look down, the three rows of market are U-shaped is two ancient streets run to the base of the mountain. The architecture here is a two-story house. In the early morning, sitting under a small roof, enjoying hot coffee in the mountainous region is an extremely enjoyable experience, then eating the special dishes of the ethnic groups to get more strength for next ride.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

From Dong Van to Meo Vac just about 20 km, passing through the Happiness Road (Ma Phi Leng Pass). Ma Phi Leng Pass is located on the Happiness Road connecting Dong Van and Meo Vac. This is known as the most beautiful arc of the rocky plateau. If you go to Ha Giang once, try to drive the car on the side of the rocky sky, one side is the deep chasm and watching the Nho Que river winding as a strip will make you go through the bow emotion is extremely wonderful. It’s such a big challenge for the adventurous. Standing high, on the far view is a thousand layers of gray mountains, clear white fantasy of the clouds, the deep of the abyss. I here, especially the rocky outcropping over the Ma Phi Leng Pass, this is the place to feel the greatest of the mountains and forests of the North border. In here you find yourself so small and feel the innermost beauty of our country.

Hoang Su Phi

Around May or September is the beautiful time travel to Hoang Su Phi. In Ha Giang, you can rent a motorbike and ride to Hoang Su Phi. At Hoang Su Phi, the terraced fields can make you feel like go up to the sky, and between the golden fields are the ethnic houses hidden in the trees.

Each afternoon. when the sun falls, the cloud mixed with the kitchen smoke emanating from the roof of house on stilts makes the scene in here peaceful, rustic but very greatest. The most rice-growing areas in Hoang Su Phi are: Ban Luoc, Ban Phung, San Sa Ho, Nam Ty, Ho Thau and Thong Nguyen.


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