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En Cave In Vietnam – the third largest cave in the world

 En Cave in Vietnam  is the third largest cave in the world after the Son Doong Cave (Vietnam) and Deer Cave (Malaysia). Hang En located in the central area of ​​Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, the cave kingdom of Vietnam. Discovered and published in 1994, Hang En quickly known and became an impressive destination all over the world.

Information about En Cave – the third largest cave in the world 

On a two-day, one-night trip going deep into Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park to explore  En cave, you will join one of the most adventurous adventure experiences in Vietnam.

After crossing the primitive rainforests on the limestone mountains, you will find the Rao Thuong Stream bending around the valley. The next route is more than 10km winding along the stream in the clear and cool! Occasionally, you will see butterflies brushing on the of the stream, making the scene more poetic and inspirational.

Blending into the majestic nature, you return to the wilderness, a world completely different from the reality: the dew drops are on the fern leaves, the birds singing with the sound of the insects creates a symphony orchestra in the middle of the green mountains. Nothing compares to the wild beauty of nature around you here. From the streams, you will see the En cave gradually appear before your eyes …

Cross the entrance of  En Cave – a wide rift on a raised cliff wall – then follow the trail and round the huge rocks in the dark, you will see on the cliff face with sunlight shining on it. , illuminates the high slope in front of your eyes.

Your reward when climbing to the top of the slope will be the beautiful view of the  En cave campground overlooking from above: white sandy beach wide embracing a small pearl lake in the giant cave, along the white sand beach, colorful huts were laid out before us.

The large cave at the campsite seems to be sealed, however, when crossing a narrow passage, you will reach the back of En cave. The ceiling is high until you see the outside light shining through the huge sloping wall. The walls are high and dizzy, drawing a supersonic scene challenging imaginative possibilities! This is one of the most beautiful spots in En cave to take pictures during the journey.


It was surveyed and published in 1994 by the cave experts of the British Caving Association, but En cave has been known for decades by ethnic minorities living in the Phong Nha – KE Bang National Park. The name En cave originates from millions of swallows nest and live in the cave. Previously, the villagers around En cave like the Bru-Van Kieu (Doong village) used  En cave as a storm shelter and a gathering point for some local people using forest wires to climb the rock wall to catch bird nest as a dish in the area. At present, on the cliffs standing in En cave, there are traces of solid woods used by local people.

Nr. Ho Khanh, who discovered Son Doong cave in 1990, went through Hang En many times during his trips to search for caves. At present, the approach to Son Doong cabe is easiest and most convenient way as go through Hang En.



Now, En cave ranks 3rd in the world with its grandiose size. Hang En stretches over 2km through the huge limestone blocks in the core zone of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. There are 3 entrances to En cave, the largest and most famous of which is 120m high and 140m wide.

The pristine, dense, primitive forests surrounding En cave create a spectacular setting that must be witnessed by your newfound confidence. In some other areas of En cave, the cave arch is up to 100m high and more than 180m wide, so great that the intense light from the professional lights cannot touch the cave walls.


Doong Village

To get to En Cave, your journey will have to visit Doong Village – a small village of Bru-Van Kieu people with about 40 people living isolated in the core area of ​​Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. The life of the people here is very difficult because the terrain is completely isolated from the outside world.

Currently, the only way to Doong Village is to walk to the forest. In addition, because of being in the core zone of the National Park, the cultivation and exploitation of economic crops is not allowed.

Opening of the Son Doong cave and Hang En has created the development opportunities for Doong Village, and people living here can earn extra income from working with Oxalis for sustainable protection the ecosystem of the area.

With the hospitable nature, the people of Doong Village have left many tourists to visit the impression very nice and become an unforgettable point during the trip. Doong Village is a good example of preserving the intangible cultural and spiritual values of ethnic minorities over the decades.


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