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The most beautiful homestays in Danang for young tourist

Packo Hostel – Colorful container for young tourist

Address: 44 Lam Hoanh street, Son Tra district, Da Nang city.

“Just knock on the door, we’re here to support. Just knock on the door, and we’ll be friends … “, Packo’s slogan is really lovely and close to our young.

You will be surprised by Packo Hostel has a very unique design with the shape of the containers with various color. Each small room is arranged with enough amenities, space is soundproof, insulated and airy. From the room, you have a small window overlooking Packo Hostel’s green spaces such as trees, grass and flower pots. Packo Hostel is a beautiful homestay in Da Nang, environmentally friendly when equipped with equipment using solar energy, saving money, safety and is very scientific.

Packo Hostel is convenient, whether you are traveling alone, a couple or even a large group of sisters, there are still spacious rooms that will appeal to everyone. This homestay is suit for student, convenient, neat and youthful, fresh and important to help you save a lot of money for accommodation. Specially, you will receive a discounted room if you bring a card, which is a student card. Packo Hostel also provides some relaxing corner for you such as reading table, small table and chairs in the back yard for watching the moon, tea, coffee shop, basketball court, vegetable garden and snooker table.

Denim house – the light blue house

Address: 31 Vu Ngoc Nha street, Son Tra district, Da Nang city.

Using the blue colour of the sea and the sky, the name Denim House brings a green space into your life in this cute homestay. Denim House is located next to the Son Tra Peninsula so it can be said that the surrounding environment will make you extremely venerable. “A place that opens its eyes is Son Tra Mountain, stretching out of bed is touching the sea.” Denim House all year round has sea and mountains. That is also the advantage of Denim House.

Denim House is a relatively new name on the homestay map of Da Thanh land but was quickly hunted by young people. The owner of the house is an architect and artist so you do not need to wonder why indoor space is so beautiful. The blue of the sea is harmonious with the deep brown tones and the decoration of the “specialties” of the sea has become the highlight of the house. It must be said that the living space of Denim House is a picture of art. Not only place for living, but you also enjoy the sweetest feeling of life.

Homestay has 5 floors with 9 rooms for rent. Most rooms have a balcony overlooking the sea, sunshine at the end of the bed and the scent of the sea is everywhere.

Denim House is equipped in every room with enough facilities such as bed, television, reading lights, cabinets and even small decorative items, you will feel like living in your house.

Dunu homestay – villa for bookaholic

Located in the central, less than 1 km from the Dragon Bridge, Dunu Homestay has a cute look with bright, eye-catching colors and a huge bookshelf. Dunu Homestay’s special bookshelves hide many books and books being read by young people so you will never feel bored and alone in this place.

As a “book” homestay, Dunu Homestay offers you the most comfortable, light, quiet reading space for you to find peace of mind. In addition, Dunu Homestay also serves some dishes to savor at reading such as coffee or crispy and fatty crackers.

Minh House – luxury villas

Minh House consists of 5 adjacent apartments but privacy for each guest. The green of the garden, the gray tiles of the wall and the walkway, the rattan furniture together to create a natural space, simple and peaceful. The owner of the house is also very skillful in setting up small aquariums in the premises to air conditioning, to create a relaxing, cool feeling but also to add more beautiful scenery to the house.

This beautiful homestay in Da Nang is very thoughtful, each house has enough bedroom, kitchen, dining table, sofa, small decoration, extra works and many household items, ensuring full and comfortable. and cozy as a happy home.

Do not forget to have a look at some of the factors such as how much you spend, the number of days you stay, the number of people who walk in and your style to find the best homestay. The list above contains beautiful homestay in Da Nang, which a lot of people is looking for so you must plan early, arrange a day and book with Traveloka to enjoy the full package and then go on the road. It is the best way to make your trip complete and you can enjoy the pleasure.


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